Afternoon defeats and victories at night

I wrote in previous season how losses predicted losses and wins predicted wins. Now I had a more sophisticated method to analyze patterns, because I was thinking about the “why”. I recorded the times of the battles. I’ve reached rank 5 at the end of Sunday, so this week I only recorded top bracket battles. 84 of them, I was somewhat busy, and that’s just Monday to Wednesday (I wrote this post before playing on Thursday).

I had 41 games in the “afternoon” defined as noon-9PM. I had 22 defeats, 4 star save defeats and 15 victories. That’s mere 34% winrate, the performance of AFK-ers.

I had 43 games at the “night”, defined as after 9PM and early morning. I had 16 defeats, 2 star save defeats and 25 victories. That’s 58% winrate, very good.

There are no actual patterns inside, no full streaks. The reason seems obvious: in the peak hours the random players are unable and unwilling to play strategically. They curse at me for “not helping” and attack the enemy outnumbered. The more dedicated and experienced players at off hours realize that they cannot win head on and try to save their star, not losing ships before I complete my flanking and sink the enemy battleships. What I realized is that I usually get first blood, somewhere around 7 mins after start (13 mins left).

But I can be wrong, but it’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is that I should not play in the afternoons and should play in off hours.


PS: it seems I wasn’t wrong. On Thursday I started playing late and:

What I seek in a game

My recent revelation that my current game is constantly changed into a Fortnite-like lolshooter made me think what did I actually like in World of Warships.

Not the torpedoes per se. But the ability to win games based on thinking ahead instead of just aiming properly. Playing a torpedo boat needs you to understand the placement of ships to avoid a surprise Worcester. It needs predicting enemy ship movement to aim the torpedoes a minute ahead.

But I didn’t just like the torpedo destroyers. I love playing an AA Grozovoi, despite the gameplay itself is trivial, as air defenses are automatic. I still won 6 out of 8 games in ranked and absolutely massacred the “overpowered” carriers. What I enjoyed is figuring out a new strategy. Inside the game it was just avoiding the lemming train, capping points and sinking carriers.

I don’t know what gameplay I’ll have after the radar buff and flood nerf. I think the devs like the “lemmings vs lemmings” gameplay, because it’s “fun” for the morons and slackers. But I will figure out a way to play away from the blob. I am now much more positive about World of Warships than yesterday. I’ll analyze the new meta and adapt. Luckily I have lots of free XP and captain XP for the job.


PS: till then:

This isn’t going to last long

You probably know the feeling when you still play the game but you know that your days are numbered. While I didn’t ragequit over meeting a bizarrely overpowered pay-to-win ship, after reading the recent radar buff and torpedo nerf plans, it’s very unlikely that I will play World of Warships. The change is pretty straightforward buff of radar cruisers and destroyers, most of them are pay-to-win ships. They receive 3-5% more radar range and 10-20% more radar duration (if you wonder, yes, they buff Black). Flooding will do 25% less damage on battleships and a 60%!!! less damage on cruisers and destroyers.

Both of the changes are aimed to obsolete the original IJN destroyer line. I assume 30-40% decreased damage in randoms (mostly due to earlier death to radar ships) and by far the lowest winrate in ranked for them.

Why are they doing this? For the same reason as they removed stealth-fire, put extra caps in form of buffs to ranked battles, changed carrier focus to destroyer hunter and introduced IJN gun destroyers as replacement. Because they want to change the game from strategic to “mindless fun brawling” game. The stealth-torpedoes of destroyers are “not fun”, as the attacked ship has no way to retaliate. Sure, his teammates, especially gun destroyers and radar cruisers can hunt them down, but the attacked ship cannot. They probably recorded how many players ragequit over a torpedo devastating strike and decided that it should not happen. Sure, ships can and still be defeated by certain other ships, like a Yamato will win 99% against a Bismarck in random battle, but the loser ship can still make (quite ineffective) hits and actively play, while he cannot do the same against a Shimakaze.

The new plans seem to be redefining destroyers into escort light cruisers who travel close to bigger ships and shoot, relying on distance and evasions for survival, not concealment. Sure, a battleship has trouble hitting a Khabarovsk, but he can try, therefore feels he is not hopeless and blames luck when he misses.

I’m not sure what will I do after the de facto removal of torpedo destroyer play. Mostly it depends on aircraft carrier prevalence, because I liked the AA destroyer play. It’s a last hope, I have to add. However I do expect them to give a similar refund for IJN destroyers as they gave to carriers after the rework.

Update: I can’t believe that reddit agrees.


PS: it’s weird after a post like this, but:

Closest to ragequit a game

I’ve left games I didn’t like, but I can’t remember Alt-F4 – uninstalling a game I had serious hours in it. I wrote, how T9 ranked is full of pay-to-win ships and this is not acceptable for any serious competition. I still considered them not so bizarrely overpowered to warrant quitting the game. Sure, they are stronger than non-P2W ships, but not undefeatable.

But today I met a Black in battle and I had to reconsider. I knew it has radar, being one of the only destroyers with radar. I knew it has one of the best guns among T9 destroyers, beaten only by Kitekaze and Jutland. I also knew that it has the longest range torpedoes, somewhat mitigated by their low speed. I found these badly unbalanced on any ship, especially a pay-to-win ship, but I thought it’s OK.

Then I saw one radaring me, opening fire and disappearing in smoke. That damn thing has radar and smoke, something that no other ship in the game has. There are radar Minotaurs and reported Minotaurs. Radar Yueyangs and random-battle-specced Yueyangs. But no any other ships could do both. This has no other counterplay than having a radar ship in range. They can detect and remain undetected without islands supporting them.

Their only weakness is that so many morons got them who attack multiple ships alone or grab the middle buff at start despite multiple enemy 11.7km radars. Most atrocious plays I saw were performed by Blacks. Like the guy who spent a whole game chasing me around the map with RPF, while I could launch torpedoes at the enemy direction, so I wasn’t useless while kiting his useless ass. How could these godawful players get to the 2-5 ranked bracket while they shouldn’t even win against bots? Because their ship is so bizarrely overpowered.

I didn’t ragequit World of Warships only because they recently nerfed the Giulio Cesare, another bizarre pay-to-win ship that dominated the ranked sprint. So I have a hope that Black and the other horrible offender, Missouri will be nerfed too. The rest of the P2W ships are just unbalanced, not game-breaking. You can outplay a Mushasi or a Jean Bart. You can’t outplay a Black, assuming its captain is not braindead.


PS: the buffs make some weird things possible:

Also, there are good games when I can avoid enemy destroyers:

Dá Róng and New York bots

I saw a mission called “dragon dance ship” in World of Warships. It was a long, 3-stage mission and I didn’t care for it for long, since these missions usually get done during normal play. And indeed, its first and second stage did. But the last stage did not progress.

I checked the almost complete mission and it offered “Dá Róng”, which I assumed to be a rare ship. “I should get that” – I thought and checked the mission. It needed 250 secondary gun hits. Destroyers have no secondaries. I checked the tech tree and found that I have a T4 US battleship. The mission wanted T5+. With a few free XP, I bought the New York. But how chould I get into secondary gun range without sinking?

By playing against bots. Most missions can be completed in co-op “battles” where you kill bots. Bots are bad. They manage to be worse than some of your teammates in random. My stats are correspondingly horrible:

Wait! 13 battles are about 3 hours. Did I farm bots for 3 hours for a ship I didn’t even know? No, my computer did. I just started the game, set the autopilot and did chores. Every 4-5 minutes I adjusted course and set priority target for secondaries. Also, if there was a battleship nearby, I made sure it won’t sink me:

Finally I got Dá Róng, who wasn’t a ship, but an elite captain:
Since he is a very good destroyer captain, having +50 HP/level on the +350 HP/level skill, I started to level up the Pan-Asian destroyer line. It’s currently on tier 5. When the ranked season is over, I’ll play the destroyer lines I didn’t max out. At the end, I’ll have all researchable destroyers in the game.

Story aside, the point of today is that co-op battles aren’t useless. They can be used to complete tasks that are too hard to do against players.


PS: I had some time for ranked battles:

Do random battles matter?

The post was motivated by a debate with Stawek about the Warships randoms that are “ruined” by Hakuryus. But we can talk about League of Legends normals, World of Warcraft random battlegrounds and any similar stuff.

My position: their balance and outcome doesn’t matter, because you can’t lose anything. In a ranked Warships, League or WoW rated BG you can lose rating if you lose a game. Therefore any glitch or unbalance that makes you lose is rightfully causing player outrage: you want to compete play the game as it is, but you can’t, because the devs screwed up. Please understand the distinction: the game is still fun to play, but it can’t be played competitively and that’s frustrating.

But if defeat has no consequences, than you have no reason to care if you lose. Especially if your winrate remains near 50% anyway. If the game by itself fun, then go play it. If it’s not, don’t. Simply stop playing until the patch or forever if it never comes. I quit EVE after they allowed nullsec entities to take over highsec markets. Not all games are made for you.

Because of that I had no problem with Hakuryus racking up stupid amount of damage in randoms. Neither I had any problem with me massacring them with my Grozovoi. It was all a pointless fun and everyone, including the sank battleships got their XP and credits.


About the current state of warships. I’d see a problem with 8.0 going ranked, but it didn’t. I see even more problems with the hotfix that is aimed to silence the outrage instead of considering the whole game health. They made even more problems than they solved. Why? Because with the hotfix changes, the Grozovoi went from “laughably overpowered” to “game-breaking overpowered”. If it goes T10 ranked as it is, it’ll be “AA Grozovoi or 6x report” for destroyers. The constant AA was buffed which was already the main tool of Grozovoi. It has 180% sector reinforcement (150 for cruisers) and 3x powered DefAA and it has 5 consumables!!! An AA Grozovoi and a CV can easily push a side facing 2-3 surface ships. The CV can sink the big ones, permaspot the DDs while the smoked Grozovoi kills them while the enemy CV can’t go anywhere near it.

My solution would be to remove defAA from all destroyers, make them unable to reinforce sectors, but decrease their air detection range and remove rocket planes. This way DDs and planes couldn’t touch each other.

Last ride of the Mahan

I can’t remember when I last played my Mahan. I’ve abandoned US destroyers long ago for IJN. But playing so much with Grozovoi reminded me how I got it: by paying free XP for the whole Russian destroyer line and using elite XP for the captain. It was a good choice, but an expensive one.

Before the patch I played the old carriers so I can sell them for free XP, despite I didn’t like the gameplay. Just for the free XP. So I realized that I could “create” more free XP in form of opportunity cost by leveling up both US and UK destroyers as I’m exclusively playing destroyers since I’ve sold my carriers.

There is no better time for that than now, when captain respec and module demount is free. So I dusted off the T7 US destroyer Mahan and played one game:

With it, I had full XP to buy the Benson. I even had XP for the C hull, so the Mahan is now elite. Then I sold poor Mahan. I prefer to keep my port clean and demount is free, so if I’d ever need it (very unlikely), I can just rebuy it. I cleared the captain’s specs for free, now I have a 19pt and 2x 11 pt US captains in reserve. I don’t remember how I got them.

I still had a Nicolas, a T5 US destroyer, with a special captain William F. Halsey on it. I sent it to one win for the 200% XP that will serve as elite commander XP. Then I sold it and moved Halsey to the Benson. Fitted it and got it one win. From the XP gained, I bought the B hull for more HP.

Then I turned to the British line. I had a Jervis I regularly played. It had over 400K XP!!! Since I didn’t research it but got it in an event, I assumed it’s not in the tech tree, but it is. What a waste. I sold it and bought the Lightning after using the 200% XP for the first win. I put the only British captain I have to the T5 Acasta I got also in an event and sent to one win (respeccing is free). I did OK, I guess:

Then I sold the Acasta and put the captain to the T6 Icarus, which was also gained in an event. I put modules on it (never used before) and sent for one win. Then sold it. Demount is also free now. Finally the captain was placed on the Lightning and it was fitted and sent for one win.

So I’ve consolidated my non-IJN ships into these:


PS: oh and my Shima is still hopeless against CVs: