Ranked out in a Yügumo

According to the ship statistics, Yügumo is one of the worst winrate ships. It’s completely alien to the “contest caps against other destroyers” meta, dominated by Jutlands and Blacks.

Yet, I’ve ranked out, playing only this ship. It took me 237 battles, but only because I was unaware of the most important advice I can now give. In retrospect, my winrate was over 60% for the battles where it was kept.

Still, considering all battles my stats are way over the average. Not only the total ship averages. The ship leaderboard can be sorted by battle count and let’s only consider those who have more than 80 battles to discard those who just played a few games while drunk at rank 17. The 80+ battles players are a better comparison:

How did I do it? The in-game strategy is simply: flank. I mostly ignored caps and started the game going the side where the buffs were not. Using RPF I avoided enemy destroyers and got to the battleships (and Kronshtadts) sinking them. Not too complicated, exactly what you’d do in random battles. If I got located, I either ran back to the team and hoped to get carried or yolo-rushed the battleships. But it was rare, as most enemies were close to the middle, locating each other.

The general Yügumo gameplay isn’t hard and I think a tolerable player can rank out using this strategy, assuming he follows “the advice” that makes or break this strategy. What is that? Don’t play in peak times or weekend! Play only at late night or in the morning at weekdays. Why? Because “weekend-type” players can’t adapt. They keep rushing mid, engage outnumbered and die, while busy typing insults to me. Or just yell, try to teamkill and throw. The off-time players realize that they can’t fight for mid buffs and play defensively. In these games the first blood is usually mine (or me, followed by a “just a flesh wound”) around 13 mins, because other destroyers are extra careful. The enemy doesn’t know they could press mid, since they assume we are all lurking, while I’m already approaching their battleships.

I don’t have to sink the enemy battleships to destroy them. After they get a torpedo salvo, even if they weren’t hit, they panic and start running, giving broadside to the friendly battleships. Their destroyers run back to hunt me down, not realizing that even if they succeed, they remove themselves from the battle while they chase me to the corner, while I’m still launcing torpedoes while running.

So this is how I ranked out in one of the “worst” ships.

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “Ranked out in a Yügumo”

  1. The playstyle dependence on time of day combined with some ships favouring one playstyle over other is an interesting observation. However, it feels like it should be a part of a much much large picture, which is currently missing. Without the larger picture, this is just a curious mechanic.


  2. @Maxim: when you are surrounded by primitive people (peak times in WoWs), you must do as all of them, just better to ascend. If you try to do differently, they attack you.

    If you are surrounded by intelligent people, you can do new things and if they work, the others will respect and emulate you.


  3. Because your opponents are also playing more passively during off peak hours it’s likely that people who play during off peak hours are not better at adapting to your playstyle but prefer slower paced games. Playstyle differences are self re-enforcing because you lose and lose rank if you play too differently from your team.


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