If we want to stop being called Nazis, we must support the rights of Nazis

Many on the right (including libertarians who are usually considered right) believe that free speech should not be limited, except for direct incitement for unlawful action. The US supreme court agrees unanimously. This is practically about racist or sexist speech, because – go figure – no one wants to limit left-wing extremist speech. If you walk around with a hammer and sickle flag demanding the execution of the capitalists, people just find you stupid but no one wants to punch you.

However I’m not here to protect Nazi speech because of principle, but for strategic reasons. I believe that the moderate right (all of it, including libertarians) are doomed without Nazis freely spouting their idiocy which was tested in the 1930-45 period with horrible results (which kind of leave me puzzled how can anyone be still a Nazi). My stance is the direct opposite of what current moderate right does: clear condemnation of Nazis and looking the other way when their rights are violated. The best example of the status quo is the reply of Mitt Romney to President Trump when he condemned both Nazis and Antifa for the deadly riots in Charlottesville. He said that “Our allies around the world are stunned and our enemies celebrate; America’s ability to help secure a peaceful and prosperous world is diminished. And who would want to come to the aid of a country they perceive as racist if ever the need were to arise … State forcefully and unequivocally that racists are 100% to blame for the murder and violence in Charlottesville.”

Why can we be sure that Mitt Romney is wrong? Because we know that he is a racist himself, no better than those who marched with their torches in Charlottesville. How? Well, from the media of course:

The list could go on endlessly, but hopefully you got the picture. Calling Romney racist was so widespread that after Trump won, liberals openly questioned if it was a good strategy to “cry wolf” on Romney because it immunized voters against the “racism” of Trump.

Well, after you finished lynching Romney to save “America’s ability to help secure a peaceful and prosperous world”, you should consider what the above means. It’s clear that Romney is no racist, otherwise he wouldn’t push the “apologize and condemn” party line when he is not even running. But it didn’t help him a bit. When he was running, he was called a racist anyway. Why? Because it works and because it costs nothing. “Is a racist” is not objectively observable, so you can form opinions all day about the racism of anyone. There is no way to disprove the claim. Even a life without a single episode of racism doesn’t help, because whenever you have any kind of conflict with people who happen to be of a different race, you can be labeled racist. If I ever called a black WoW player moron and slacker without having a slightest clue about his race, I’m officially a racist, since I surely knew and this “low DPS” is just a dog whistle. Tobold labeled me a racist for not supporting illegal immigration.

However, there is a counter to this strategy: protecting the rights of the real racists, white supremacists and arm-saluting Nazis. It works two ways: at first it provides a frame of reference. While anyone can be labeled racist or Nazi via some long chain of logic stemming from a harmless comment or a colorblind conflict with a colored person, the difference between such insinuation and a skinhead shouting Sieg Heil is obvious. Compared to a real Nazi, an ordinary person with a bad remark or personal conflict is obviously not looking bad. That of course needs people to see actual Nazis and hear their disgusting demands.

The other reason is to make the term itself less harmful. People should see these Nazi clowns with their obvious low status and see how their rhetoric does not turn into meaningful violence. While there are Nazi terror attacks, you still have more chance to be killed by an angry cow than by a white supremacist. The “he is secretly racist” is only effective if racists are considered a powerful conspiracy instead of a bunch of losers who blame others for their failed lives. The reason why leftist violence isn’t causing hysteria on the right is that a fat purple hair feminist isn’t scary even if (s?)he has a baseball bat and a mask.

As long as the moderate right is strongly condemning Nazis, they will be called Nazis. It will only stop if the real Nazis are free to express their filth. I hope the decision of President Trump to condemn both sides for the violence and repeatedly calling “An-tee-fa” out for their criminality is a step towards this direction.

Escaping the Goolag

Day after day I see liberals banning, shadow-banning, demonetizing authors they disagree with. No, not just Nazi saluting, racist slur shouting idiots, not like those repulsive views doesn’t have the right to be expressed, see unanimous US Supreme Court decision (most of these companies are in the US).

You can get banned for collecting data about Islamist terror attacks or posting pictures of a fat hedgehog. Or check out these white supremacists that Youtube bravely stopped:

Liberals are openly calling for banning the President of the USA from the internet and express displeasure at the tech companies for letting some “hate” sites exists.

The purpose of this isn’t to take down the actual posters. They are both capable of reappearing at other, at worst foreign hosts and also preach to the choir. Not like many independents or politically unaffiliated people follow Lauren Southern. So silencing them won’t change anything, anyone who read them will keep reading something like that and even if all “hate” content disappear (for example the extremely hateful position of Ann Coulter that the existing immigration laws should be enforced), the former readers will still be diehard anti-liberal voters.

No, the real target is the content creator like myself. Someone who mostly doesn’t post political things. Someone who doesn’t make money out of politics and can live without it. I post mostly about video games. Sometimes about economics. Rarely about politics. I could go on without posting about politics. Which is the very point of the current censorship campaign of the leftist: to make me censor myself in fear of being banned. After all, I can write about how to find medkids in Mylta and look how much hits I got for it:


Why risk my blog for an occasional political post? It’s safer to shut up and monetize those hits. Maybe setting up a twitch channel and telling fart jokes while collecting medkits!

People like me are the most dangerous to the liberals because my readers are from various parts of the political palette. Ann Coulter won’t reach a liberal or an independent, as they are already made to believe that she is a bloodthirsty Nazi and no decent people should ever listen to her, she must be silenced by setting dumpsters on fire. I do reach these people, because they come here for a-political video game ideas again and again and once BANG! there is a forbidden thought about welfare being bad or the Nazi idea of meritocracy. I have a chance to convince independents or even liberals that not being lazy and dumb isn’t equal to joining the Totenkopf-SS.

Blogger.com is owned by Google, which is the most aggressively liberal company I know of. They fired this engineer for the horrible crime of citing the scientific consensus about differences between the averages of males and females:

I guess I don’t even need to post about meritocracy and capitalism to get banned, it’s enough that someone writes them a complaint “im john and i play wow with the name arthasdklől and this gevlon guy bullied me for having small penis (he used the gaming slang DPS) im literally shaking stop him” and I’m banned. Probably this happened to this statistics prof who didn’t even do politics. Some liberal wrote an anonymous “I’m victim of microaggression” post and it’s enough.

Since I rigorously save everything and I backup my computer regularly and I keep backup DVDs away from my home, I never really bothered about losing my blog content. I just realized that what I can lose is the blog address. I mean if Goolag bans my blog, I have no way to tell you where my new content can be found. You won’t even know I’m banned, you can just assume that I ragequit.

So today I escaped the Goolag and continue my blog on this site. The template is rudimentary, the format is horrible, I have to figure out how to do things, but I’ll manage. I will no longer post content on greedygoblin.blogspot.com, but for the foreseeable future I will post a link every time a new post here is up. I keep the old content where it is, will bother migrating the old posts when Goolag chooses to ban me. Maybe they won’t, since I will no longer post content on their site, so there isn’t much point anymore. While I’ve found no instance of WordPress banning people for not supporting Hillary/Justin/Angela, it’s also possible that this site gets banned first, but then I can use the old google site to tell you where you can find me.

I’d like to stress that this isn’t a political solidarity for Ann, Lauren, James or the countless others the liberals try to silence. It’s simply a precaution to prevent it happening to me. Yet it somewhat depressing that I’ve grown up listening how the generation of my parents fought against communist oppression and how lucky I am that I’ll live my life in freedom and yet I need to do the exact same things they did against the exact same lefties marching under the exact same flags:

The blog will not become any more political than it was (yes, there will be a political post tomorrow, the blame is on Tobold). It will still mostly about video games and their strategies. Instead of preaching, I want to show how meritocracy and “pay to win” mentality works in the simulated World. I can’t stop a war with preaching. I can make someone’s life better if I convince him to stop carrying morons and slackers on his back.

Please be patient while I figure out how this works. Especially how to make the text field wider, I hate that 70% of my screen is unused and the post is a small column in the middle. Also, anyone knows how can I comment as “Gevlon” instead of “greedygoblinblog”?

Finally, something funny but true:
– If communism doesn’t work, why do so many people support it?
– Because they don’t work either!