Yügumo in ranked

Statistics shows that Yügumo is one of the worst winrate ships in this ranked season. Why do I stick to it? Because “playing the meta” always means that your results aren’t from thinking but from better mechanic skills. The highest winrate ship is Jutland. Why? Because the current meta is that destroyers fight each other in the middle and the one with better aim wins. I never play the meta, because that adds nothing to the community but one more “skilled dude” who does what everyone else does, just better.

Instead I do the opposite of what other destroyer players do: flank wide, run from other destroyers and sink battleships. With that I have 53% winrate, 8% higher than the average Yügumo and I expect it to rise due to finally collecting all necessary knowledge to do it well, including peak time – off time. I have 64K average damage instead of 44K, like the ship’s average.

Why does it work? Because unless the teammates are braindead, they do not engage outnumbered. Sure, you sometimes get a “special needs” Kitekaze who contests the middle buff all alone against a Black + 2x Jutland, but most of the time the fellow players just resort to insults for “not helping” and avoid engaging outnumbered. The enemy is expecting all of our destroyers to play by the meta, so they don’t push aggressively, despite they could. Most enemies don’t have radio positioning, since they use all their points on more gun power. But even if they have, the nearest of us will be someone in the middle. Cruisers aren’t particularly popular this season, so the usual radar threats aren’t there. So – played well – a Yügumo can flank the enemy and get to the battleships at the back.

How to start? I wait for the buffs to arrive and go to the side with no buffs, because the side with buffs will likely have volunteers. There are exceptions, like when friendly destroyers want to go that way, but mostly it’s safe to turn towards the empty side. Especially if the first far side buff is concealment which the destroyers love. This doesn’t mean I won’t make a U-turn immediately if I see lemmings behind me.

RPF is mandatory for the Yügumo. Other captain skills are concealment, torpedo reload, +HP, last stand, adrenaline rush and preventive maintenance. Forget smoke, if you’d need it, you’re already cornered. Have torpedo reload booster, those extra torpedoes at the best moment are great. Throwing 16 fishes to unsuspecting battleships has great results.

Also you can fire spread torpedoes if the enemy is maneuvering use torpedo reload booster (8 seconds) count 8 more and fire another spread. If you are lucky the first spread caused flood, he used DCP, it has 13 seconds duration and the second spread will flood him for full time.

Your goal is not flanking, it’s sinking undefended battleships. Flanking is the tool for the goal. Ergo, keep doing it, until you

  • Find and sink battleships
  • Notice that the battleships are moving away from you
  • You are radio-located and keep being located after going a bit wider.

If any of these happen, just abort flanking and return doing what destroyers are generally doing. A Yügumo is bad at trading shells, but are still better than being useless, away from everything. If you get hunted by enemy destroyers, get back to the team, or if that’s impossible, steer towards an island, hide behind it, watch his angle via RPF and torpedo rush him.

While hunting battleships, reist the siren song of buffs. Don’t wait for more than 20 seconds for a buff, unless you want RPF to clear or torp to reload or something. If you have somewhere else to be, don’t delay that for +5% whatever. Don’t forget that if the enemy is playing the meta, your team will be fighting outnumbered when someone engages. By the time it happens, you should be sinking battleships, not counting buffs.

Don’t yolo-rush battleships! The problem isn’t that it often ends up with a dead Yügumo. Trading one for a Missouri or Mushasi is great. With some practice, you can do it with acceptable results. The problem is that rushing doesn’t need torpedo range or concealment, therefore Yügumo isn’t a good pick for that tactics. If you want to regularly rush, play absolutely anything else because they all perform better than Yügumo. Especially Z which can Hydro behind islands and can move to action in the perfect moment. With Yugumo, only rush when cornered.

Watch the pre-game building numbers, if it doesn’t have at least 2×2 battleships, don’t join!

Don’t give up early, just because the team is behind. There are comebacks, work on them. One thing an RPF Yügumo is good at is blocking the final capture circle behind the little islands in it. RPF constantly tells where the enemy will come from and you can either keep running or turn and torpedo-rush.

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

13 thoughts on “Yügumo in ranked”

  1. My issue with your wows blogging is: I don’t get your point?

    You are saying, “breaking the meta” and high winrate now?

    But you are using a torpboat exactly as…a torpboat? And you do prove something in between that player skill matters more than the ship – or you have to become a top 10 yugumo player to excel on the same lvl as the avg. Jutland player? Which is both common sense?

    If your goal is to prove a. Path to highest Winrate possible – shouldn’t you focus on the easiest thing first anybody can follow – ship selection? I can assume you would have been a upper tier jutland player, to: you would have ended with 60% Winrate then?

    And your tip on playing times: play when bad players are online so you can outsmart them. Outside of game advice? Nobody can change his real life schedule?

    If your case is breaking the meta: whats the point in using a ship according to it’s role? Where is the meta you break? You just pick a ship and play…with suboptimal results.

    I do think your series on wows lacks goal definition. Basically struggling like any series after PUBG.


  2. @Chewiecide: Jutland is not an easy ship. You have to aim like a bot to be successful. The average Jutland player can’t make it past rank 10. Black and Missouri are easy, but you can’t “select” them, just buy.

    Yugumo is selected obviously for its role (torpedo boat), but the role (flanking) is not in the meta. The meta is: destroyers fight in the middle.

    Goal: find a ship and a strategy that allows you to rank out without “skillz”.


  3. Again my argument prevails:

    Meta is = DDs first in this game mode.

    Why do you focus on DDs then? Wouldnt be cruisers without radar the best choice as they are most out of meta? How dare you saying black and Missouri are easy despite never ever playing these? What makes black easy vs. Jutland needs skillz like a bot?

    This does not make sense to me at all, your explanation makes it worse. You set artificial and only fire yourself counting boundaries and proclaim to prove something bigger.

    Just keep it a bit smaller and commit you like a grindfest and found a playstyle which is competitive enough for you? I’d argue nobody can copy your style without proper training and at least several hundred games if investment. Why should I bother trying yours instead of git gud in Jutland then?

    You don’t break any meta. You just prove that:
    – wows needs a lot of experience to excel
    – it’s a grindfest
    – there are good or bad picks for a certain game mode. While the good are inherently better, it’s not significant and player matters more
    – unicum to afk ranges between 40-65% winrate. That’s why wows gets away with non skill based MM in randoms and to some extend even in ranked.
    – wows is more mid to longterm thinking than any other teamshooter online. This and the theme results into a quite old community by avg. Age.
    – said that, the avg. Joe is still as dumb as in any other game

    Again – what did you break or exactly proof nobody did before?


  4. The least skilled ship this season is Musashi, by far. Stay in spawn and snipe. Not everybody has one, though. Secondary build Alsace comes close with her HE spam, but requires good judgement to stay at correct range. Jean Bart is easy, too.

    Second least skilled is Kitakaze. Smoke up and HE spam. Rely on other DDs and radars to spot enemy DDs. Do not take risks, you can farm your way into saving the star easily.

    Jutland has an extremely easy game plan: whenever you spot DD, smoke up and shoot him. Don’t stay in smoke too long (anyway, smokes are too short), heal the damage, repeat. If you see a larger ship using DCP, smoke up and set him on fire. Launch torps at good opportunities. Position yourself between enemy DDs and your own BBs to spot incoming torps.
    I never played it myself, but if it’s similar to Daring then it can also dodge-farm BBs like Khaba and Tashkent.

    Yugumo on average can’t rank out. Meaning, it requires above average “skillz”. You are doing exactly the opposite of your claim. Aiming is not the “skillz” in WoWs. Careful positioning is. Which is exactly what is required from your “strategy”.

    Any relatively new player using your strategy will have a hard time to even progress to R5. R1 very unlikely even for ones with some experience. You have 2 thousand games played in IJN destroyers, how is that “no-skill” play?


  5. @Chewiecide: a ship is a tool for a plan. I don’t pick a ship first, I pick a ROLE. The role I picked is:
    “a ship that avoids exchanging bullets while winning more often than losing”

    The options for that are torpedo destroyers, secondary build battleships (secondaries are automatic) and radar cruisers (who can just sit behind island, do 0 damage and still kill all destroyers). From these I picked Yugumo.

    Black and Missouri: how hard it is to press the radar button? That’s all they need to win. Sure, radar cruisers also have radar, but they have the usual cruiser problems: if they are shot, they die. Black can stay out of detection range and Missouri – unless gives broadside – is very hard to kill.

    WoWs needs no experience, only if you accept the meta. If you want to play Kitekaze, you need experience to have a good hit ratio. If you play Yugumo, you just need basic knowledge of the game. My point: if I take a total newbie, explain him my strat without him practicing the actual ship, he sits down to the game, he will rank out.

    @Stawek: you ignore – because you have thousands of hours experience – that landing shots on anything but a battleship needs lot of practice. IJN destroyers have no “skill increase”. I don’t operate the ship any better than I did on day one, because there isn’t anything to operate. Besides not hitting islands, there isn’t anything that “skill based”, meaning that the player wants to do it, but cannot. I know that I should make headshots in PUBG, but my muscles can’t obey fast enough. There is nothing like that with a Yugumo.

    The current destroyer meta is:
    – go mid
    – shoot red
    – if u haz skillz, u kill n00bz, if u die u r n00b lol (translation: seek engagement with the enemy and trade positively due to superior gunnery skills)

    The average Yugumo doesn’t rank out not because he is less skilled than me, but because he wants to play it as expected: spotting, fighting for caps.


  6. No matter how many hours of experience it takes to shoot guns, it takes much more experience to position correctly in a weak ship like Yugumo and not die. Shooting in DDs is trivial, as the engagements are at 5-7km. This isn’t sniping with a railgun in Quake, the targets are massive and slow moving.

    Even just aiming torps is harder than aiming artillery. There are many more variables and it requires some level of knowledge about your target intentions.

    You are very experienced in your line of ships and are barely making 50-50 results now that you are in R5. How is that breaking meta? How would an inexperienced player do?


  7. @Stawek: wrong. I still mostly miss with guns and my torpedo shots are largely random spreads with lucky shots. I don’t think I’m any better at operating the Yugumo than after my first 10 matches.

    Positioning needs no experience. It needs brains. There is nothing you can practice here, you must calculate.

    I barely break even because I still didn’t know important things (peak vs off peak player quality) and because I face the top 5% of players that can hit with guns reliably at range, even after detection ended.


  8. If you don’t play the game better after 2000 matches there is something wrong with you.

    You barely break even because you picked a bad ship and you are too arrogant to learn. You are trying to “break the meta” by thinking and you don’t seem to realize that this game is all about thinking and strategy. Thinking is the meta.

    Want to “break” it? Then tell people how to win without spending 2k games. Which means, you need to have guidance for several ships, as a random person running random tech lines may not have Yugumo.

    Want real “break the meta with Yugumo” guide? Here it is: stay a bit behind your other DDs. Whenever you see Kitakaze smoke up, send 8 torps towards her smoke. Otherwise, torp whatever target seems best. That’s it.
    Extra pro tip: you can use torpedo reload booster very early in the game and launch torps while everyone else is still reloading so that they arrive on the enemy cap before the 2-minute mark and kill the unsuspecting noobs.

    You know practically nothing about the game because instead of playing it you play some delusional scenarios in your head in which you “break the meta”. No, you just play poorly and make up wild theories to support your delusions.


  9. @Stawek: I ranked out in every season and miniseason since I’m playing. I am one of the best players in the game (top 1%). Your opinion about my play is irrelevant. Rank 1, period.

    I “barely break even” with the top 5% players. That’s normal and not a sign of any bad play. Get off the high horse.


  10. Gevlon wrote:
    ‘Goal: find a ship and a strategy that allows you to rank out without “skillz”’
    and then
    ‘Black and Missouri: how hard it is to press the radar button? That’s all they need to win.’

    So it seems you’ve found two ships and one strategy that allows you to rank out without skill. Why are you not using them? Why are you using the Yugumo instead? And why are you _complaining_ that the winning strategy that you found for the Black and Missouri is too easy? It sounds like you have identified a winning strategy but dismiss it because “That’s Cheap!”, which is exactly what Sirlin mentions as the first hallmark of the scrub.


  11. @dachengsgravatar: Black and Missouri are Pay-to-win ships. So using them isn’t “cheap”, it’s pretty expensive. In case of Missouri, you have to buy lootboxes and hope that you win one.

    Sure, you can say “stop playing this P2W game”, but as long as it’s possible to beat them in non-P2W ships, I’ll do that.


  12. The game has no rule that you must defeat P2w ships in non-P2w ships. You have imposed that handicap upon yourself. I encourage you to re-read Sirlin’s essay on Playing to Win. Let me give a relevant quote.

    ‘A scrub is a player who is handicapped by self-imposed rules that the game knows nothing about. A scrub does not play to win.’


  13. @dacheng: Sirlin wrote this long before P2W existed. Now it would translate to “pay thousands of dollars to win a video game”.

    We must amend old rules as times change. Or do you suggest still using human sacrifice and stoning adulterers as the Bible says?


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