Goodbye, dear readers!

This blog started on Sept 6, 2008 with the goal to give goldmaking advice to World of Warcraft players. Back in the day people were farming gold, aka killing monsters in large numbers for their drops. Their income was ridiculous. I could make much more money on the AH and I wanted to share my ideas.

Later, I realized that the reason people were poor wasn’t simply being unaware of techniques but having a wrong mindset. They spent too much time helping bad players. They knew nothing of opportunity cost. They considered “buying low, selling high” evil. I coached them for the better. The blog thrived, new readers were picked up by the hour.

Then I took this idea to raiding and did what most players considered impossible: raided current content in blue (low item level) gear. That was a definitive answer for those who carried morons and slackers, blaming their gear, not their low performance.

But times started to change. Game companies realized that money comes from bad players too, so they started to nerf their games. First, the developers and the community despised this way dictated by the suits. “welfare epics” was the name of the easy-to-get gear. Then the old guard died out and the new people considered this “right”. It happened together with the rise of the “social justice” crazies in real life, who preached that all kind of failure is the product of some weird imaginary oppression.

World of Warcraft, the most popular game was spearheading this pathetic change. In the meantime I played some World of Tanks and found that their “random battles” were anything but random. They set everyone’s win chance to 50% to keep the baddies play – therefore pay. Finding this was a huge traffic spike and wide recognition for my blog.

As WoW becamse worse and worse, I left for EVE Online, then Black Desert Online, then Playerunknown’s Battleground, finally World of Warships. But it was like the Indians moving west to escape from the growing civilization. It kept coming and I’ve reached the western ocean coast. All games became like this. Easy rewards are now celebrated. Strike that, they are sold. In gambling boxes. “Rigged” matchmakers are now advertised as vehicles for “more fun”.

Players no longer need to be any good to progress. They just have to log in and open their wallets. The morons and slackers who couldn’t clear Karhazan back in the day, now clear all the content, because it’s tailored for their pathetic performance. They don’t have to learn anything to succeed, so learning became “tryhard”. They became the dominant culture in gaming. Being any good became “elitism”. “Gamers are dead” is the new slogan among developers. And don’t even get me started about mobile crap.

As a result, any kind of good information is rejected and actively hated. When I found how to get to the toplist of PUBG, all I got were downvotes and hate from the “community”, for ruining their “fun” of mindlessly killing each other. When I disproved the bizarre conspiracy theory that baddies made up in World of Warships to explain their defeats, I got banned from the game’s subreddit. And let’s not even mention CCP Falcon and his antics.

There is no more point in trying to play well, so there is no point writing about it. So people stopped doing so. There were no one left for inspiration. The remaining gaming blogs are personal adventures and maybe game reviews, but not teaching anything about games. Blogging in general went nosedive, giving way to “streamers”, acting in clown (or slut) costumes for money.

I tried longer than most. I hoped that the tide will turn. But it’s time for me to accept that my hobby went the way of television: once an intelligent entertainment, now targeted to the lowest common denominator.

There is no point continuing this blog, so I stop. I will keep playing games, for my own entertainment, using self-imposed (scrub) limits to challenge myself, but there is no value writing about it.

Take care, dear readers!


Author: Gevlon

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108 thoughts on “Goodbye, dear readers!”

  1. Thank you for everything Gevlon. I’ve been reading your blog for years and have great memories being part of your Inglourious Gankers and The PuG projects. I wish you all the best.


  2. Any chance you’ll write about real world topics or moron/slacker economic behavior? A lot of your theories seem to have real world applications and we’re very interesting in this regard. Please update this thread if you ever start a new blog. Good luck and thanks for all the thought provoking posts.


  3. Maxim, that’s the same for me! Immediately followed by “tob -> enter” for Tobold’s blog 🙂


  4. Dear Gevlon,
    I don’t blame you. I won’t write anything else about your post except that I agree a 100%.

    Thanks for the years you put in and the lessons you taught me. Just today I looked for your Glyph posts from 2010 because of needing some ideas for a real life project @pricing. Reading your thoughts now is way different compared to when I read and reread them year after year until I quit the AH Kind of like reading a profound book.

    Thanks once again.

    You’ll always be mentioned as 1 of my most important inspirations whenever I have the reason to share it, but as the world changes I communicate with less and less people. And it’s fine.

    Take care of you and yours


  5. Thanks for ypur contributions to the gaming community. I found your blog in 2009’ish and it immediately changed my outlook on goldmaking, and I fondly remember you clearing content in blues. My personal guild didnt believe me that it could be done because we were wiping while in decked out gear, whenI would tell them it is because we were carrying bad players they would disagree that it was jus game mechanics being too hard. So when you came out with your raiders in blues and staing strict with it, It was all I could do to control myself while showing my guildmates the truth of things.
    Thanks again for everything Gevlon, Cheers and good luck o the futre.


  6. maybe try something like starcraft2? No rigged matchmaking, no pay to win, no “wrong” way to play. Just a game of skill, nothing else. they still exist.


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