We’ll be fine

I’m not sure if anyone is reading this blog. I stopped following gaming blogs, didn’t do much gaming either and I like my life better this way. I don’t expect to write more posts, regardless how this one is received, but I didn’t expect to write this either.

A bit of perspective often helps. When you are busy doing something, your mind gets locked into a box defined by the thing. Your actions give a behavioral feedback of the thing, any deviation from it would create cognitive dissonance and you don’t really have time to think about anything but the technical issues of “doing the thing”. When you stop this loop for a time, answers come more easily.

I kept thinking how could I defeat the socials who carry the morons and slackers in games. Then I noticed with dismay how gaming itself – along with social media, conventional media and art – got consumed by an extreme version of the socials: the social justice movement. I saw them as lunatics who claim obviously wrong things (hello women with penis) and yet they gain power and influence instead of ridicule. Even worse, in the most recent years we see those who refuse to follow their madness get censored and banned. It was the 1930-es again, going head-first into a bizarre dictatorship where genocide is not only accepted, but explicitly desired. The social justice ideas are like grabbing a bunch of Nazi texts and replacing “jew” with “white male”. Literally.

Fighting them all day in games and gaming media left me no time to see a huge inconsistency in this worldview.

The power holders who decide who gets censored, who gets tenure, who gets a TV show or a movie are absolutely not the “target audience” of the social justice movement. On the contrary. Zuckerberg, Soros, Bezos, Zucker and nearly all media, social media, gaming industry and entertaiment giants, along with university presidents are white, heterosexual males who are obscenely rich, live in walled mansions and emit more carbon dioxide than all the “white working class”. How can such people believe in the social justice movement? How can they not see that if the social justice activists ever get into power they will tear down the megacorporations and the oligarchs will be #cancelwhitepeople-ed with the rest?! How can they carry water for the lunatics?!

The obvious answer is that they don’t. It’s the other way around. The social justice lunatics are a tool in the hand of oligarchs for reaching what Piketty found:

It’s absolutely not a coincidence that the more “progressive” a country is in terms of “social justice”, the more money the top 1% has. That’s their purpose.

Let me explain. The progressive, educated youth was always a force for socialism or at least social democracy. They were fighting for the “little guy”, the “working class” against “exploitation”. This always created swarm of activists who organized strikes, marched and agitated for higher taxes and welfare programs. This is considered obvious and is usually illustrated with the Churchill quote “If a man is not a socialist by the time he is 20, he has no heart. If he is not a conservative by the time he is 40, he has no brain.”

The social justice movement is a tool in the hand of the oligarchs to break this. I mean the educated youth is still “progressive”, but it no longer means social democrat. These “new progressives” don’t fight for the working class, for living wages, no wars or for healthcare. They are too busy fighting for transgender bathrooms, proper representation of minorities in entertainment products, pronouns, diversity quotas and similar marginal nonsense. The working class is now renamed “white working class” and is a target of hate for telling dumb jokes about different people and dog-whistling women on the street. Because jokes and whistles the totally the biggest problems of our time. Never mind all the people dying in conflict zones, poverty even in first world countries, illiteracy or lack of affordable health care.

The social justice activists are supported by the oligarch not because they fight conservatives. They are supported because they are fighting social democrats – and as a by-product get conservatives elected. They reject social democrats as “racists, sexists, homophobes” by creating bizarre standards which are failed by everyone except by the most “pure” zealots. You can “become” a transphobe after a life of progressive activism and being “LGBTQ person” yourself for … rejecting dudes in women’s sports. Bernie Sanders, who spent his whole life fighting for a progressive agenda lost among the progressive voters to the butcher of Libya because he didn’t pander to BLM and the other fringe crazies.

Have you noticed that the conservatives are doing nothing against the “censorship”? Putin or Trump didn’t start their own Facebook despite they easily could. That’s because the bizarre behavior of social justice activists frighten and outrage moderates so they vote for “conservatives” like Trump, Putin, Orbán or Salvini. I did that too. Please also note that “censorship” isn’t really silencing the conservatives. They “somehow” always get the word out and then the conservative media can talk about this or that guy being censored.

We’ll be fine. There won’t be any kind of social justice dictatorship with gas chambers to #cancelwhitepeople. They will never have any power as they have none now. They are just puppets moved by oligarchs to defeat the working class. We will live in capitalism, under leaders like Trump, Putin, Orbán or Salvini as long as the millennials who are most infected by this nonsense die out.

The only downside is that to serve their purpose, the social justice crazies have to dominate the universities and the media, both to be able to crush social democrats – who used to live there – and to disgust everyone else. Watching them censoring and abusing innocent people on the internet is the very act that make independents go to the ballot box and place an X next to a “conservative”. Yes, it means that “we” must leave the media at large unless we want to be the censored and abused ones. I sure won’t be around to serve as a martyr.


PS: I do not claim that the social justice activists are willingly cooperating with oligarchs. They honestly believe their nonsense and would spread it anyway. However they could only preach to the pigeons in the park like lizard men believers or the flat-Earthers without the huge media and social media support they receive. I also do not claim that the individual conservative is not hurt by censorship, does not feel silenced or is somehow colluding with the censors. He is just a foot soldier picked for martyr by his superiors against his will or without his knowledge.

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

24 thoughts on “We’ll be fine”

  1. I hoped clicking the Goblin icon on the bookmark tab every day for three months since the last post will pay off sometimes.


  2. Apparently, it takes a long time to get the daily “gree > enter” in the search bar routine out of my head. For what it’s worth: write when you feel like writing. Not because ‘I haven’t posted yet today’ or even ‘hey, people may like to read this’. Multiple posts a day or nothing for months are both fine. People will come and check here if there is a post sometimes.

    Unfortunately it is not only media and universities that are taking a hit due to the effects of SJW you are describing here. Government institutions and commercial institutions with some kind of exposure (such as companies listed on the stock exchange for example) are following in their wake with diversity quota. I’m not 100% certain if they are actually being followed or just presented in the media in the second case, but in the case of government they very much are. And in its wake are following the climate change advocates and the animal welfare SJWs. We might still be fine, but I do think you need to take the effects of what I’m describing here into your equation. If nothing else, it costs a LOT of money.


  3. @Biggles: lefties always cost lot of money. They always demand those to work to carry those who don’t, or work ineffectively.

    What I mean is the sky isn’t falling, there won’t be genocide, gas chambers, gulags or North-Korea-like dystopian future. Whenever people vote left, the hard-working people get a bit worse life, as it always was the case.


  4. Been checking your blog nearly daily. Glad for the post and Im glad your enjoying your time away from it all.


  5. isn’t the whole point to call out priviliage and power. It seems to me that these feminists and SJWs are working on “power” only, they will disect someone, companies, countries or corporation until they can smear them as evil and nazi. I don’t know if any of these crazy people ever go to jail for libel. And with these tactics they are effective … recipients public reputation slandered and smeared.

    Thanks for the post. I heared of Sorros funding leftiststuff but never lay the link the way you did it here. will look into it more.

    Don’t feel presured into posting. I still come everyday to this site.


  6. Your posts are always interesting!
    You never left my Feedly RSS, so… I’ll continue reading your rare posts.


  7. Was really happy to see a new post form you popping on my RSS feed.

    I do not think that there is this amount of thought from these elites going into this stuff. It is just that the people that founded the large technology corporations, and most people working there, are all from the same Californian bubble — to which the Hollywood elite also belongs. It is also why, despite everything, companies like Microsoft and Amazon have been much more resilient to the recent wave of social justice nonsense — they are based around Seattle, Washington, which is a much more conservative (I would say balanced) area.

    But yeah, this won’t lead to genocide or anything similar. Instead, if there is anything to be worried about nowadays, it is the dystopic vision of the future that China seems determined to bring to reality.


  8. The far-left SJWs you describe exist, but I suspect the Internet makes them seem more populous than they are. They are an easy target for right-wing outrage, and social media is a bit of an outrage machine, since outrage gets views and clicks. (Google “outrage machine” for more of what I am talking about.)

    So to me this feels a little like you are tilting at windmills. You are outraged at people who seem like a large presence on the Internet, but in real life are not really very significant. Maybe it is different in Europe, but here in the USA, the stereotypical, irrational SJW is a rare find. The few I have met have all been extremely young, and I suspect as they get older their views will refine to something more rational. Don’t get me wrong, lots of people believe in a right to gay marriage, some levels of affirmative action, etc., but not the kind of crazy views that get bashed on youtube by popular anti-SJW types.

    As to “Putin or Trump didn’t start their own Facebook despite they easily could” – come on – this is not easy. Google tried to start its own Facebook and failed. Trump could not even make a steak company work.

    As to your conclusion, it seems unwarranted based on data. Correlating the wealth of the top 1% with levels of social justice could mean that having more social justice creates a wealthier society. Or it could mean other things. Your claim is just one of many possibilities, and your certainty in it seems like conspiracy theory type thinking.


  9. Hi there, good to know you’re doing great.

    Yes, SJWs are supported by mentioned oligarchs. Yet, I’m too worried by several things, to feel relaxed. Those are:
    * sometimes those who start the fire, can’t control it
    * Lenin wasn’t of working class
    * I vaguely remember that at least some mayors and other officials are holding SJW beliefs

    Though, it feels more important that SJWs don’t have any consistent ideology or clear agenda, unlike Bolsheviks. They spend a lot of energy arguing if some (black) actor’s skin color is black enough to represent a black person, or should transgender women be allowed in women’s bathrooms or it violates women’s rights.

    But if someone decides to seriously take hold of it, things might get a bit ugly. Probably not gulag level, indeed.


  10. The thing that bothers me the most about the current situation is not the fact that SJWs have influence, but rather the exact way in which they are going to lose it. I have this growing suspicion that, come 2045, we’re gonna have another reichstag to contend with, built on european self-serving stupitidy the same way previous had been.


  11. @Maxim: don’t worry. Worst case scenario: they get control of Western Europe, they let in the migrants and get beheaded by them.


  12. Interesting Post.
    But viewing Trump / Putin as capitalists seems to me as ignoring 90% of their agenda (themselves).

    And where SJ-whoreing takes you can perfectly seen by looking at Merkels achievents as KanzlerIn.


  13. Welcome back Gevlon, let me reiterate we the silent majority are just that, a majority, and the screeching minorities are just that… and screeching.


  14. Totalitarian dictatorships don’t come from freak SJWs fighting for minority rights.

    Communism wasn’t bad because it was communism, but because it discarded individual rights for the benefit of the state (of course, you can’t have communism with individual rights because people would not give up their property willingly). Same with Nazism – if the Weimar Republic kept individual citizen liberties Hitler would have no power. People would simply refuse to do his bidding and the actual 1% of extremists aren’t enough to do much.

    SJWs aren’t dangerous because they cry about fringe ideas. They are dangerous because they want the State to solve those fringe ideas. They want the State to regulate bathrooms, they want the State to distribute wealth, they want Facebook to regulate speech and Twitter to ban wrong-thinkers. When they find something offensive they don’t just boycott the person in question but also demand that their company or their school kicks them out of the job.

    They share the top-down approach to building society – the group is supposed to tell people how to live and regulate all aspects of life. This is the real danger because people like them do not believe in individual freedom. They reject the “live and let live” of English Enlightenment. They reject the idea of free will and people being responsible for their actions.

    Which is why they get the support of all the Marxist, socialist and other power-hungry billionaires and politicians. They want no restrictions on power because when they mob people on Twitter in thousands they think they have the power.


  15. First, please keep writing. I’ve had my issues with your content, but your content is the only one that I’ve read for all these years.

    You bring a unique opinion to the table.

    Second, thank you for you for your informed opinion on this topic. It truly does put a portion of concerns to bed.


  16. I came to your blog to ask if you will play WoW Classic, maybe start writing gold-making guides again, or maybe rise against the streamer menace(real or imagined)

    Instead I see you going full alt-right?

    “It’s absolutely not a coincidence that the more “progressive” a country is in terms of “social justice”, the more money the top 1% has. That’s their purpose.”

    How much money the top 1% has is simply a representation of how wealthy the country itself is – unless the economy is resource rather than service based(Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc.) – but these are well known exceptions.

    Wealthy countries not only make the 1% richer, they also make the bottom 99% richer. And the richer the bottom 99% is, the higher they move up on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. And at the peak of the Hierarchy, there is “morality, creativity, spontaneity, acceptance” or in other words caring for (real of imaginary) problems of others, after you don’t have any problems of your own left to care about.

    Or in other words: Social Justice movement.

    Over a hundred years ago two wealthy individuals called Marx and Engels got so bored that they started solving the “problems” of the poor, even though neither of them ever experienced poverty nor actually spent a day of their life doing real work for that matter. Today we have reached levels of such absurd affluence that even 9-5 white collars lack their own problems and have to solve other people’s problems (real or imaginary) just to self-actualize.

    No, it’s not a giant conspiracy of the rich. The answer is NEVER a “giant conspiracy”. Hanlon’s Razor.


  17. Your written opinions have helped keep myself sane in this insane world filled with non-committed people. At times I’ve felt as if I’m swimming against current alone, but reading your blog has always reminded me there are people with congruent thoughts.

    So thanks for contributing your valuable time. It has been illuminating.

    PS This is my first comment after years of following.


  18. Hey gevlon are you returning for classic? I rolled on mirage raceway server. Maybe I’ll get the chance to tank for you one day.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. Not only SJWs help conservatives win elections they create leftist governments more interested in regulating jokes and whistles than taxing rich people.

    Liked by 1 person

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