What I seek in a game

My recent revelation that my current game is constantly changed into a Fortnite-like lolshooter made me think what did I actually like in World of Warships.

Not the torpedoes per se. But the ability to win games based on thinking ahead instead of just aiming properly. Playing a torpedo boat needs you to understand the placement of ships to avoid a surprise Worcester. It needs predicting enemy ship movement to aim the torpedoes a minute ahead.

But I didn’t just like the torpedo destroyers. I love playing an AA Grozovoi, despite the gameplay itself is trivial, as air defenses are automatic. I still won 6 out of 8 games in ranked and absolutely massacred the “overpowered” carriers. What I enjoyed is figuring out a new strategy. Inside the game it was just avoiding the lemming train, capping points and sinking carriers.

I don’t know what gameplay I’ll have after the radar buff and flood nerf. I think the devs like the “lemmings vs lemmings” gameplay, because it’s “fun” for the morons and slackers. But I will figure out a way to play away from the blob. I am now much more positive about World of Warships than yesterday. I’ll analyze the new meta and adapt. Luckily I have lots of free XP and captain XP for the job.


PS: till then:

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4 thoughts on “What I seek in a game”

  1. If you like the thinking game you picked the wrong ship.
    IJN are actually the simplest ships to play as they have a very simple game plan: avoid detection, spam torps.

    The most strategic ships to play are US heavy cruisers. They have to be close enough to the enemy to radar them but don’t have the armour to withstand BB fire. They also have to use their guns to deal damage, meaning their detection range is 16km, not 5.6km.

    Most BBs are also harder to play correctly. Of course, any potato can stay in spawn and snipe for low damage. Good positioning to maximize damage and lock down enemy cruisers, however, takes a lot more thinking than that. BBs are so slow to manoeuvre that you need to anticipate enemy moves good 3-5 minutes ahead.


  2. That’s one thing I love (amid a lot of frustration) about this game. WG’s willingness, despite protest (and sometimes cutting off their nose to spite their face), to make changes that disrupt the meta and force people to figure out a new way to be successful.


  3. Rockjock: WG didn’t do it to disrupt the meta and create novelties, they did it to prepare the game for consoles and accommodate at least a few players from the failing World of Warplanes. Playability be damned.


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