This isn’t going to last long

You probably know the feeling when you still play the game but you know that your days are numbered. While I didn’t ragequit over meeting a bizarrely overpowered pay-to-win ship, after reading the recent radar buff and torpedo nerf plans, it’s very unlikely that I will play World of Warships. The change is pretty straightforward buff of radar cruisers and destroyers, most of them are pay-to-win ships. They receive 3-5% more radar range and 10-20% more radar duration (if you wonder, yes, they buff Black). Flooding will do 25% less damage on battleships and a 60%!!! less damage on cruisers and destroyers.

Both of the changes are aimed to obsolete the original IJN destroyer line. I assume 30-40% decreased damage in randoms (mostly due to earlier death to radar ships) and by far the lowest winrate in ranked for them.

Why are they doing this? For the same reason as they removed stealth-fire, put extra caps in form of buffs to ranked battles, changed carrier focus to destroyer hunter and introduced IJN gun destroyers as replacement. Because they want to change the game from strategic to “mindless fun brawling” game. The stealth-torpedoes of destroyers are “not fun”, as the attacked ship has no way to retaliate. Sure, his teammates, especially gun destroyers and radar cruisers can hunt them down, but the attacked ship cannot. They probably recorded how many players ragequit over a torpedo devastating strike and decided that it should not happen. Sure, ships can and still be defeated by certain other ships, like a Yamato will win 99% against a Bismarck in random battle, but the loser ship can still make (quite ineffective) hits and actively play, while he cannot do the same against a Shimakaze.

The new plans seem to be redefining destroyers into escort light cruisers who travel close to bigger ships and shoot, relying on distance and evasions for survival, not concealment. Sure, a battleship has trouble hitting a Khabarovsk, but he can try, therefore feels he is not hopeless and blames luck when he misses.

I’m not sure what will I do after the de facto removal of torpedo destroyer play. Mostly it depends on aircraft carrier prevalence, because I liked the AA destroyer play. It’s a last hope, I have to add. However I do expect them to give a similar refund for IJN destroyers as they gave to carriers after the rework.

Update: I can’t believe that reddit agrees.


PS: it’s weird after a post like this, but:

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7 thoughts on “This isn’t going to last long”

  1. If the radar range had been nerfed to 9 km instead of buffed to 10 km it would have been a lot better.


  2. @Raziel: no, it would be much worse
    Radar is there to diversify DD defences. Without radar, the only way to stop DDs is your own DDs. With radar, you still have a chance, even if your own DDs fail.

    Flood damage isn’t very significant overall. It may be somehow important for IJN DDs but even they rely more on torpedo alpha damage than on flooding. It’s most important for German DDs, as they have crap but quickly reloading torpedoes. I think it’s a reasonably good change that prevents ship losses from a single random torpedo hit. Somebody catching more than one torpedo will most likely receive more than one flood for an actual gain in flood damage.

    Radar duration buff is actually a nerf. It introduces a delay between radar activation and the enemy team seeing the radared target. Meaning, a DD caught in radar can only be shot at by the ship radaring him in the first few seconds and has a chance to react before the inevitable hailstorm arrives. Considering how shells take a few seconds to land, a DD will have 10+ seconds to reposition and run away. In some instances (capping near island edges) it will increase survivability very significantly.

    As I wrote in the Reddit thread, they are making the game easier. This game is hard and requires at least a reasonable IQ to not suck very badly. Which is also why the only thing they police in the game is chat violations – they don’t want the idiots to be called on their idiocy and leave the game.
    By creating mandatory lemming trains and sniping spawn-to-spawn, they open up to the wallets of the stupids. They also remove the unique feature of their game and open up to the mainstream competition of simple shooters. They will not like the results – without the strategy and the spotting shenanigans WoWs is just a glorified Angry Birds.


  3. I do think as well that this change is another push into easy random casual stuff for launch on consoles.

    It’s not a buff for radar. This makes it easier to avoid it. Torp changes remains to be seen I bet they will adjust reload times if some dds fall short.

    I play very rarely in the past months and I’m actually very happy to not have to suffer by all this nonsense.

    I might come back when all these issues have been balanced.


  4. To add to my previous post, I believe flood damage will actually increase on average (there are no stats recorded for flood damage though to check it).
    The reason being, floods usually don’t cause damage nowadays because enemy ships save their DCP for this occasion. What floods really do is increase fire damage of friendly cruisers, because seeing an enemy eat a torpedo is a red flag for all the HE spammers.
    With the change, BBs will be more likely to use DCP on fires even at the risk of catching a torp soon after.
    Yes, each individual flood has less potential damage but is more likely to actually deal any damage at all.

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  5. @Stawek: in randoms most people will not know nothing of it and will still DCP floods and not fires. So there won’t be more floods, just weaker. In competitive, the value of torpedo destroyers decrease dramatically. Currently having such a DD in the approximate area prompted battleships to save their DCP and eat fires. While the damage was registered on the HE cruisers, the team still won, increasing the winrate of the DD. Now they will just eat the miniscule flood damage when it happen and simply ignore the DD. Its direct damage is already low compared to cruisers, due to most ranked BBs can avoid torpedoes.


  6. The flooding change, as I understood it, is in relation to changing the paradigm of CV’s from alpha strikers, to DOT support / harassers. I’m hopping that WG will recognize the effect on torpedo boats (I mostly play gun boats, but do realize that torpedo boats are needed to help break up those island humping blobs of BBs). Perhaps turn the torpedo boats into true alpha strikers, significantly up the alpha damage and (gasp, introduce AP torpedos, that can citadel!) and slightly increase reload time and lower flooding rate. The rate at which CVs can put ordinance on target make them much better suited to the DOT roll, than DDs. Let DDs be the new alpha strikers.


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