Capturing takes 3 minutes

In the current World of Warships ranked battles you can win 3 ways:

  • Kill all enemy ships
  • A circle arrives about mid-game. Capture it by staying in it while no enemy is in it. If you succeed, it gives you 10 points per second. Reach 1000 and win.
  • The match ends after 20 minutes playtime, whichever team has more points wins. Points are awarded for killing enemy ships and capturing minicircles that provide buffs.

Understanding how the capture mechanic works is obviously a crucial knowledge for competitive players. For example knowing that a single player needs 3 minutes to capture the big circle should be well known. It’s not:

This isn’t an exception. In most games where points are relevant instead of one side dies, I see statements and behavior obviously betraying the ignorance of the players. I screamed a pair of idiots to run from the circle because the game is won if they don’t die, but they kept guarding the circle. One died, the second survived with a few points of HP left when the timer ran out. Or the idiot battleship who kept eating torpedoes in the circle with me telling him to get out as I’m already blocking it with my very low HP destroyer behind an island. Or … every game where destroyers were fighting for the circle, the one side ahead in points is stupid to be there.

These are not first day newbies. They are players who reached rank 5. They are the top 5% of the players. They can pull really good play to get to the gate of the victory. Then throw it away because they don’t know that you can’t capture a circle faster than 3 minutes. This is what I’m talking about when I point at “bad” players who play at peak hours. Despite they have thousands of games behind them and can aim perfectly, they fail to understand anything about the game than “see red, shoot red”. Any kind of strategical play must exploit the stupidity of the enemy players like this and somehow mitigate the stupidity of the friendly morons. One way is to not play competitively in peak hours when they are swarming.



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One thought on “Capturing takes 3 minutes”

  1. In games like Starcraft, your matchmaking ranking will be different depending on when you play. Though in Starcraft it’s filtered by skill, so you’ll see higher standard deviations with a bigger population, meaning you’ll be matched with more incompetent opponents at a given ranking late at night. There’s also a complex pattern during daytime hours.

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