Closest to ragequit a game

I’ve left games I didn’t like, but I can’t remember Alt-F4 – uninstalling a game I had serious hours in it. I wrote, how T9 ranked is full of pay-to-win ships and this is not acceptable for any serious competition. I still considered them not so bizarrely overpowered to warrant quitting the game. Sure, they are stronger than non-P2W ships, but not undefeatable.

But today I met a Black in battle and I had to reconsider. I knew it has radar, being one of the only destroyers with radar. I knew it has one of the best guns among T9 destroyers, beaten only by Kitekaze and Jutland. I also knew that it has the longest range torpedoes, somewhat mitigated by their low speed. I found these badly unbalanced on any ship, especially a pay-to-win ship, but I thought it’s OK.

Then I saw one radaring me, opening fire and disappearing in smoke. That damn thing has radar and smoke, something that no other ship in the game has. There are radar Minotaurs and reported Minotaurs. Radar Yueyangs and random-battle-specced Yueyangs. But no any other ships could do both. This has no other counterplay than having a radar ship in range. They can detect and remain undetected without islands supporting them.

Their only weakness is that so many morons got them who attack multiple ships alone or grab the middle buff at start despite multiple enemy 11.7km radars. Most atrocious plays I saw were performed by Blacks. Like the guy who spent a whole game chasing me around the map with RPF, while I could launch torpedoes at the enemy direction, so I wasn’t useless while kiting his useless ass. How could these godawful players get to the 2-5 ranked bracket while they shouldn’t even win against bots? Because their ship is so bizarrely overpowered.

I didn’t ragequit World of Warships only because they recently nerfed the Giulio Cesare, another bizarre pay-to-win ship that dominated the ranked sprint. So I have a hope that Black and the other horrible offender, Missouri will be nerfed too. The rest of the P2W ships are just unbalanced, not game-breaking. You can outplay a Mushasi or a Jean Bart. You can’t outplay a Black, assuming its captain is not braindead.


PS: the buffs make some weird things possible:

Also, there are good games when I can avoid enemy destroyers:

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10 thoughts on “Closest to ragequit a game”

  1. Please fix paper. Totally broken. Scissors are fine.

    Grettings, the Rock.

    I barely rage quitted a blog with ALT F4 before due to lack of quality, data and interesting approaches to games. But you turning over time more and more into a slacker insisting to bring a Knife to a gun Fight and then mourning about balance from a lopsided IJN DD point of view is a Good path to it.

    Once again: what separates you from the average Joe that grinds the hell out of one game and feels entitled to win after getting some experience with it?

    It’s not like everybody told you so before that yugumo will be a weak pick…..


  2. @Chewiecide: are you trolling? You think not buying ships is “weak pick”? The very point is that you don’t “pick” a ship, you BUY it.


  3. You can outplay Black by avoiding it. It’s pretty much useless against anything that isn’t a DD and the radar is redundant when both sides have radar cruisers. Playing safely means you don’t get too much damage during the radar and then you have the stronger ship afterwards for the 2 minutes that radar is on cooldown.

    Usually, a DD is a deadly threat due to torpedoes and in case of Kitakaze also guns dealing super high damage from smoke. Black can do neither. It’s good for grabbing the middle caps after chasing away enemy DDs with radar, but if the caps are weak (like manoeuvrability) or the opposition has a radar cruiser that’s protecting the middle, then Black can be simply ignored. Look at this game played in Black by a very good player. He is completely useless all game.

    I don’t know about meta now but on day one there were so many Blacks that I stopped playing mine. 2 Blacks lose to Black + Kitakaze/Jutland because one radar is enough to grant vision while Kitakaze has double the DPM.

    Black/Fletcher had great guns when it first came to the game but since then all the new ships have guns same (ChungMu) or better (Kitakaze, Jutland, Udaloi). Z46 is somewhat different, as it has great AP and poor HE, so gun quality is situational.

    The super slow torpedoes are real deal breakers. Black is good against other DDs but almost entirely useless against bigger ships. The most important factor is the presence of radar cruisers. In a game with Donskoi on my side, I’d much rather have Jutland than Black. Without Donskoi and multiple DDs per side, I’d still prefer to have no more than a single Black.

    Black still has great stats but that’s mostly because the average Black player is much stronger than average potato. Jutland has a better win rate and a well-built and played Alsace was even stronger in the meta (we’ve discovered this in our clan and all the Alsace players got their R1 easily).


  4. RPF is a captain’s skill, not a Black’s ability, so irrelevant example.

    Yes, Black is a bit OP, and it would be really interesting to hear WG’s rationale regarding her. But her smoke + radar trick can be managed with some planning and effort (I’ve played both Back and against her).

    I would say that cruisers, positioned properly and with their 40+ sec or near 12 km radar can be greater pain in the arse for destroyers.


  5. You don’t buy Black for money, you buy it for steel. You should have enough already to afford one. You would have enough for sure if you ever played clan battles.
    No matter how OP Black is, stats say that Jutland is even stronger and Yugumo is way below average. Meaning, you chose a weak ship while having an option to play something stronger. It was a weak pick.


  6. Gevlon, were you around for T6 ranked? A little OP ship called Belfast would like a word with you. It has Radar, Smoke, Hydro, British short fuse AP AND is the only RN CL with HE. The only saving grace is that it has no torps, so a BB could in theory yolo its smoke to push the Belfast out. I’ve learned that when there is a Black, or a preponderance of radar in a match, I try to stick to with at least one other dd. If a black radars and there are 2 dd just outside his smoke, he is not sticking around to daka, daka, out of it. He knows he’s about to get a wall of torps and is maneuvering away. Teamplay = counterplay? /s


  7. Just check the stats. Black is 2nd highest winrate of all destroyers at the moment. Jutland first and kitaksze 2nd. Black is not very popular too. Given the player base bias the Jutland is performing at least equally if not way better than black.

    Yugumo is by far the weakest DD commonly used. And I stand the ground picking a ship: you just need time to grind a better ship. You just did not care to adopt but insisted on having your beloved torp boat to use. You could have easily grindet to Jutland to prepare.

    It’s like trying to raid in blues and failing- and then complaining that you can’t raid in blues. You did better than this before.


  8. @Chewiecide: you are evading. Whatever I play has nothing to do with Black being bizarrely overpowered.

    Of course I adopt nothing. What’s the point in following the pack and blogging about it?


  9. How often those dubious Black plays you noticed were something that will spectaculalry succeed against bad players and fail against good players? Multiple long range radars are of little use if your opponents can’t cycle radars and focus fire. Chasing dds can bring you victories if you can catch them.


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