Blaugust long term effect

Blaugust was a blogging effort started by Belghast to help starting bloggers get inspiration and audience. Its goal was to get 5/15/25/31+ blog posts in August. It was wrapped up more than a month ago and “awards” were given to the participants. Now I checked them if they are still post anything near their Blaugust performance.

Let’s start with the Rainbow award winners, those who did 31+ blog posts, with their number of posts in October. We are halfway in October, I had 13 posts. I also added the 3 Gold award winners (25-30).

  1. Moonshine Mansion: 2
  2. Atheren: 1
  3. Marathal: blog seems broken
  4. Bhagpuss: 4
  5. JVT Workshop: 17
  6. Soul of the forest: 0
  7. Ald shot first: 0
  8. Murf Versus: 4, mostly about films
  9. This Thing Is Neat: 1
  10. Princess in a castle: 1
  11. Me vs myself and I: 10
  12. What’s Occuring: it’s a youtube link, not a blog
  13. Book of Jen: 7, but not gaming
  14. TechJoy2Day: 0
  15. MailValtar: 3
  16. Contains moderate peril: 12, mostly not gaming
  17. Armagon live: 5
  18. Psychochild’s Blog: 2
  19. Beyond Tannhauser Gate: 19
  20. Ryuhnote: 1
  21. Unidentified signal source: 16
  22. Shadowz abstract gaming blog: 1
  23. Galumping: 0
  24. Gaming SF: 9
  25. Endgame Viable: 5
  26. A certain Goon outlet I won’t link, I guess he is still spewing propaganda
  27. Troytlepower: 5, mostly not gaming
  28. Bio Break: 12
  29. Aeternus Gaming: 2

So I checked 27 bloggers and found 6 to be active. And these were those who were active in August, signed up for an event, so took part in the community. Is this a defeat or a victory. Hard to tell. Is the cap 1/4 full or 3/4 empty. I mean if a single blog was created and is living, it contributed to the content creation. But we must see that most people who rise to some challenge, motivated by a pixel award will give up.

So I leave it to you to decide if such events make sense. However I didn’t and won’t participate in them. Tomorrow I’ll check out the survivors and see if they are worthy of adding to my blogroll.

Author: Gevlon

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14 thoughts on “Blaugust long term effect”

  1. If these events don’t make sense why are you even looking at survivors and potentially adding any to your blogroll?
    If you add even one survivor, the event made sense. At least, enough sense for you to add one blog to your list.

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  2. Just wanted to add that is my second blog. I also blog on with a steady one post per week which I did in addition to the Blaugust. Lots of writing is still happening, but for my stories 🙂 Thanks for the overview.

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  3. I can at least speak to my own experience. I was not blogging at all prior to the event. I had a couple of forgotten attempts, one of which had 1-2 posts and another that I believe had none.

    I think park of what you’re speaking of here is related to what motivates people to do anything that they do. I don’t feel that their efforts are diminished in any way by the reasons for doing it or for stopping after the fact. They created something with potential value and set it loose in the world.

    I started, and continue, because I want to. Should it come to pass that I don’t want to anymore, I’ll stop. Yeah, I display the award on my sidebar, but the award wasn’t the reason why I did it. I wanted the experience of doing it. I looked at it and said “I want to prove to myself that I can do that.” I did it, and do it, to challenge myself. The award was a side effect, a trophy that represents my proving to myself that I could. It’s just an image, but the experience isn’t.

    Why does it matter if it had a long term effect anyway? I might not have made any difference for you, but it made a difference for me. I wouldn’t have done any of it in a vacuum.

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  4. I’ve been on holiday for most of October. I don’t post when I’m on holiday, hence the low post count for the current month. I just got back today. I’ll be back to posting as normal – which is most days when I don’t work the next day – tomorrow. I posted 15 times in September, which is about the usual. I’ve been posting between 160-190 times per year for the six years I’ve been blogging. Blaugust is just a fun thing where I post every day, not some kind of aspirational target.

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  5. Link to mine seems to work fine. I had many blog posts in September, recently I have decided to take a break. But only recently. I still read and comment on the blogs I follow.

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  6. I’m curious why your threshold for “active” requires near daily posting. Surely nobody would argue that a blog that updates 1-2 times a week is dead, so by what measure do you automatically discard those as not worth following?

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  7. I don’t want to make excuses – that’s still a the tailing result of Blaugust – but I think I skewed the results on This Thing Is Neat by making daily output for what’s usually a biweekly essay blog. Whoops!

    Outside the context of Blaugust, I think it’s useful to also consider things like the length and writing style rather than raw post numbers, but again, that was a fair jump to make from the post-daily Blaugust event.


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