Night of the blogging dead

I wrote a post on how the participants of Blaugust failed to keep up the performance they’ve shown during the event and many stopped blogging or went barely active. It wasn’t even a real post, I just did it as a by-product of looking for new blogs to follow. I didn’t expect much reaction or hits on it. Oh boy, I was wrong!

  1. Excuse from undead
  2. Survivor comes to defend Blaugust
  3. A survivor promising that he’ll rise from the dead. WTF
  4. Promise of rising from undead
  5. Survivor posts in defense of Blaugust
  6. Survivor posts in defense of Blaugust
  7. Literally Not dead yet post
  8. Survivor post defending Blaugust

So the survivors defended it and the dead is rising from their graves, promising to come back and blog.

What does it tell us? A very important blogging advice: quantity beats quality. As a blogger, you have one job: post. It doesn’t have to be awesome. You won’t break a game every day. But someone might resonate to your random thought. I never imagined that anyone will care about my lazy report on looking for blogs to add to my roll. But they did. The internet is Darwinism in action. Every post you make is a mutation. Most will die in silence. But some will survive and multiply and spread by the actions of other bloggers, redditors, tweeters and forum warriors.

Don’t come here and promise that you’ll rise.

Author: Gevlon

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6 thoughts on “Night of the blogging dead”

  1. If anything, I’d suggest “quantity” is what led to most of the blogs burning out in the first place. Unless you can find time during your day job, writing daily eats into your free-time… free-time that is often necessary to generate the topics of discussion in the first place. Hard to talk about MMOs (or whatever) if you’re spending more time writing than playing them.


  2. Obviously there are certain limits. Probably posting once a day at the same time is the middle way, the highest quality possible ofc. to stay in reader’s daily routine and to replace lower quality blogs. Not changing the subject drastically.
    But if you are not chasing traffic and trying to get something out of it, why would you take it so seriously?


  3. You do like a bit of hyperbole Gevlon, don’t you? Ever thought of a career in the tabloid press 🙂

    Seriously, as with all your arguments, you see everything as a binary debate, present your “case” based upon numerous false axioms and you view everything in terms of winning and losing. Because this is the prism through which you see the world, you miss so much.


  4. Hilarious how your low effort post managed to wound so many of them so deeply. Who knew the dead could have feelings?


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