“Humble” request for unban

You might remember when I proved that there is no such thing as Star Savers in World of Warships, got banned from the game subreddit for it, then upvoted for posting totally fake “proof” that they exist.

Their only excuse was that I don’t have “experience”, because you know you have to be a fly to write a scientific paper about their behavior. Just gathering objective data doesn’t help.

Now that I’ve ranked out on the first day, in 24 games, I went back to them with this “humble” request:

They did not respond, so I assume they do not wish me in their noble community.

You might say that posting with a more humble tone would have helped. But why would I do that? It’s me who is offering free content. My blog is a work of love, with no monetization (whatever ads you see is placed by the free blog engine, I don’t see a dime). They are not a prestigious publisher, but a shitty subreddit where most posts are low effort memes.

I don’t need them, they need me. They are likely unable to see that. That’s fine.

I have readers here who value my work. Maybe I could have more if my work was reposted in reddit. But those people had the exact same chance to find me as my current readers. I owe them nothing either. Even more: I owe you, the current reader nothing. If I’d wake up tomorrow and delete all the content I’ve created, you couldn’t ask for your money back, as you gave me none.

This should be an important lesson for all wannabe bloggers, if they don’t want to quit fast, like most in Blaugust. You writing is a gift to people you don’t know. You owe them nothing. They don’t have to like your writing or you. You are the one doing the favor, act like it.

However, some will. And they will come back.

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

5 thoughts on ““Humble” request for unban”

  1. Searched for that thread, hive-mind mentality lol, all they could do was throw insults after getting dunked on. This is nothing new, Reddit mods are cancerous power-tripping children.


  2. If I’d wake up tomorrow and delete all the content I’ve created, you couldn’t ask for your money back, as you gave me none.
    That is why it is nescessary to backup. Waybackmachine has backups of this blog and ofc I have saved some of your posts. But more general like videos and other stuff is lost in the abyss if someone after some awesome years goes down in fire and deletes their account or gets deplatformed by some triggered snowflakes (youtube videos once where easy to download, since google took over I’m just more and more lost in the arms-race).

    doesn’t wordpress show you where the traffic is comming from? In the end some will search and some will find you. It is wasted time on your part to convince reddit or any other platform.


  3. You think a group that is supposedly for playing better would welcome Gevlon with open arms. His exploits in Eve alone make him worthy of admission.

    So the only conclusion is that they want to play better, THEIR WAY.

    GG: Didn’t Sun Tzu say to know someone, look at their enemies?

    Considering they are reddit… maybe not.


  4. Reddit mods are a great proof of an old saying that the less power a person has, the more likely they are to abuse it.

    In my example, somebody answered to my post with “where did the bad CV touch you?” to which I replied in the line of “give me some arguments instead of this brainless overused meme”. I was banned for a week, but the other guy wasn’t for a post that uses child molestation meme. Go figure.

    However, you did the same here with me. I’ve been playing the game much more than you, I have much better stats, yet you warned to ban me for disagreeing with you. We can argue about the details, but isn’t it better for your blog to keep a good player, even if it means a baddie (yourself in the case) feels bad about it?

    The most important thing here, though, is the realisation of what is actually “good” for the mods. They will never make money out of it, they will never get any serious recognition (playerbase is too small for that, compared to larger game subreddits) and most people forget they even exist. Meaning, all they get from it is the satisfaction of feeling important when they ban somebody. The worst thing to happen to them is somebody who actually knows what they’re saying because factual discussions take away from their arbitrary power of banning somebody at a whim. What else can you expect from a person who volunteers to censor others (because that’s all Reddit mods do).

    As a result, the sub is devoid of any content, nothing there but memes (same old crap repeated with new captions) and whining about OP ships. Any sensible discussion is instantly flooded by idiots racing to post the same stupid memes in response.


  5. @Stawek: I considered you a troll over not in-game things, but the outrageous/bizarre claim that free-to-play is somehow not bad.

    Some subreddits are actually useful, mostly because the mods are genuinely interested in the game and want good information. But it seems the WoWs mods are no-rank baddies themselves.


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