Two Ryujos and a rigged matchmaker

Northgard update: I got closer to my ultimate “win domination on Huge while the 7 AIs can win any way” quest:

Once again I ranked out in the sprint with my Ryujo. I don’t like the strafing gameplay at all, but as a carrier I had the biggest effect on the game, so I play carrier.

Thanks to that, now I have definitive evidence that the random game matchmaker is rigged and balances teams according to player skill. Let’s compare the same ship in ranked and random:


As you can see I have more plane kills, higher winrate and much more XP when playing ranked. As I’ve ranked out and played most of my games in the top bracket, speeding trough the lower bracket(s), I played against the best players. Yet, against the best players I did better – and much better in the stat that matters most for a carrier player: plane kills.

How can the random trash be more challenging than the best of the best? Because the matchmaker in ranked is fair. Or at least I assume so (fairness needs no proof, rigging does). This means that it places players who are in the same bracket randomly to the two sides, making sure only that the ship types match (2 cruisers vs 2 cruisers). In such setting, if I’m better than the bracket average, my team wins more often than loses.

Since the top ranked bracket players are better than randoms, I’m even more above the randoms, so should win more and have better stats. Yet, I don’t. The only explanation is that the matchmaker arranges the players by skill, practically giving the morons and slackers to me to counter for my rank 1 skills. This way both teams are equally strong, allowing me to win near 50% of the games. The only reason why they can’t push me down to 50% with Ryujo and Bogue is that carriers are overpowered and rare. If the only other carrier in the queue is a total newbie, I’ll get him as opponent and probably win, even if the rest of my team is useless, because a carrier can win practically alone.

The latter problem will be solved with the carrier re-balance soon. But the random matchmaker will remain a damn cheat.

Author: Gevlon

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6 thoughts on “Two Ryujos and a rigged matchmaker”

  1. Wrong.

    I did not play ranked sprints thus i dont know if air ryujo is better or not. In random, it is not. You can easily outplay this.

    Plane kills are the least important stat for a carrier. Ship kills and in there dd kills are best. Spotting dds at caps second. Avoiding drops on own team is third, and you do not even have to kill planes for this.

    Most important: your random stats drop due to being mid to low tier. T6 cvs suffer heavily from t7 aa already, not talking about tier 8. Simply dont compair it, just weird conspiracy crafting.


  2. Sprint Ranked isn’t Ranked. It’s bullshit.

    You did NOT play against the best players because there is no stratification of skill in Sprints. It’s trivially easy to get to Rank 2-5 because most ranks below do not lose stars. You just played against the same Randoms, and bad randoms at that (cause the better ones finish very, very quickly). It also took you as many games as me in a Hatsuharu, but I had 27 ship kills and you had 11. Good job, I guess.

    You got more plane kills than Randoms for 3 reasons. One, there are fewer non-CVs in the game and less AA. Your opponent lost fewer planes to those. Two, you were locked to tier 6 which has very little AA in general. In randoms your opponent lost many planes to friendly Atlantas and Kutuzows, in Ranked there was none of that. Three, in Ranked many people played 3-1-1 Ryujo which is almost non-existent in Randoms (it doesn’t do enough damage). The opponents had a lot of fighters that died to dogfights with yours. In Randoms they have a lot of torpedo bombers that die to both your fighters and to your friendly ships AA.

    Why is your win rate better than Randoms? because in smaller teams you had more influence on the outcome. Still, the difference was minimal for you. The few CV guys I know and asked got 80-90% win rates. Good players absolutely smash Sprints.

    Why do you keep making these outrageous claims based on single data points in a game that you know very little about?


  3. @Stawek: I’m rather pointing out the obvious. I find it difficult how can someone NOT believe that random is rigged to give everyone 50% winrate. It’s simply good business for them, as they don’t want the bad players to ragequit and the good ones to farm XP easily with chain-wins, not needing signals.


  4. Gevlon. You claim about being scientific and data driven but you don’t know enough from random results and Distribution of these results.

    Matchmaking in random is, wait for it, random! There is no conspiracy, no rigging, no cheats by wargaming. Random is not chess, it’s poker but even less skill based. It’s common knowledge that you can minmax your winrate between ~40-60% only, if you go Really crazily good or bad probably 35-65%. Thats it. But with normal Distribution attached its totally clear that the expected.result is 50% winrate. WG doesnt have to rigg the matchmaking. It evens out by itself with way less effort and way less risk to their reputation. Accept that with 24 players and limited impact power (= your ship) your skill can’t carry everything. But still probably twice as much as a bad.player.


  5. Not everyone has 50% win rate. I have 55% overall, 60%+ with my DDs.

    The win rate problem is solved by the size of teams – any useless idiot is accompanied by 11 other players so his contribution is negligible. And there’s probably another idiot like him in the opposing team. Over a number of games win rates stay relatively flat, excluding some very good and very bad players.
    P2W is solved by mixing up tiers – T8 has no worse chance to win a match than T10 (because the opposing team has a T8 ship as well) but will lose a 1v1 duel within that match with a player who paid money. Therefore the stats remain roughly OK while at the same time F2P players get their asses spanked by paying T10s and premiums to make them feel like winners.

    There is ZERO need for them to fuck about with the matchmaker, especially when such practice can be shown by any few players that make notes and analyze their matchmaking. Not you, though, because you make your claims AFTER the data is taken and not predictions BEFORE you play. That’s not how one experiments properly.


  6. @Chewiecide, stawek: obvious bullshit. Your random winrate would represent your skill. This is how you climb in a ranking system. If a diamond league League of Legends player makes a smurf account and start playing normals (random battles), he’ll have 90%+ winrate. How come that ranked out WoWs players don’t have that in randoms?

    Also, you keep forgetting that I made my name in blogging by breaking the matchmaking algorithm of World of Tanks, made by the same company. Sure it improved since, but it’s still a damn rigging:


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