Proof that the Russian election meddling (and the Trump collusion) is bullshit

I have a pretty bold claim: I can disprove the biggest conspiracy theory of modern history. The theory says that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president of the USA, because he didn’t win a fair election, as a foreign power interfered with the election process. Some versions of the theory say that Trump willingly coordinated, others claim that he is a Russian asset, while others say that he is a useful idiot with no personal wrongdoing, but either way, he did not win the election, therefore he is not president and should be removed from the office he unlawfully holds.

Of course I cannot have internal information, so all I can do is believe the people who do and they all – intelligence community, media, politicians – say that there was such meddling. Who am I to say they are all wrong or liars? The answer is that I don’t listen to what they say, but watch what they do:

  • President Obama handed the power over to Trump and went to jet-ski with Richard Branson. “Yeah, he will destroy everything I’ve built and he is a Russian asset and cheated the election but who cares, the beach awaits” – must have been his thoughts.
  • Hillary Clinton ceded the race and went to sell books. She didn’t litigate like Al Gore. She didn’t demand recount. She didn’t go to exile and declare herself the true president. “Putin took my rightful job and will destroy my homeland, but hey, I might get to the NYT bestseller list, so all is fair”
  • John Podesta just folded his company and disappeared after a lifetime of beltway politicking without any campaigns, protest organizing or botched robberies. “what is better time to retire than the fall of democracy?!” could be his motto.
  • All the Democrat and Never-Trump republican congressmen and senators showed up for work and keep showing up, negotiating over various bills from tax cuts to environmental protection regulations without addressing the “fact” that the president is illegitimate. There are no impeachment attempts, no shutting down the government, no filibuster, no talking 8 hours for democracy on the floor. “Hey, he is a traitor, but if I can get my bill to deregulate tobacco advertisement, I sure vote for his evil agenda written in Moscow” – can be their thought process.
  • The community organizers, groups and “the resistance” proved multiple times that they have some impressive numbers. They flooded the terminals against the Muslim ban. They flooded the streets in pink hats protesting disgusting statements on women, they flooded the borders and ICE offices over family separation. But to save democracy itself from Putin’s puppet who did all these?! Not much. Why there are no nationwide protest against the illegitimate president?
  • The above could be told for liberal judges. They stalled Muslim ban, family separations, DACA deletion and many other Trump policies. Them being unconstitutional and finally 8/9-0 destroyed by the supreme court didn’t bother them, their goal was clearly to win time and slow down Trump. But for some strange reason, none of them tried to stop or delay the inauguration or depose Trump after he was in office. Why?
  • Finally, the “secret society”, the intelligence agents who found the evidences of meddling and collusion. When they realized that the republic they’ve sworn to serve is in grave danger, they … wrote reports, filed them, maybe leaked to some journalists and went on with their lives. They didn’t hold press conferences. They didn’t became Edward Snowden before nor after the election. They didn’t even become desperate and tried to assassinate the tyrant. In this hour of unprecedented attack on America, the head of the “secret society”, Andrew McGabe was most interested in … retiring with full benefits.

The thing is that while everyone is yelling “this is not normal” and “Russia meddled”, no one is doing anything about it. They do the very opposite of “this is not normal”: they carry on as normal. If you’d just see actions and no words, you wouldn’t be aware that anything is out of order.

So my evidence is simple: no one powerful or informed believes that there was meaningful Russian meddling with the election (with or without collusion), evidenced by their complete lack of action. They just lie because they hope that dumb people believe it and vote against Trump candidates in midterms and send them campaign support “because Russia”. It’s just a media smear campaign that no relevant person takes seriously.

Author: Gevlon

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29 thoughts on “Proof that the Russian election meddling (and the Trump collusion) is bullshit”

  1. Your comments don’t take into account any political strategy or the reality of the current US political position.
    Democrats can’t impeach trump without Rebpublican support. They don’t have the numbers.
    But just wait until the mid-terms. If you’re not sure what’s going to happen, take some of your own advice and have a look at how many republicans have resigned, rather than face their electorate.
    So why are Democrats being silent?
    First, forget Hillary. Her duplicitousness and corruption have been shown to all – she’s a spent force, and the Democrats (now) recognise her toxicity.
    AS for the rest of them, they know that mid-terms in USA are won on turnout.
    Trump still has strong support in rural USA. These are exactly the seats Democrats think they can turn in November. And the only thing that will encourage Republican turnout is a stated threat to impeach Trump. They want a situation where their voters are more worked up than Republicans.
    As to the secret service, Nevertrump Republicans and Hill Democrats – they can probably see the writing on the wall. Trump Jr is going to go to jail. Jared Kushner will probably join him.
    Trump will likely skate – unless they can get Don Jr to turn on his dad (unlikely), or Manafort tries to verbal him.
    But it will be obvious that he has surrounded himself with paid stooges (Manafort, Flynn, etc) and retards who don’t know what they are doing.
    He’s a dead duck, and won’t stand for the next election, barring a miracle.
    At the very least, New Hampshire and Maine will pass laws saying he has to release his tax returns to stand…

    He’s likely to spend the last two years of his presidency in court or in damage control, like Clinton did, unable to do anything and with two actively opposed houses of congress – so why start something now, when his strongest asset, making shit stick to his opponents (boring ted Cruz, Crooked Hilary) is still being wielded.

    None of this is an endorsement of either side – Hilary is a crook who stole the nomination, and Trump is a clown who never wanted to win.
    But only a blind man would think that there isn’t something in Mueller’s investigation.
    The latest indictements appear to have wikileaks emails, at least from the GRU side – so there aren’t any secrets left.


  2. @buboe: I don’t doubt that if the Dems could get the votes for impeachment, they would immediately impeach, but that has nothing to do with any meddling, it has everything to do with them wanting Trump gone because they strongly disagree with him. That’s everyeday politics.

    If they would really believe that Trump is a Russian asset, they wouldn’t have waited 2 years for him to do Russian stuff.

    You know what’s funny with republicans retiring? That with these guys, the Dems already have the votes for impeachment. So tell me why Jeff Flake is retiring instead of just impeaching Trump and keep going on? The answer: their retiring is about realizing that they wouldn’t survive the next primaries against a Trump candidate.

    The “tax returns” are nonsense. The IRS is Obamaland, remember how it was weaponized against conservative NGOs. If there was anything in those tax returns, it would have leaked before the election.

    The Mueller investigation is a political smear job. Its goal is to catch as many Trump loyalists for jaywalking as possible to make Trump look bad. Manafort is in jail for stuff he did before he even knew Trump and was working for Podesta.


  3. “Hey, he is a traitor, but if I can get my bill to deregulate tobacco advertisement, I sure vote for his evil agenda written in Moscow”

    If you told me this thought came directly from Mitch McConnell’s brain, or that of another snivelling legislator such as him, I’d probably believe you.


  4. There was meddling, but it was not instrumental in Trump’s win. Trump would have perhaps won without the meddling, the meddling was not terribly effective (and not really aimed at giving Trump the win, the hackers/spies were trying to dig up anything that their country could use to manipulate anything on the West and 99.9% of what they managed to dig they didn’t know what to do with). That’s why nobody does anything.

    Trump should likely be impeached because he was aware of the meddling and was aware where it was coming from. Not because the meddling granted him the win. I am not a democrat and I absolutely wouldn’t want Clinton to win, but it seems to me Trump did a terrible thing.


  5. @Creo: then tell me why the democrats don’t share your thoughts? Why not Chuck Schumer, Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton saying the same words and act by it? (Hint: because they know it’s not true, just feed uninformed people like you with it)


  6. It is much more common that countries meddle with other countries elections than that countries impeach their presidents because some other countries have meddled in their elections.


  7. @Anon: fair, but then why is the talk? Why every news item is “Russia” and why everyone lost his mind over Trump meeting Putin?

    If it’s a usual, normal thing, why everyone is crying wolf?!


  8. Wow, this is a very low quality post of yours. You imply that a very large number of people who are actually republican are conspiring to make up proof of Russian meddling and your proof is that nobody has put Trump on trial for that or that nobody has shot him so far.
    It is obvious that you were raised in a communist country and therefore have a very limited to non-existing understanding of the political and legal system in the USA. Trump is the current president. He cannot simply be removed from office. There is only one way and this is dictated by the US constitution, not a gun barrel. Despite actually seeming otherwise the USA is a nation under the ruel of law, same as most countries in the EU. Yes, I understand that this is something you do not like very much, but that is the cost of living in a peaceful society where political debates are no longer fought with the help of Gestapo, SD, SS and SA… Or the corresponding Hungarian assets…
    As one of the fromer commentators wrote, a majority of votes is needed to allow a process of impeachment to even begin. An indictment is highly debatable as most legal experts agrre that a president in office should be immune from prosecution.
    Republicans are spineless, not because they fear Trumpist candidantes, we have seen to many of them lose their elections, but their hunger for power is stronger than their conscience which is an obvious quality in a politican, that they overlook any BS and chaos Trump inflicts on this country only to get some of their agenda passed. Many republicans were and are fundamentally anti-Obama and are frolicking when the can destroy some of Obama’s political heritage.
    They are in power and as long as there is no proof that Trump directly colluded with Russian officials, they can always look away and tell their target audience that the Russian meddling was not influential. It actually was and that is the reason why even repulican US officials in the highest ranking posts which were even appointed by Trump (which renders your shitty conspiracy theory obsolete) are concerned about Trump’s behaviour and are openly criticising the orange baby for acting weak on Russia and Putin.

    Impeaching Trump as a republican is counterproductive as long as there is no hard proof for direct collusion. Having him as a “useful idiot” does not hurt republicans as they can always sow doubt about the Russian influence. Therefore even their re-election is nit jeopardised.

    Further, removing Trump from office would create a constitutional crisis and require re-elections, which would be desastrous for both sides. repaulicans fear of losing every singel seat and democrats fear that they will not have a competend candidate for presidency. So far, they have non and so far, more grassroot candidates won for the democrats thatn established party veterans… So, Shumer and Pelosi are also more interested in keeping their offices than threatening to bring their nation into further turmoil.

    And for shooting Trump, come on, seriously? The rest of the republican, spineless cancer (sorry Mister McCain for the pun) is still there and still in power…
    Blowing up the senate like in the gun powder treason? Wouldn’t that make Putin ejabulate for ten days incessantly? This would be better than nuking Washington DC… Violence is not the way in this case, althoug it might work in Hungary, who know, you might be better informed about Hungary…

    Watch less fox lies, Breitbat and stop jerking off to Toni Lahren and other Nazi barbies. Try to find sources from different poles of the political spectrum… Sean Hannity is an uninformed cock sucker (and by Cock I mean Trumps little weenie)

    Sorry if the tone of my post my be a bit toosarcastic, I usually appreciate you insights and opinions, but in this case, your assumptions and conclusion are simply not fact based…

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  9. @Smite: I never implied that people make up proof about Russian meddling (besides Christoper Steele, who isn’t an American). “proof” is something you act upon. Mueller indicts twitter trolls and simple corrupts, unrelated to the election. I don’t think he (or Strzok or anyone) is trying to unlawfully frame the president at court or in impeachment, just before the public. Lying at court is a crime. Lying to remove a president is treason. Lying to fool voters is politics.

    It’s not just they didn’t shoot him. It’s also that they don’t do things to him that they were doing to others. I mean Pelosi talked 8 hours to filibuster for DACA, but she didn’t do it to filibuster the power transfer. Dem pres candidate Gore went to the supreme court, Hillary didn’t. Congress shut down the government multiple times, but not now. “Hawaii” judge stalled practically every EO by Trump but not the power transfer itself. Agents went rogue (think of Valerie Palme) when the government was wrong, not now. Protesters marched for weeks because a cop shot a crazed dude, but not against the biggest crisis of US history since the civil war.

    Number of votes doesn’t matter. The dems should be trying to impeach anyway, hoping that there are enough Rep patriots who stand against treason, or at least to make a statement against treason. The only explanations for letting a traitor be president for two years are: you are a traitor yourself and he is not a traitor.

    You are now implying that all Republicans are traitors who are willingly help Putin take over their country. Apply Hanlon’s razor about these “one major party is full of traitors” vs “politicians lie to smear their opponent”

    The “useful idiot” excuse only works if there was no collusion, no meddling. If there was, then Trump is not their useful idiot, but Putin’s. Why would Republicans go on with that (without them being traitors too).

    Removing Trump would NOT create any crisis, just like removing Nixon didn’t. Pence would be president instantly.

    Are you saying now that Schumer and Pelosi is keeping Putin’s puppet at the nuclear button because they fear for their offices? That sounds treason to me.

    Someone shot Kennedy without caring for Hruschev ejaculate or not.

    You were pretty mean in your post, so let’s summarize. According to you:
    * Trump is elected by Putin and working for him ever since
    * Republicans play along with this because they want some agenda passed
    * Dems play along because they fear for their offices

    According to me: no one have done anything illegal. Democrats found out that screaming “Russia” polls well with their base, so they scream “Russia” without meaning it.

    Let’s think about who has a conspiracy theory here.


  10. Russian meddling doesn’t necessarily require collusion on Trump’s part. Russians have come to the conclusion that Trump is less hostile towards Russia than Clinton and supported him because of that.

    Nixon resigned only after his personal participation in Watergate become known. Trump can’t be impeached because russian intelligence officers breached some election laws of the United States.


  11. Considering we do this kind of crap all the time to many countries, I don’t really understand all this hysteria. It’s like spying, everyone does it. The US uses NGO’s to favor one candidate or the other.

    We are in really bad shape if a few million dollars for fakebook ads and twitter trolls can change our elections.


  12. Your central premise is that Democrats (etc) should have been “doing something” if they actually believed Trump to be a Russian agent. The reality is that there is precisely only one thing anyone can legally do – impeachment – and that requires the political power to do so, which Democrats do not have. Gore vs Bush went to the Supreme Court because there was actually something that could be adjudicated: vote recounts in Florida. Under what mechanism could the Trump election be contested, or power transfer stopped? There’s no evidence of ballet box stuffing or votes being changed. The point of contention is whether Trump or his team knew about and/or coordinated with Russia to launder Super PAC money into swaying low-information voters with Facebook memes and fake social groups.

    Nobody is doing anything because the only thing that can be done is political maneuvering. If Republicans hold the line, then Trump maintains power, even if there is incontrovertible proof he takes orders from Putin directly. There are no legal steps available for new elections or No Confidence votes. Again, it’s impeachment or bust, and impeachment only happens if voters are convinced that the current situation is bad enough to vote for “baby-killers.” And that is certainly not going to happen if Obama (etc) goes on the airwaves supporting armed insurrection – which a large number Republican voters were convinced was going to happen anyway.

    Ultimately, Russians laundered money to meddle with the election in favor of Republicans. Of that, I think there is no question. Only voters will be able to decide if it’s treasonous to continue playing dumb about it, in some apparent effort to maintain plausible deniability (“I had no idea the NRA funneled Russian money into my campaign!”). Based on the public’s willingness to entertain the notion that NASA has child slave camps on Mars though, I’m guessing nothing happens. Not because nothing did happen, but because all the mechanisms that could possibly make something happen have been fully co-opted or rendered useless by a public taught to embrace emotion over facts.


  13. @Azuriel: not true. I listed several things besides impeachment that they could do.

    * They could throw baseless lawsuits on Trump AS THEY DO on other things. For example they sued the Muslim ban THREE TIMES and all ended in supreme court siding with Trump.
    * They could try to convince electors to change their votes. There were a few:
    * They could press on with the impeachment, hoping for enough Jeff Flakes. It worked for Obamacare not-dismantling
    * They could simply shut down the government, not voting for the budget. They did that before.
    * They could march and protest. Enough protestors can convince Reps to change their minds. It worked with the family separations, why not try it on Trump himself?
    * The intelligence agency professionals could mass-resign. I doubt if republicans would like that.

    In 2006, the recently elected Hungarian prime minister announced on a party meeting (which wasn’t meant to be public, but 200 people were in the room so he sure didn’t mean to keep it secret) that all their electoral program was a big lie (“we lied in the morning, in the evening and at night”) and that they will do the exact opposite – and they did. Viktor Orbán’s party declared him to be a cheater and illegitimate. They held huge protests (some turned into riots). They declared him a non-person, refusing to meet him or even listen to him. Every time he rose to speak, they left the room, including the Parliament itself. They’ve thrown dozens of referendum attempts at everything he did, some went through and crippled him.

    None of these worked in the legal sense, he wasn’t forcibly removed. But eventually he had to resign due to nosediving party popularity and that more and more professionals resigned because working for him became social suicide. Orbán got filibuster proof majority next election because of all these. I’ve seen it working. Don’t tell me it’s impossible.


  14. It is pretty clear that Gevlon does not really understand the US political system. US Congress cannot block an elected President from taking power. The other candidate can contest the election results but it is up to the courts to decide if the vote count was done right or not. When the Supreme Court ruled for Bush, Gore had to give up since there was nothing else the Democrats could legally do. That is much different from filibustering legislation or blocking judicial appointments. If Congress does not like a President they can stone wall his policy proposals and block his appointments. They can impeach as a last resort. Anything else would be unconstitutional and would be seen as an attempt to overthrow the government.

    Democrats do not really want to try impeach Trump unless they are guaranteed to succeed. Even if they could guarantee an impeachment and conviction all that means that Pense will become President. Democrats find Pense to be politically even more loathsome than Trump. If somehow they manage to impeach Pense as well than Ryan becomes President. The Democratic leaders most likely consider it a better strategy to let Trump blunder about, hopefully get a majority in Congress in 2018 and then get a Democrat elected President in 2020.

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  15. Ok, I have to apologise, Gevlon.
    And I should make clear what my point of view is here.
    There has been russian meddling and to a great extent. Putin/Kremlin/Russia have compromising material on Trump.
    He at first wanted to have “boots” on syrian ground, then reluctantly supported anti-ISIS groups in Syria, some of which are also targetd by Turkey now.
    He ignores and does not position himself in the ukrainian conflict.
    All in all, he ignores that Putin/Russia act as they please and may thus destabilise eastern Europe.
    All the silly sanctions were implemented on behalf of the US in the first place.
    He has been a factor of chaos for Nato with the consequence that EU is organising a EU wide defense coalition outside of NAto which puts fear in the hearts of US military strategists.
    No one can be that stupid. There are hundreds of competent advisors in the departments and in the military…
    He ignores them all, and still plays into the hands of Putin.

    Now they have arrest Mariia Butina, this pretty redhair spy who “infiltrated” NRA and had influence in the selection of National security advisors close to Flynn who is cooperating with Mueller. More details are coming out by the hour, that Trump was informed and that he and his cronies did not react until the information was made public.
    Washington is the target of numerous Russian intellignce operations and the meddling was important enough to alarm every intelligence body in the USA. They knew early enough to go public, but Obama feared that it would look partial, he then spoke to McConnell and Ryan who refused to allow him to go public.

    Basically, from the surface, it might look far fetched and coming straight out of a very bad Hollywood script, on the other hand, this is perfect. It is so dumb that nobady believes it.

    And regarding the dems fearing for their jobs… An important factor is that they are still convinced that Russia is meddling and they fear the monent the troll factory goes into turbo mode. This might cement pro Russian candidates, which is why they cling to office. They have realised that no matter the facts, a huge part of the society does not believe facts , but Trump’s tweets.

    Trump is anathema to facts in every aspect of life and cannot and must not be trusted with anything he says…

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  16. @Smite: now you are offtopic. First you list a bunch of Trump policies as evidence for being traitor, despite he promised all these in the campaign and what made me endorse him before the election . Read it! Either I’m an oracle or just … listen to what he said.

    Then you list some random spy, caught 2 years after the election. I doubt if she’s a time traveler.

    None of it is on topic. My point is that if democrats would know of any illegal activity (beside routine spying on the part of Russia), they’d do something extraordinary, instead of the usual run-of-the-mill politicking.

    So currently the alternatives are a “far fetched and coming straight out of a very bad Hollywood script,” and “well, the people voted for the another agenda because they like it better”


  17. @Gevlon That’s a long way to say that “Trump is currently legally considered legitimate and people who think otherwise do not have enough proof to convince a Republican controlled Congress otherwise”. Trying to draw absolute conclusions from that is foolish.

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    “Ultimately, Russians laundered money to meddle with the election in favor of Republicans. Of that, I think there is no question.”
    “There has been russian meddling and to a great extent. Putin/Kremlin/Russia have compromising material on Trump.”
    So random guys on the internet have proof of meddling and Trump’s treason, but the thousands of professionals in FBI, CIA and his political opponents have nothing. You guys are simply insane. Oh, sorry, not insane, you are only repeating after “respectable” CNN.

    “There has been russian meddling and to a great extent. Putin/Kremlin/Russia have compromising material on Trump.” .. and in the 2 years of investigating they found NOTHING.
    “He at first wanted to have “boots” on syrian ground, then reluctantly supported anti-ISIS groups in Syria, some of which are also targetd by Turkey now.” or he got a full intel and realized the chemical attacks were most likely false flag by Islamists. You must have seen the proofs of videos being edited to show gassed child
    “He ignores and does not position himself in the ukrainian conflict.” There is no Ukrainian conflict. Ukraine was a putsch of actual traitors who ousted legally elected president and possibly killed people in the process. Russia took it as an attack on their own land because Crimea is their strategic access to the Black Sea.
    “All in all, he ignores that Putin/Russia act as they please and may thus destabilise eastern Europe”. Nothing in Europe could destabilize it more than creating a putsch in Ukraine by EU.
    “All the silly sanctions were implemented on behalf of the US in the first place.” No comment, sanctions are silly indeed.
    “He has been a factor of chaos for Nato with the consequence that EU is organising a EU wide defense coalition outside of NAto which puts fear in the hearts of US military strategists.” EU has been pushing for their own military for at least a decade YOU FUCKING MUPPET. You have no clue whatsoever.

    All in all, I agree that Tump “investigation” is nothing more than libel and slander, going on for the last 2 years. The only way Democrats can win the midterms is by mass producing “rape scandals” in swing states. It worked on Moore, they will try it again.


  19. @Nielas: calling someone criminal without evidence is slander. Those who have “not enough evidence” about the collusion should keep looking in silence instead of yelling TREASON on CNN.

    @Stawek: be nicer to the poor victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome and keep in mind that the other side is equally hysterical. In their minds all the intelligence agencies are conspiring to usurp the president.

    It’s hard to remain reasonable for an uninformed citizen when EVERYBODY is lying. Trump is yelling “witch hunt” instead of saying “yeah, some of my staffers are crooks and getting what they deserve”. Fox isn’t more balanced than CNN. There is no good guy in the “collusion” story, both sides describe each other as traitors and conspirators to fire up their base for good turnout in midterms.


  20. More conclusively, whenever an expert claims that Russian meddled with the election, they distinctly state it had no material impact on the election result. That’s a nice way of backing out of your previous statement.

    One could also tell Trump and Hillary were both certain of the result just by looking at the campaign stops towards the end of the election. Rallies are known to have marked effects on voting results. Trump is holding rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin, blue states, while Hillary (and Obama) are playing defense in Pennsylvania.


  21. Why are fools like stawek ignoring the FACT that Clapper and Oates and Yates informed Trump in January 2017 of PROOF of russian meddling? This is not made up, these are facts.

    And arguing that democrats should simply go rogue and do anything to get rid of Trump is plain silly.
    I must assume that these folks who claim so do not know what the rule of law means… Sad…

    Perhaps people cannot distinguish between russian meddling and collusion. They are not the same, only possibly related…

    But, hey,do spin your story….


  22. @Smite: Clapper, Oats and Yates telling this is a fact. But that doesn’t make it true. I don’t see any reason why anyone should believe these heavily political people.

    I don’t suggest they should go rogue (though the president being a traitor might warrant that). I just suggest they should do things that they did many times (filibuster, shut down government, mass protests)

    The question is if Trump was democratically elected, or he was given the presidency by Russia, therefore he’s illegitimate. Collusion is an irrelevant detail, if he is illegitimate, he must go even if he did nothing wrong and if the Russians didn’t change the election, than working with them isn’t wrong.


  23. Smite:
    Accusing others of “spinning the story” after 2 years of investigation with no evidence.

    Repeat: despite the 2 years of best efforts, obvious will on the part FBI, some shady tricks (like raiding Trump’s lawyer which is unheard of) they still have nothing. Yet, muppets like you shout meddling is a FACT. What is the basis of your strong claim?

    How about meddling by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Hollywood billionaires and foreign politicians and press services against Trump? Where is your outrage about those?


  24. I can’t wait to see how current US hysteria about “russian meddling” will play out in our own (russian) election cycle during 2021-2022. The US guys are basically handing Putin the moral license for things he previously did under the table. It very much sucks when the country that is supposed to be a “leader of the free world” is acting like a collective insecure child.
    I am trying my best not to devolve into “all the intelligence agencies are conspiring to usurp the president” mindset, however i find this idea to have the advantage of both explaining everything and not having any real counterpoints in reality. Normally, no matter what hidden information exists behind all the decision making, 2 years is more than enough for this hidden information to leave a sufficient imprint in publicly available sources, so it is possible to get a sense of what it might be. However, in this case, literally every passing month lends more and more credence to the idea that “all the intelligence services” are really part of the same circle of interests, that is antagonistic to the circle of interests that pushed Trump to the forefront. This idea, insane as it is on the outside, seems to actually stand the test of time.
    I am not one for conspiracy theories. However, one must remember that conspiracies are still real and do occasionally happen. And many rulers and presidents get unseated on spurious claims based on said conspiracies. Usually, with disastrous consequences for the country.


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