Mistaking incompetence for politics

WordPress offers blogs you don’t follow based on what you wrote, in hope you find something interesting. After writing about Jessica Price, I got this recommendation between the followed blogs:


The post on the left is intersectional feminist bullshit. It’s not my opinion, the author identifies herself (I hope I don’t misgender) “speaker at the intersections of faith and gender justice”. That’s some epic level SJW.

The post itself is retarded. It lists doctors making mistakes and attribute it to them not caring for women, dismissing their symptoms and pain. The obvious idea didn’t occur to her that these doctors just sucked and would have sucked with a male patient too. If someone misdiagnose endometriosis for an STD, that’s not toxic masculinity but toxic stupidity. Every year in the USA, one of the most advanced countries and definitely the one which spends the most on health care, between 100000 and 210000 people die in medical malpractice. No, I didn’t add too many zeroes, medical malpractice is the third highest death cause (and those morons at BLM whine about “police malpractice” that cause 0.001x the deaths).

But no, despite these obvious evidence that medical staff makes mistakes often, our SJW must see some anti-woman conspiracy, obviously committed by “an older white man”. Stupid SJWs!

You know what’s outrageous? That wordpress.com is pushing SJW agenda, forcing me to read this complete nonsense, clearly with the aim to convert harmless gamers looking for info about GW2 lore into SJWs. This is evil politicking by the tech companies. Don’t you agree?!

Well, if you do, you are just as dumb as the SJW who wrote the article. It’s much more likely that WordPress association software is incompetent, simply saw the term “feminism” in my post, was unable to see the context and gave me a feminist post. Remember when I was writing about cheaters in PUBG and they fed me posts about people who cheat on their wives? It was funny.

The World is usually not conspiring against you. Most people who wrong you are not your enemy, just morons or slackers. Coming after them with righteous anger is a perfect way to waste your time that you could spend on something productive, like learning basic medicine so you can ask intelligent questions to your doctor.

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

2 thoughts on “Mistaking incompetence for politics”

  1. To be honest, I’m more interested about the blog on the right with the guy having a ghost wife. She complained about something on Friday night, and damn you WordPress for cutting it off right before the good part. Clearly they want to push their ghost-wife agenda.

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  2. That’s good ol’ Hanlon’s razor. But indeed a lot of people is “forgetting” about it when it comes to SJW agenda.


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