Oh look, Business Insider promotes the PUG rules

The PUG was my WoW guild that had completely anti-fun, professional rules that banned any kind of socialization that was considered normal in contemporary gaming. My idea was that such “fun” atmosphere promotes slacking and tolerance for slackers. The guild worked, progressing in the top 5% of WoW players.

Why am I bringing it up? Because – after the Harvey Weinstein scandal – Business Insider suggests the same thing: workplaces should ban after hours drinking and other form of socialization because it either promotes sexual harassment or avoidance of women to protect them from said harassment (and men from untrue accusations).

He lists more advantages, like less nepotism and favoritism; or more time spent with actual friends and family instead of coworkers. But either way the point is that workplaces should be like workplaces instead of social places.

I’m glad that what I designed for a video game works in the real World, proving that games are indeed good labs of real world performance environments. The actual performance is simple and completely quantified (DPS, K/D, position) so one can focus on the social aspects of the environment while having objective knowledge of the objective facts (no “he just doesn’t value me because I’m woman/black/whatever” when your DPS is below the hunterpet).

Unfortunately I can’t make any group project on PUBG. But maybe on the next game – but that’s long way down the road, as I’m very satisfied with PUBG. It’s a perfect field for testing “play-to-win” vs “4fun ololol” play styles and observing M&S behavior and excuses (no1 care u top 0.1% i haz chicken dinner).

Author: Gevlon

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6 thoughts on “Oh look, Business Insider promotes the PUG rules”

  1. Interesting point… all the “diversity and inclusion” training at work uses after work social events as established ways to bias against single mothers, family people, religions etc and reinforce the single white male patriarchy.

    So business does discourage this, at least at mine


  2. Not happening.
    Life is not a game of WoW. If your tank sucks in WoW, you lose a bit of time. If the security department in your firm sucks, you stand to lose everything, up to and including your life.
    The reason why interpersonal relationships are necessary for advancement is because it is crucial for human beings to know not just the competences of people they are relying on, but also their exact personalities. Because, as it turns out, even the most competent person can just say “f u all” and leave you hanging in a middle of an important project for nothing but personal reason bs.


  3. …except the article points out that it doesn’t work in the real world all that well. Nor would it, until some AI in the HR department is capable of making promotion decisions. Until then, the business world is 90% “who you know,” and anyone not falling over themselves to kiss ass is falling behind. Eliminate after-hours parties and you merely eliminate one extra avenue for personal advancement – the people who can snag the boss at the water cooler will still come out ahead. Stop all non-business contact, and the boss will still be able to promote the people whose personalities mesh with his/her own, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that the present situation is also untenable. I just don’t see how the PUG-style rules will eliminate the underlying problem.


  4. “f u all” and leave you hanging in a middle of an important project for nothing but personal reason bs.
    that is why they invented industry standards and certs and lobby pushed law bullshit to enforce corps to have such standards. so every fucking click and aspect of a workflow and usecase is captured in one format or another. so every drone can pickup where other drones have quit. same for low IQ grunt work till high IQ scientific research. work is not important it is more important to write about work and produce papers.

    Well, the only female interaction I have is with female co-workers. I go out of my way to avoid contact as much as possible and keep a maximum distance as much as possible. They keep their distance from me, within a few moments interacting with me they receive my tells that I’m not their puppet, that alone keeps the majority away from me. besides work I completely ignore the other gender in person. those that interact online with me leave fast enough. in before “you can’t ignore 50% of human kind based on sex.” I gladly ignore 7,5b people minus about lets say 500 people. I have my reasons, there is just that much of craziness I’m willing to bear on regular basis, and their shit reinforced by sudo-science womenstudies and the full force of law … I simply forgo procreation and with that any hope of any meaningful relationship.

    Hollywood and professionalism, I don’t know, sounds a bit far fetched.

    What about nature? So he is the patriarchal impersonation of the white male devil. Sorry to point this out laddies .,. A rich, famous and powerful guy is a vagina magnet. I just simply laugh about the rape claims. That guy is barely above the 20% mark, that’s makes him attractive. Talking about discrimination, 80% of guys are ignored by women. Guys don’t care and settle more easily. Anyhow guys within the top 20% can simply pick fresh vaginas every time they get horny. Sure that guy was fucked up and blackmailed high-profile women into sexual bullshit. But I’m just saying that the golddiggers come out of the bushes and I’m wondering how many false rape accusations are thrown around, where at the time they happily got banged by that guy and now claim rape.

    Back to work. I saw women bang their way and manipulate their way into lucrative positions. What do they claim if they get fired at some point? Make and educated guess.


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