Dá Róng and New York bots

I saw a mission called “dragon dance ship” in World of Warships. It was a long, 3-stage mission and I didn’t care for it for long, since these missions usually get done during normal play. And indeed, its first and second stage did. But the last stage did not progress.

I checked the almost complete mission and it offered “Dá Róng”, which I assumed to be a rare ship. “I should get that” – I thought and checked the mission. It needed 250 secondary gun hits. Destroyers have no secondaries. I checked the tech tree and found that I have a T4 US battleship. The mission wanted T5+. With a few free XP, I bought the New York. But how chould I get into secondary gun range without sinking?

By playing against bots. Most missions can be completed in co-op “battles” where you kill bots. Bots are bad. They manage to be worse than some of your teammates in random. My stats are correspondingly horrible:

Wait! 13 battles are about 3 hours. Did I farm bots for 3 hours for a ship I didn’t even know? No, my computer did. I just started the game, set the autopilot and did chores. Every 4-5 minutes I adjusted course and set priority target for secondaries. Also, if there was a battleship nearby, I made sure it won’t sink me:

Finally I got Dá Róng, who wasn’t a ship, but an elite captain:
Since he is a very good destroyer captain, having +50 HP/level on the +350 HP/level skill, I started to level up the Pan-Asian destroyer line. It’s currently on tier 5. When the ranked season is over, I’ll play the destroyer lines I didn’t max out. At the end, I’ll have all researchable destroyers in the game.

Story aside, the point of today is that co-op battles aren’t useless. They can be used to complete tasks that are too hard to do against players.


PS: I had some time for ranked battles:

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

2 thoughts on “Dá Róng and New York bots”

  1. German BBs are much better for secondaries. You can easily get 500 hits in a single coop.
    Coops are great for getting hits of all kinds, especially secondaries, and for getting wins quickly. Coop game is usually much shorter than a Random.

    I still don’t do it. I’d rather enjoy honest play for 2 hours than doing coops I don’t enjoy for one hour.


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