Last ride of the Mahan

I can’t remember when I last played my Mahan. I’ve abandoned US destroyers long ago for IJN. But playing so much with Grozovoi reminded me how I got it: by paying free XP for the whole Russian destroyer line and using elite XP for the captain. It was a good choice, but an expensive one.

Before the patch I played the old carriers so I can sell them for free XP, despite I didn’t like the gameplay. Just for the free XP. So I realized that I could “create” more free XP in form of opportunity cost by leveling up both US and UK destroyers as I’m exclusively playing destroyers since I’ve sold my carriers.

There is no better time for that than now, when captain respec and module demount is free. So I dusted off the T7 US destroyer Mahan and played one game:

With it, I had full XP to buy the Benson. I even had XP for the C hull, so the Mahan is now elite. Then I sold poor Mahan. I prefer to keep my port clean and demount is free, so if I’d ever need it (very unlikely), I can just rebuy it. I cleared the captain’s specs for free, now I have a 19pt and 2x 11 pt US captains in reserve. I don’t remember how I got them.

I still had a Nicolas, a T5 US destroyer, with a special captain William F. Halsey on it. I sent it to one win for the 200% XP that will serve as elite commander XP. Then I sold it and moved Halsey to the Benson. Fitted it and got it one win. From the XP gained, I bought the B hull for more HP.

Then I turned to the British line. I had a Jervis I regularly played. It had over 400K XP!!! Since I didn’t research it but got it in an event, I assumed it’s not in the tech tree, but it is. What a waste. I sold it and bought the Lightning after using the 200% XP for the first win. I put the only British captain I have to the T5 Acasta I got also in an event and sent to one win (respeccing is free). I did OK, I guess:

Then I sold the Acasta and put the captain to the T6 Icarus, which was also gained in an event. I put modules on it (never used before) and sent for one win. Then sold it. Demount is also free now. Finally the captain was placed on the Lightning and it was fitted and sent for one win.

So I’ve consolidated my non-IJN ships into these:


PS: oh and my Shima is still hopeless against CVs:

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4 thoughts on “Last ride of the Mahan”

  1. Playing a ship after unlocking its successor for the express purpose of gathering FXP is a waste of time.

    What are you going to use the FXP for? to level other ships. So why don’t you just play those ships and use all of their XP for the purpose and not just the 5% (granted, can be increased with signals).

    For example, you’ve played Acasta for 2254FXP (using Papa Papa). Nice. But you also earned 10775 normal XP which is completely wasted because you don’t need Icarus (having Lightning already) and 2254 that can be spent on another ship is less than a good game awards in normal XP. Especially when you get a Kraken and use a signal (increased XP and not increased FXP).

    Now, there are situations where FXP is more valuable – important modules and FXP ships. But this amount of FXP can be naturally gained by simply playing the game.

    A very rare exception is playing Sims in operation Dynamo (if that’s even still possible after CV rework), which could reliably achieve 3-4k base XP for incredible numbers of either FXP or captain EXP. It costs special signals, though, which come in very limited numbers. That is only because such a high base XP game awards more FXP than a typical game awards in normal XP (as it is very reliably high and you always win in PVE).


  2. @Stawek: I played the Acasta because it had +200% XP. I’ve sold it afterwards. I wouldn’t have done this without the ability to shuffle around the captains. What I’ve also gained is 12K captain XP. Signals that increase XP increase FXP too, as FXP is calculated from XP and not base XP.

    What I will do with the free XP? Level ships that I do NOT expect to play in 1 month advance. I will slowly level the UK and US destroyer line. They are the best candidates for my “next ship”. If I have a plan to play Grosser Kurfurst next season, long before the season started, I’ll level it properly. But if I realize in the middle of the season that the best tool for the play I want is Grosser Kurfurst, I can freeXP it up and captain XP up a captain, instantly just like I did with Grozovoi during the last ranked season. So FXP = “I can play any tech tree ship in the game in a blink”


  3. If the CV rework has only one unintended benefit, it was the free captain skill resets AND the free captain ship transfers (this is not a usual thing). It has allowed me to shuffle some of my special captains around that were assigned to less optimal ships. I play to progress lines, currently have french bb to T8, USN DD to T9 (fletcher elite), UK DD to T9 (elite), German BB to T9 (elite). My bottleneck are credits, i can’t afford to buy the T10 AND fund the play. I sell the preceding tier (generally keep T7 as that’s the sweet spot for MM) to buy the next ship in the line and use free xp for modules (playing stock sucks). I’m also not one to play just one ship line at a time. I’m roughly 33% playtime across DD, BB, CA/CL. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.


  4. As I said, FXP is useful for modules, captains and emergencies (like buying a ship for ranked). It is more flexible, no doubt.

    However, even with +200% XP the amount of FXP was less than your normal average XP. So, for example, if your next ship is going to be Jutland, then you’d be better off spending the time in a game with Lightning. EXP is a valid point, though.


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