Morons and slackers whine instead of adapting

I’m glad I’m banned from World of Warships subreddit (for proving that star savers do not exist), because they are currently an absolute disgrace:

Save for one historic video (about carriers), every single post is crying over the new carrier mechanic in the game. They think it’s broken and there is nothing they can do to counter a half-decent enemy CV player. Especially if they play destroyers.

In the meantime I’m winning games left and right and having so much fun that I delayed playing ranked. What I’m playing? A destroyer, of course. Here is a totally accurate video of my gameplay from the point of view of a nearby Grosser Kurfurst. Boyscout promise this is how it happened.

Jokes aside, I don’t remember having so much fun in World of Warships than with my Grozovoi now. Even in defeat:

The morons and slackers are unable to respond to anything productively. They just whine, cry and beg. Sure, the carrier situation isn’t optimal. But it’s nothing like day 1 Worcesters and Harugumos. There is effective counterplay and it’s not “don’t play” like it was against radar cruisers.

The most important way of coping would be playing in the ranked season, where no CVs can participate. That’s what I’m supposed to be doing instead of slaughtering “undefeatable” Hakuryus. But it’s so much fun (click):

Granted, reddit isn’t representative to the playerbase and – exactly by banning me for statistics – WoWs reddit proved to be a hive of idiots. But still, it annoys me that people are so horribly unable to solve any problem thrown at them, even in a video game, even when the solution is spelled out to them and all they had to do is adapting.

Please note that the above do not mean I’m happy with the state of carriers or that I don’t find some feedback proper. I just don’t think that the sky is falling and that this is reason for quitting the game or not playing or whatnot, due to having both counterplay and an intended CV-free playground for competitive people.


PS: I play a little ranked every day:

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12 thoughts on “Morons and slackers whine instead of adapting”

  1. I tend to disagree here. It’s a hardcoded rock paper scissor at the Moment where you are Trapped with your Selection before the game starts. Thee balancing of the Patch is awful and you can’t Force the players into One ship that is totally uncommon, thus highly likely only available through free xp and without a lvl 19 cpt.

    The rework is a masterclass example how to NOT do it and will bring the game in a worse state than before. And I will happily prove how good CVs will be top tiered every Time just because they are the only class not having to invest/risk their HP pool to do dmg consistently.

    WG deserves this shitstorm this time. Good players will always find a minmaxing way to exploit lack of balance but this existing doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to complain?


  2. @Chewiecide: unlike Worcester and Harugumo, the CVs can’t go to ranked battles right after introduction. They can only be played in the irrelevant random battles, where you’ll have 50% winrate anyway and you get XP and credits no matter what. So even if they are totally broken, the sky is NOT falling. Unbalances were expected and will be ironed out.

    This is exactly what free XP is for. I got my Grozovoi from free XP and elite captain XP after that horrible encounter with Frazelleth and used it in carrier ranked battles. Anyone else can do it. By the way Gearing also has DefAA, so it can do much what a Grozo can. AA cruisers can also fight back.

    Finally, it’s absolutely idiotic that they create thread after thread about how “broken” it is instead of just upvoting/commenting in one thread.


  3. “Irrelevant random battles”
    That’s 90% of all games even for people who rank out in Ranked every time. This game is all about Randoms.

    Win rate won’t change, but most people don’t care about win rate but about the quality of their entertainment. Which is now extremely low because the CVs are ruining it.

    People aren’t complaining about their win rates, they are complaining about not being able to play their ships. Sure, we can all play Grozovoi, how fun will this be playing 12v12 in just one ship?


  4. @Stawek: I play lots of random battles. I play for coal, I play for free XP, I play for commander XP, I even play for entertainment.

    But I don’t CARE about my random battles. I do stupid stuff like Yolo-rushing a battleship. Because it’s not competitive, because if I explode, I can just hop on the next ship, because I still get my XP, regardless if I win or lose, as long as I do some hits. If I get nothing, too bad, my next game will be better.

    I see little reason to care about balance, or how much XP the Hakuryu got. I could play Hakuryu if I hadn’t sell it because I hated it. As I have no reason to care about outcome, balance or whatnot, I’m not crying.

    The only reason for crying if some moron started to believe that his “results” are “uniqum” and now he’s losing them. They were meaningless noise in the matchmaking algorithm. Ranked is competitive play.

    I’m much more bothered by Missouris in ranked than Hakuryus in randoms and I see no valid reason to think otherwise.


  5. The crux of the issue, as I see it, is why people play the game. I play to win the match. Winning gives more rewards, helps me progress faster. I find winning fun, no matter how potatoe the team is, if we win I have fun…even the “stressful” 1-2 ship remaining victories. How do I optimize my chance of winning? By playing into the current meta (ie. CV) with aa spec ships. I have fun shooting down 18-25 planes, basking in the tears of cv players as they can’t get close to my team. Though many people claim that they play to win the match, all the salt and crying on the forums and reddit tell me those people really only care about playing what ship they want, when they want, how they want to play..meta be damned (although they will claim “fun” and “winning” when the meta happens to align with their bias). WG has a vision for the game and changes to implement that vision will cause the meta to change drastically. If the current meta isn’t fun, its ok to express that and just take a break. Play something else. Warships will be waiting for you when you come back….and you will come back, that’s what F2P is designed to do.


  6. If all but a few ships become unviable choices then it isn’t just a “meta shift”.

    “Playing what ship they want” is exactly the idea. A good game allows people to, you know, play the game. If it’s a matter of 2-3 percentage points between average ship win rates, it’s good meta. If it’s a matter of not being able to do anything in a match, it’s broken.


  7. @Stawek: all ships can do stuff despite CVs. Sure, because of CVs they might die faster, but who cares if they could shoot ships and after death instantly jump on the next ship. The only gameplay I see hindered is concealment-based torp destroyers, but they were screwed in CV games always.

    Please explain why is the day of the battleship player ruined just because he is always sunk before 10 minutes by a carrier?


  8. Because he wants to play a game. If he can’t contribute to the outcome of a match he is a spectator, not a player.
    Just because you declared Random games irrelevant (probably because you had results much worse than Ranked) doesn’t make it so. People don’t play Random games to earn XP and Credits for other activities, Random games are The Game. Period.

    By the way, update on best ships.
    DD: Kitakaze, Jutland, Black. Blacks are great but the overpopulation of radars on cruisers and other Blacks makes them redundant while the lack of effective torpedoes makes them useless in heavy BB games. Kitakaze has so much raw damage she can influence the game much more.
    CA: Donskoi, by far. Kronstadt is good but has worse HE compared to Donskoi.
    BB: Alsace with heavy secondary build. Makes mincemeat in the reduced ranges of this season, smaller guns still overmatch all T9 cruisers.


  9. @Stawek: randoms are irrelevant, because they have no persistence. No ranking, no badges, no nothing, besides your XP and credits. Your winrate will be 50% anyway, unless you play some meta-div.


  10. Nobody needs persistence. It’s a game. It’s only you who needs fake internet points to feel like you’re doing something meaningful.

    And no, my win rate will not be 50%. It is 55% overall and 65% in some favourite ships. (I play some divisions but not enough to drastically change my win rate and we don’t do CVs nor any deliberately OP setups.)


  11. @stawek: I much rather spend my time and effort on activities that I find meaningful – the fact that some of them are entertainment doesn’t change that. You, on the other hand, seem to be getting very emotional about an activity that you don’t find meaningful. Sad!

    You should uninstall the game and pursue something that inspires you!


  12. Liebe: I have no idea what you are talking about.
    I am the one here who claims that “meaningful” is not a term that can be appropriately applied to games. They aren’t meaningful at all in the grand scheme of things, but they are meaningful in what they provide to the players. Namely, quality entertainment. Games, in general, are waste of time, but once we decide that we do want to waste some time on games, it is important that those are good games. Which makes it a meaningful endeavour to both create quality games and play them in a satisfactory manner.


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