The best AA ship in the game

You could see a bunch of battles where my Grozovoi shined.

In the weekend, I added more, despite I could barely play:

My point today is that Grozovoi – and not Minotaur, Worcester or Des Moines – is the best AA ship in the game, despite its on-paper air defense power is mere 47. Yet it can apply AA so much better than in an actual battle, so it kills more planes and win more games in a CV-heavy environment for the following reasons:

  • It can move to where the CV will strike: Grozovoi can freely roam the map, don’t have to care about giving broadside to battleships and such. Cruisers have to move according to cover. A DM sailing in open water won’t live long while spotted by planes.
  • It can switch sectors in 4 seconds and can turn fast, so enemy planes are practically always in the reinforced sector. You can’t do that with cruisers.
  • Has 4(+1 with superintendant) DefAA consumables, in a slot that can take nothing else.
  • It can be specialized to AA without becoming otherwise useless. Basic and Advanced Fire Training skills (3+4 pt) are next to useless to cruisers as they have bigger guns than 139 mm. However they are must-be skills for any Grozovoi. Its guns are fast and fast-turning, so it doesn’t become useless if it doesn’t take gun upgrades. (See no CV battle report at the bottom.)
  • It rarely faces a non-AA specced counterpart: an AA specced cruiser is hopeless against a gun-specced one and will face such in every battle. But other Grozovois are rare and facing other destroyers it’s not a big difference. A Shimakaze, Z or Yueyang dies just as easily to an AA Grozovoi as to a gun-specced. Harugumo kills them both. Gearing is the only one where spec makes difference
  • It brings a hopeless destroyer to the enemy: if you bring an AA cruiser, that’s +1 cruiser to the enemy team, due to matchmaking. Sure, it can be a Hindenburg, but those are rare nowadays. But there aren’t many AA destroyers, so if you bring one, that’s +1 rocket plane food to the enemy.
  • AA Grozovois are rare, so most CV players didn’t have to learn how deadly they are. I’m regularly focused by CVs due to being a lone little destroyer with no AA cover – in their dreams which are about to be shattered.
  • Other AA ships can actually be killed by a CV who is ready to waste planes. It doesn’t matter if you kill a squad if you eat the torps afterwards (picture from reddit). A Grozovoi can’t really be hit by torpedoes or dive bombs and can outheal the rockets. So a CV can spend all his planes killing you and you’ll still be fine.

If you don’t have an AA Grozovoi, it’s high time to get one!

PS: no CV game performance:

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