So this is how Worcester players felt on patch day!

I wrote how I will focus on ranked. Well, I got sucked away by an absolutely guilty pleasure:

There are two carriers in most games. AA is way too overpowered. This makes Grozovoi a stupidly overpowered ship. Like Worcester was for a week. Or Harugumo was … always. Not only it has very strong AA, it can switch sectors in 4 seconds and can evade most torpedoes and bombs, while it’s able to outheal rockets. Carriers have absolutely no chance against her. To make my situation even better, the big ships gather up for lemming trains, leaving large places of ocean for me. No one dares to sail alone, except me, as I can handle planes and enemy DDs (except Harugumo, but that goes without saying, that thing can 1v1 a cruiser). So day one goes in God mode for me. I only lose if there are no carriers, or I do something remarkably stupid, like trying to cap. Or… have 200K damage, 30+ plane kills and still lose due to moron lemmings:

I’ve tried out the new carriers, because they offer steel and coal as new ships. Bleh. Absolutely hideous twitch gameplay. A few games were enough to make my decision:

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7 thoughts on “So this is how Worcester players felt on patch day!”

  1. You could do very little anyway, you only win because the opposing non-AA DDs can do absolutely nothing.

    AA built Grozovoi has very little value outside of not dying to planes.


  2. @stawek: have you noticed the kraken at the last game? And me finishing in top 3 in most of the games with multiple ship kills?

    The real change is – as I wrote – that ships cluster up on one side of the map, giving the other side to me. There I can operate in impunity as ships aren’t there to shoot me and planes can be laughed at. What I can do with it?
    – cap
    – flank and kill the CV (most of my kills are CVs)
    – hunt down enemy DDs who are spotted and damaged by planes and unsupported by the lemmings far away
    – catch up with BBs and torp them
    – pop smoke, stop and shoot HE on BBs. They can’t blindshot a DD from 12+ km and there isn’t anyone near to radar me
    – simply present a target to the CV and if he’s dumb enough he thinks “hey lone DD is easier than 3 cruisers together”. Wrong. He could land some torps at the cruisers and immediately recall his planes to avoid further AA damage. Instead he’ll do no damage and lose all of his planes.


  3. You are playing against noob CVs. Once they learn you will be almost as useless as other DDs. Still better, as Grozovoi is generally better in CV games, but still barely relevant.


  4. Additionally, at this moment there is excess AA damage in high tiers. AA ships, like Minotaur, are able to completely shut down CVs. It’s reversed in lower towers, though, and CVs own the field easily.
    At least that’s what my clanmates report, and I have some really good CV players there.


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