Burn baby burn! (I was right #54312)

Susan Wojcicki is one of the most evil people on the planet, like Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros and Charles Koch. She is the head of Youtube and a mastermind of Orwellian censorship there. She was the main reason why I left Blogger.com. She literally said that they’ll work harder against content that does not violate any rules, just “controversial”.

It’s not just personal disagreement. I disagree with Huffington Post about everything (except the 20 funny tweets from X group posts, those are really funny), yet I believe they shouldn’t be censored. I believe Google is a dirty cheater and …

I believe a lawsuit should be ran against them claiming that they are responsible for all libel and copyright infringement happening on Youtube or Blogger or whatever site they own, because if the author is paid, disciplined or fired at pleasure of the company, he is an “employee” or “contractor” and not a “user”. If Google claims that “we are just a tech company carrying signal” then make them do that instead of exercising editorial control over the content.

Well, the European Union did just that (I was right again!) with the copyright directive known as article 13. And our dearest Susan is crying like she probably did in the Javits Center on the best day of 2016.

Her tears and pleads are music to my ears! Burn, baby, burn! I hope this directive will bring Youtube down, or at least forces them to leave from Europe, losing their ability to spread propaganda.

I also love how evil is defeated by another evil whose turf is violated. This case, it’s music and film publishing oligarchs got up in arms against Youtube and Youtube has no way to retreat. People don’t watch it for propaganda, they watch it for free music and films and the propaganda is just stuffed on it, like the ads next to the TV content. Without the ability to give stolen music and films, Youtube wouldn’t exist and couldn’t preach. It’s like Macron (who I hate) demanding European Army instead of the NATO (which I hate more). Whoever wins is a win for me.


PS: the single torpedo launch on Jervis + Uber-potato enemy CV is a great opportunity for a fun picture:

Author: Gevlon

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12 thoughts on “Burn baby burn! (I was right #54312)”

  1. Most likely Youtube and music etc industry will make an agreement that Yt pays them royalty like radio stations. Youtube would of course prefer the current situation and complains about potential changes.


  2. I didn’t think you’re that naive. Governments are and alweys will be a greater threat to freedom (of speach) then even the most evil company. No good will come from this. Youtube will pay a little, but they’re rich enough. There will never be a youtube competitor though. Mayby Wechat, which is another government entity.


  3. They can’t “just pay”, afaik article 13 means that they can be sued for whatever infriction happens on their platform.


  4. It is definitely a case of “the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend”. The EU is also trying to stifle any independent voices on the right with their war on fake news (fortunately they are too bureaucratic to be any good). A pox on both their houses.
    From what I have gathered Youtube suffers enormous losses (5+b$/year) that can only be sustained by profits from other parts of the Google empire. On top of various copyright infringement lawsuits Youtube should be targeted for monopoly abuse too.


  5. ” they watch it for free music and films”
    I don’t know.. I never watch any of that personally (maybe short clips of movies, at most) and almost all is original content from dedicated YT creators.
    YT isn’t necessary for music as Spotify and such provide a better service for very little money. Creators willingly post their videos on YT, too, for marketing, just like they’d do with radio.

    I don’t agree with people complaining “YouTube censored me and now I lost all my supporters”.
    If somebody loses all their audience due to YT ban (after they move to BitChute or similar) it means it wasn’t their audience in the first place. It was YT audience which just happened to choose them over other creators. They were using YT primarily and the specific creator secondarily.

    Compare it to selling butter in Walmart. If Walmart kicks me out and I lose sales, this only means that the Walmart customers didn’t really care about my brand of butter – not enough to walk to another shop for it.


  6. Freddo:
    “From what I have gathered Youtube suffers enormous losses (5+b$/year) that can only be sustained by profits from other parts of the Google empire.”

    Well, I’m sure the irony isn’t lost on you, but those ‘profits’ come from ad revenue, which are partially driven by YouTube. So yeah, one part of the empire operates at a loss so another can make more profit.

    So yeah, they’re a publisher that should be held responsible for all content, AND a monopoly.


  7. Youtube can obtain rights for almost all professionally published music from organizations representing musicians and music producers. The same is true for a large part of other professionally produced art. Dealing with moguls is a question of money.

    The hardest part to deal are stolen cat videos and other privately produced artworks. The level of compensation you need to pay if you publish a stolen video without knowing it’s stolen isn’t that high in Europe so personnel costs from dealing with private copyright holders might be a bigger issue than actual compensations paid.


  8. @Stawek: true, but irrelevant. The political propaganda is for not caring voters. I won’t convince a Huffpo writer and she won’t convince me. The battle is for six-pack Joe whose vote depends on what lie he heard last. By censoring, YT makes sure that all these not caring morons and slackers vote for Hillary and co.


  9. Where are you getting those idea about Youtube, if anything it’s the other way around youtube being the best prepared to introduce eu directive.

    article 13 was or to be more specific is still being, designed to combat media piracy. It requires every public carrier service, streaming/files/text etc. to implement a system that will easily flag and remove copyrighted material, then prevent reapperance of said material in the future. In case of not having said system, or not being able to remove/prevent reapperance of copyrighted material in reasonable time (?) carrier may be liable for damages. Additionally it requires public carrier to inform owner of the copyright about what was happpening to his content, while it’s/was avaible on service. Carrier have to provide an “easy to use” way for copyright owners to fingerprint )their content as theirs. The carier isn’t liable for damages for the illegal content that he wasn’t aware of.
    Sites that use public carrier excuse for hosting pirated media in this situation will be either closed or blocked on state level (well it depends on state implementation of directive but that’s the idea.). That means basically all illegal torrent/hosting/streaming sites.

    To put theory into practice:
    1. I created a new cartoon My Little Goblin. (MLG)
    2. Some people uploaded it on Streaming Site (SS)
    3. I go to SS and provide proof of ownership of MLG.
    4. I provide a copy of MLG so SS can create fingerprint. (so they know what MLG is)
    5. SS inform me who uploaded it, how many people watched it, etc.
    6 SS provide me an option of removal of MLG from their site. That means all existing copies and copies that will be uploaded later.
    7.SS can give me other options if it’s willing, for example it can remove only videos that have more than 5minutes of MLG cartoon in it so if anyone was doing review or parody could do it, or it can let me take adds money for videos of MLG uploaded by other users, or demonetize all MLG videos that aren’t mine…
    8 IF SS fails to provide me with “easily accessible” method of doing 3/4, or fails to do 5/6 in “reasonable” timeframe I can sue them for damages, I cannot sue them for having my content before I informed them about my right to it.

    Does this system sounds familiar?
    It should be, it’s based on Youtube ContentID system, that’s in place for some time already. So now everybody will have to implement one, with will be a huge cost, that only a big companies can handle. Spliting the market into tiny handpicking providers and big companies , with may be quite bad if you look at it. It does not mean that YouTube won’t lose money in the process especially early when they will be hit with thousands copyright claims, a stream of false positives, greedy nintendo like owners and trolls trying to copyright old unflagged content it just mean that all the other companies will lose more. It all can still change of course but you shouldn’t be worried about youtube failing in EU, but about pornhub closing down…

    ah and there are exceptions for non-profit educational sites like wikipedia in this version. (Previous one didn’t have that)


  10. @icarium: Youtube lives on the fact that copyright owners were unable to keep up with the insane amount of content created, most of them ripoffs of someone else’s owned content. Ergo, they can’t report it, so the pirate can make a few dimes and YT itself can make more by ads until the channel grows big enough to be noticed and reported.

    Now YT must find it by fingertips and remove them ALL or are liable for damages. So the millions of botted troll accounts that are anonymously spreading propaganda to niche audiences will be taken down for stealing niche content that they use to lure the niche audiences.

    So if totallynotbot starts an MLG related channel, where he shows copyrighted MLG comics while talking nonsense about Putin or Trump, YT is now bound to catch him, inform you about him and so you can tell them to take him down for abusing MLG.


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