Bad news Goon! There is no memory hole on the internet

A despicable Goon propagandist, after issuing a thinly veiled threat to me to not even think about returning to EVE, went on full gaslighting:

@Gevlon – Except, of course, you are mixing up the Fat Bee sticker being put on the monument and the vandalism. Also, since you were not actually in Iceland, that doesn’t seem like a very credible attempt to blame you for anything.

Basically, the only connection between you and Falcon is him saying he enjoyed reading your crazy conspiracy theories. Such a horrible threat!

For a moment, I looked puzzled. Sion admitted that Goons vandalized the monument, tried to frame me, then Falcon saved them when their plan failed. Hell, he bragged about it – again, as a form of threat to everyone who dares to cross them: look at us, Falcon protects us even from real world crimes.

Assuming simple mistake, I casually went to my own Don’t play EVE page and clicked the link of the Sion article, only to receive an error message on The page no longer exist.

Oh, silly me, they have moved to a new site, Imperium News Network. So I head over there, did a search for all articles of Sion. Found only one:

Then I’ve realized, that the whole thing was memory holed. The documents deleted and the propagandists are instructed to act like they never existed. Goons – again – did not vandalize the monument.

Too bad for them, the internet doesn’t forget. So I went to with the broken link and found both part 1 and part 2. I encourage you to read the whole thing, remembering that it was written by Sion Kumitomo, then second to Mittani, CSM member, on the then-official site of Goonswarm “”. But for the lazy, I copy-paste the interesting parts:

  1. On May 4th, 2014, the EVE monument in Reykjavik was vandalized
  2. I [Sion] talked with one of the Goonswarm members, who I’m going to call Wilford, about all the fun times he was having at Fanfest. Then he said, “I’m in a bit of a bind.” He said that he was around the monument with some of his friends at the time it got vandalized, stepped out to hit the restroom, and when he got back, one of the guys he was with bragged about having defaced Xenuria’s name.
  3. There were plenty of witnesses, it turned out. Not only did the perpetrator brag to his friends, but he bragged to others as well, as though he had committed some Great Good.
  4. CCP Falcon issued his amnesty statement. At this time, CCP had a pretty good set of leads, if not the name of the person directly involved. Meaning: Falcon offered amnesty, despite the perpetrators were already identified
  5. I [Sion] had tracked Donny … and he was reluctant to give me information as to what had happened because he didn’t want his friend to suffer at the hands of the alliance [Goonswarm] after he no doubt would suffer at the hands of CCP. I already knew who had done the deed (Of course Sion knew, Goons were bragging about it)
  6. Twitter user The_Real_Gevlon posted an image of Xenuria’s scratched-out name on EVE’s newly unveiled Worlds Within a World monument. “@Xenuria found your name and lost it again. #tweetfleet #eveonline #evefanfest You’re welcome, everyone in eve!”
  7. following Donny’s urging, their guilty friend had, after a fashion, stepped forward: “Person who defaced monument: Cookie is his first name in real life, I don’t know his last name or his character. He is in goonwaffe. I took the picture. My real name is [redacted]. Twitter Account: created as collaboration between myself, Cookie, Wilford , and Donny. I posted the tweet. Donny and I watched Cookie do the defacing. Wilford did not witness the defacing.”
  8. Following on the heels of the Fatbee sticker that got plastered on the monument, many assumed that this escalation was from the same source, from a member of Goonswarm. CCP Falcon, despite knowing full well that the vandalism was committed by a pair of Goonswarm members, apologized to Goonswarm for people wrongly accusing us. (Wrongly, hahaha)
  9. Most surprisingly of all, once CCP received payment for damages, they reversed all the permanent bans. All of them. Instead, the people named in Theo’s mail got a mixture of three- to six-month temporary bans, and the prohibitions on attending future EVE events was lifted. (translation: you can bump into these criminals in EVE gatherings) For that again, CCP Falcon was in large part responsible.
  10. CCP could have perma-banned everyone involved. They could have named names and given people a target to express their rage against. They could have straight up involved the police given all the witnesses, the confession, and forensic ISP evidence (this is particularly serious since in many countries crimes committed abroad land on your domestic record and can lead to travel restrictions). CCP could have been vindictive, public, and vicious. Instead, CCP protected the innocent, uninvolved members of Goonswarm. They made sure no one was arrested. They reversed the bans. They expressed their outrage that such an act could be committed by players, and they expressed gratitude that the playerbase as a whole would not stand for it. That kind of messaging is not an easy balance to strike, particularly in a volatile situation. That it was handled as well as it was is due in large part to the person targeted for blame in Hammer of the Gods.[CCP Falcon]

These were the words of Sion. This is what Goons try to memory hole now, since I refused to bend the knee when Falcon came after me (1, 2, 3 times), left the game instead. It never happened. Falcon isn’t the protector of Goons. Gevlon is just imagining things in his “outrageous lunacy, sheer tinfoil and unbelievably biased and unhinged craziness”.

Too bad that the internet doesn’t forget. You can’t erase the truth: Goons committed a crime with the intention to frame me with it and Falcon saved them from all consequences when it failed. Falcon is a pawn in the hand of Goons, ready to do anything for them, even outright criminal activity.

Author: Gevlon

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8 thoughts on “Bad news Goon! There is no memory hole on the internet”

  1. I honestly believe Falcon is a lot worse than “friend of goons” @Gevlon. If he was just friend of goons, it would imply he is just social caring for his “internet friends”, thats malevolent but something within boundaries of understanding.

    Meanwhile I would accuse Falcon for something far worse than croynism, that is protecting “content creators”. He genuily believe its in interest of CCP to protect big groups and their interest, because they provide “content”. Thats a lot more dangerous and vile than just supporting “friends”, because he can poison other people at company with this harmful ideology. Its basicly the difference between burglar that would like to ransack Tzar residency and communists calling for killing Tzar *and then* ransacking his residency.


  2. @Anon: then why did he attack me. I was a “content creator”, leading a 2K alliance into bloody war. He should have liked me.

    It is possible that he excuses his corruption towards CCP with such bullshit, but I’m sure he doesn’t mean it and just follows the money.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was surprised, really surprised by the venom and close mindedness of that blog writer. Hes as 100% totally committed that your insane and irrelevant as any foaming at the mouth sjw is that trump is an evil racist who is destroying america on behalf of putin. He doesnt even argue facts, he just uses ad hominem insults. Guess I’ll unsub him, pointless reading stuff from the closeminded, they never adapt or learn. Why do you keep reading him?


  4. @Nightgerbil: he is a propagandist. He doesn’t believe his bullshit anymore than the ad girl believes that the car she is posing with will make you cool. I don’t read him, I was bombarded with links. Goons are probably worried that I return, now that PA took over.


  5. Goons are probably worried that I return, now that PA took over.
    As long as falcon is there goons can sooth their fear in bromance security, trying to lobby the game into the ground.

    If ccp fanbois are to blind and rosetinted. good. that makes the fall harder and rises the chance to learn from it.

    I don’t play it anymore because I got my fill. And now with peralabyss as boss … this will become space-bdo with skimpy hullpaints and semi p2w cashshop (soon). So my interesst in the game just vanished.


  6. By “content creator” I meant big alliance blocs that enables RMT, thats why I put them into quotation marks.

    He dosent like you personally because your blog attacks his ideology, in his eyes only a group has value or meaning, while your actions in EVE and blogging has proven that an individual can make a difference.

    You were a haphazard element that needed to be deemed “crazy” because your data collection and analysis could endanger Falcon narrative of “CCP needs big alliances” if it grabbed attention of CCP higher-ups.


  7. It could be that CCP treated certain large player organizations as playable factions like NC-PL as an elite faction and Goons as a casual faction and R v B as ultra casual pvp-faction.


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