Those Warship scenarios are actually good for something

When there is no ranked season, I play random battles to collect the coal. If I have a camo and +XP signal (I have 100+, despite never buying them, they just come), getting 7-8K XP isn’t hard, meaning I can get all 3 crates in 6-7 games. I need the coal to buy +speed, +flood, +AA and -explosion signals. I have 80K, but I want more, just to be sure.

There are also two daily quests, needing 6 battles, 4 wins with increasing XP. They provide modest rewards, including coal and I already decided that they aren’t worth the extra work. I mean if I already have the 3 crates and have 2 wins missing, there is no point trying to get 2 more wins, because MM can say “nope” for 10 games, both in form of defeats and in 1299 XP wins.

I started doing scenarios (PvE battles) for the Royal Navy event, which consist quests for both rewards and progression to the next stage. Some of these quests send you to a scenario. Scenarios count into the daily quest too and I’ve never seen a defeat. Getting 1300 base XP is hard on some, but easy on the recent submarine scenario. So if I have just a few wins missing from the daily, I go to the scenario and do it. Easy win and reward for trivial work. It’s a dumb grind, but sometimes it is worth the effort.

The second ranked sprint didn’t even end, but it ended on the first day for me. So I don’t know when the next “real” ranked will start. But I stockpile the coal, because I’ll need it to properly deck out my Shima and Grozovoi.

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3 thoughts on “Those Warship scenarios are actually good for something”

  1. Do you still consider WoW as a project? I mean do you belive you can find some way to “brake” the game? I played it for a month and resigned, becouse IMO the only way to get good (like really good) in it is to “git good lol” and sadly Im too old to git good enough to compeate. To date pretty much all you’ve proven is that t5 carriers would be the way to go and I agree, but that’s not core gameplay in WoW. So what’s the plan now?


  2. @Artahm: assuming you mean World of Warships under “WoW”, I do. I doubt if I can “break it” like I did with PUBG, but a decent ranking out guide (get to top 1%) is probable.


  3. There are only 2 requirements to get “good” in WoWs.

    One is to know the mechanics of AP artillery shells and know how your ships overmatch or get overmatched by others. This is ship-specific and requires just checking out your armour layout and the available BBs artillery calibre. This pretty much disappears in high tiers where most armours and artillery are pretty much the same. You can also skip it like Goblin and play DDs only.
    The other, much more important part, is map awareness. You need to know where everybody is, how that affects them, how that affects their next moves and how to abuse it. You need to know where your unspotted enemies are, where and when the next torpedo wave is coming and what the enemies are likely to do next. This one takes a lot of practice to get the feel of other ship’s playstyles. It also requires decent IQ to begin with, I know people with 10k+ games who suicide in pretty much every game. Oh, and you have to stay aware of the whole map even while fighting outnumbered, aiming your guns and dodging torps, when enemies have 900 points and you’re at 10% HP.

    The “skill” in WoWs is not the twitch, fast reactions, super precise aim and 400APM of other games. Skill in WoWs is map awareness almost entirely. You’re not too old for it, the average age is 35 or so if I remember correctly from WGs data release.

    The best learning experience is playing IJN or KM cruisers. Just play the game and stay alive, you will get plenty of schooling when your ships explode after stupid mistakes. You can add some games in PA DDs.

    The best simple advice is to stay alive. Don’t take risks, don’t fight 1v1 unless your ship is much stronger, stay near enough your teammates to have support. Patience and careful planning win the game.

    You can’t “break” the game, really. PUBG was easy because there is an artificial ranking which most players ignore. In WoWs you can get high WR score by playing CV divisions but everybody knows it’s bullshit anyway. There are no cheats like this in ranked or clan battles. 67% Bogue is entirely unimpressive when I can get 88% in a Minekaze. The sprint seasons were just a test run for WG.

    The real “hack” is to play very, very safe. Take your time, stay with the team and punish the mistakes of overly aggressive enemies.


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