If all else fails, do as Gevlon told you in 2014

Nosy gamer reported that finally CCP did the sensible thing and stopped the grief-wardecs after they’ve found that only 4% of these wars have a defender side kill and most “defenders” just quit their corp or the game.

Their reasoning – as their representative told to Kotaku:

CCP has now stated that in EVE’s winter release, corporations that have not built a structure in space will no longer be a valid target for war declarations. This means that players who have formed social groups and have no interest in war nor capability to defend themselves will have a way to opt out of being targeted and hunted into extinction.

The funny thing is that this was my exact reasoning for the exact same solution 4 years ago.

Of course CCP weren’t drooling retards to be unable to see the obvious, especially that I spelled it out for them. They merely didn’t care, because the company wasn’t on the brink of death, so the devs cared more about the fun their “player” friends had than the amount of players and income the game lose over their griefing.

Finally, when the question re-emerged as “what can we do to save our jobs”, they “figured it out”. This is a shining proof of corruption and the lack of proper management from the top. The questions of today should have been asked 10 years ago by some top dog. But since they did not check on their minions, they were free to put their own little interest above the company’s.

What changed? Pearl Abyss took over and they are sure good in analyzing player retention. They probably sent some data analysts over who instantly pointed out how harmful highsec wars are (against non-structure owners) and demanded a solution.

So now, with new bosses, there is hope for EVE. Just as I predicted in 2016 by the way. Does that mean I’m considering returning? No. While the wardec fix is great and shows that PA is caring for the well-being of the game, it’s not enough. I have a special canary in the mine: the employment of CFC Falcon. As long as that stinking beacon of corruption is polluting EVE, I won’t touch it. Things can’t get really better as long as the management can’t even catch such blatant exploiter of the game.

And as usual, Goons aren’t shy to point this out. They proudly present their close connection to him and make sure to personally inform me about it, as a warning what if I’d dare to challenge them again, I still wouldn’t just face lots of players, but devs.

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “If all else fails, do as Gevlon told you in 2014”

  1. So long as Eve stays a ‘sandbox’ (And I mean that in the pejorative sense.) game slapped onto an RMT factory, I’ll continue to avoid it like the plague.

    Which is a shame, as the concept is good and there just aren’t any “space MMOs” to really play. This new change is a start, will have to wait and see what they do.


  2. Was surprised by the raw hostility over at Arcturus’s blog. You two really fell out huh?
    @ stawek I know kinda what you mean, I spent more time in my last 6 months of sub posting in the forums rather then logged in game. The forums were really fun. Only part of eve I miss.


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