Feeling the obvious

Gnomecore and Syp wrote very similar posts: Battle for Azeroth is bad because lack of feeling of progression.

While Blizzard did some ridiculously bad choices like scaling mobs to contribute to this feeling, the thing is that progression was missing from the game since WotLK. In BC you could grow your power compared to the world and the “noobs” during the expansion and got reseted only on new expansion day. In WotLK it was every patch with catchup mechanisms, so you couldn’t really outgrow the others or the new content.

I started to lose interest in the game and finally quit it. Or – as I use to say – I didn’t quit but play optimally: the easiest way to get gearscore X is to wait until it becomes catch-up.

Now the truth caught on these bloggers and others, my comment is merely “what took you so long”? Maybe Blizzard did better job concealing the lack of progress and you didn’t care about the reality till the feeling was there? Or nostalgia ran out?

This is why it’s important to rationally evaluate systems and leave when you see it’s broken and not when the collapse reaches you. Of course I’m not innocent of lingering, I kept playing EVE half year after Falcon made it clear that I shouldn’t. But me being guilty in the same thing doesn’t make it less wrong. WoW lacked “real” progression (compared to the existing content and the average player) long ago.

Author: Gevlon

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6 thoughts on “Feeling the obvious”

  1. How did you come to your conclusion from those two sources?

    Gnomecore is literally complaining that the choices for progressing gear outside of raids are not appealing enough. They lament the lack of systems like the Farm and Garrison are not included in BfA, and then mention the lack of progressing storyline. This whole post is contradictory to your “You must complete and be fully geared from raid N to complete N+1” mentality.

    Syp straight up says I cannot be bothered to complete time consuming or difficult content so I am quitting.

    How would limiting gear to a linear structure solve this?


  2. There were four months inbetween patches back in Wrath. That’s a perfectly satisfying amount of time to strut around with your best-in-slot, or for a struggling guild to acquire enough gear to get over the finish line. In BfA, you will never have BiS gear, never be “done” within a patch cycle, and could have alts with higher GearScore than your main because of dice rolls. It’s a fundamentally different thing.

    By the way, it was TBC that introduced catch-up mechanisms. Patch 2.4 introduced a 5-man dungeon that gave raid-level drops. The entire expansion had PvP gear that was just as good (or only slightly worse) than the raid tier it was released in. People farmed Kara for badges. And so on. It happened towards the end of the expansion, but it started in TBC.


  3. I think the message is missed in my case, maybe I’ve explained not clear enough.

    1. First of all, I don’t think the expansion overall is bad – on the contrary, I’m enjoying it.
    2. My point is that we got used to other-than-gear systems throughout the past expansions. BfA versions went out raw, unpolished, but I definitely see a room for improvement. Mission table became perfect only at its 4th iteration (un-obligatory addtition rather than a chore), so we may see more from warfronts and expeditions.
    3. And content today is not scarce to me – not on this stage. On the contrary, I’m relaxing from Legion’s constant farming, and I’ve even cut my alt roster by half (that’s not what you do when you don’t have enough content – you roll more alts). I have my usual goals of tmog and reputations – and these two do have a feeling of progress 🙂 We’ll see what comes next.


  4. Why is it so important to “progress” your character! I’ve never understood that.

    I play games to a) experience content and b) defeat challenges. Waiting for gearscore X simply removes b) (there is no challenge if you overgear it) and reduces everything to a). Waiting will let you sub for a month and access all content, I guess, but you’ll miss the interesting part.


  5. Yeah, but why is gearscore/ilvl the metric, and not boss kills. The world first race is about first to clearing a boss, not about having the highest ilvl. By waiting, you’re just forfeiting the race.


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