Weekend minipost: citadel

The “Royal Navy” event in World of Warships give out useful rewards for trivial tasks. Well, it used to. Now the tasks became bizarre:

The 7 stars looks easy enough (2 PvE matches), but this week the active one is the Haloween mission which is Tier 3 and this task requires Tier 5+ ships. The non-active missions needs a division for some bizarre reason, so this task is not doable.

Getting one Defended or Captured is also trivial, but you have to do it in a Cossack ship, which cannot be researched or even purchased in the shop. Well done!

All that’s I’m left with is getting citadel hits, which means hitting the ship on its most armored part and penetrating that armor. Which is easy if you play battleships, not so much if all your ships are destroyers. How am I supposed to do this..


Author: Gevlon

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3 thoughts on “Weekend minipost: citadel”

  1. As a matter of fact, you can purchase a Cossack right now. The coins you purchase it with are available in the game shop. It was always the developers’ intention to make players farm some guineas in the game and then purchase the rest (you can’t farm its full price during the event).


  2. Cossack is available in the Royal Navy Arsenal for 50 guineas and in the premium shop you can buy both the Cossack (as part of a package) and guineas. But if you were planning to get a Cossack it would have been best to buy one at the start of the event I guess. Now you would miss out on a lot of rewards that you could have had.


  3. @Raziel Walker
    Not really, most of the earlier stages required any British destroyer, and if you spent any serious time in the game, you could have at least one at the middle of the first week (the missions that rewarded them dropped pretty often from the chests).


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