This is absolutely not how you fit a Grozovoi

Grozovoi is a gunboat destroyer, kind of light cruiser in World of Warships. It has bad concealment, horrible torpedoes (I managed to not sink a Yamato from point blank range, all torpedoes hit), slow turning and large size (easy to hit). It has good guns, but worse than both Khabarovsk and Harugumo, which are smaller, more agile and the latter has good torpedoes. No wonder it’s unpopular: only 1.2% of the ranked play was in Grozovoi (Shimakaze has 11%). In randoms it is the second least popular among T10 destroyers, but the least popular is the recently added Harugumo, which will soon surpass it.

It’s a bad ship, why do I play it? Because it has one very good use: it is the only destroyer with decent air defense and the DefAA consumable. This consumable not only increases its already good air defense by 300% for 30 seconds (36 with upgrade), but also decreases the accuracy of nearby attack planes, making them do very little damage.

In random battles, you press the queue button, you get pulled into a game with either carriers or not. Mostly not and then the specialty of Grozovoi is pretty much useless. However ranked battles fill up slowly, letting you dodge queue. The queue lists how many destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers are in the queue. If there are 8 destroyers (4 on both sides) then maybe it’s a good idea not to play with your Shimakaze. However if you see 2 carriers waiting for a game, it’s a great idea not only to unlist the Shima, but to list with the Grozovoi.

The current carrier game meta is obnoxious: stay in a lemming train, attack the enemy head on and hope that “skillz” carry you. If you leave the lemming train, you are easy target for the enemy carrier who constantly look for targets outside of the DefAA bubble of the popular Worchesters. Except if you are in an AA-specced Grozovoi, because then you can sail wherever you please, mostly to capture a point, getting advantage to your team and to get to the back and kill the enemy carrier. He can’t do much against you, because DefAA gives a sure survival against the first attack and decimate his planes. You can survive the next attack using your smoke which doesn’t let him see where you are. You can just lay a big smoke field when you expect the enemy carrier to attack you (about 90 seconds after the first attack) and just sit somewhere in it until DefAA comes back. He can drop torpedoes into the smoke randomly, but the smoke is much bigger than you, so it’s a bad gamble.

I played 8 games with Grozovoi last season with stellar results:


The comparisons are to all ranked Grozovoi users and the top 5%. Please note how my damage was half of the average user and I sank 1/3 as many ships. This discrepancy comes from Grozovois usually fighting low HP enemy destroyers. But I killed 50% more planes than the top 5% (10x more than the average), showing that my ship excelled in the role I gave it. Unfortunately 8 games are too few to evaluate winrate, but next season it’ll be more.

Back then I had mere 13 points on my captain, because I used leftover “elite commander XP”. In the meantime I was busy and my captain is now maxed out. Guess what, this isn’t how people fit their Grozovois:

This ship is utterly unable to do anything but carry in ranked carrier games. Everything, even concealment is sacrificed for AA defense. I put my last 3 points into more HE fire chance. This is for two reasons: the lesser is to be able to engage battleships from long range while behind an island, smoke or simply when it’s aiming somewhere else. But the most important is to set the enemy carrier on fire when engaged. When you do so, the carrier will be close and will see you, ergo, it can rotate its airplanes against you fast. As soon as you run out of DefAA, you’ll be vulnerable to planes. You’ll still kill some of them, but the remaining can crossdrop and kill you. Except if they can only take off slowly from the burning plane – or not at all if the appropriate skill isn’t taken and it’s usually not.

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18 thoughts on “This is absolutely not how you fit a Grozovoi”

  1. Why is it bad to play a shimikaze with 8 destroyers?

    (still playing my kagero)

    Also: Once you have a t10 destroyer, do you ever play a lower tier one, (Exclude ranking seasons, there you HAVE to play the tiers they say)


  2. @Phil: because Shima has the best torpedoes and the worst guns. Destroyers are the best in avoiding torpedoes, so Shima vs any other destroyer = dead Shima.

    Shima shines against enemy battleships and careless cruisers.


  3. This strat is worthless.

    1. Spot DD, sneak drop in pull def AA, run, drop 40 sec later.

    2. Drop the main target in ranked – desmo, moskwa, zao etc instead and use torps to pull def aa only

    3. Spot grozo, ping it and ask one of the cruisers to pull back and deal wirh you permaspotted.

    4. Meanwhile, your team probably follows you half. Tries to give you aircover half. And does not have spotting advantage against YY, gearing or shima torps in front of the push. Slaughtering shima is possible this way.

    I don’t get why you are spending
    tons of time, ressources and scope to a topic thats not existing?

    You wont change the game in a grozo vs dds. That’s done by the number of woosters and minos per side. Plus skill of CV. You don’t matter there in a Dd. The same issu you have with the shima: you picked the worst dd for ranked. The fact that you ranked out does not proof differently. You just learned one ship – by far the easiest destroyer. But you stick to it due to stubbornness.


  4. @Chewiecide: except it works. It worked 8/8 times. It worked even in the 2 games I lost. In one the friendly carrier managed to sail into the middle of the map, in the other we ran out of points when I killed half of the enemy carrier.

    1: A full AA specced Grozovoi has 8km primary AA range and 6 km full AA range. I won’t fire DefAA until the enemy torp bombers are in drop position. As long as they are just near, or even behind/ahead, I just keep shooting them. If they come in drop range and I activate DefAA, they won’t be leaving alive, so won’t drop 40 seconds later. Dive bombers can’t hit a destroyer and even if they do, they do minimal damage (AP bombs overpenetrate).

    2: What he does with the main fleet is not my problem, the cruisers and the CV should handle it.

    3: Please, permaspot me! Lose a fighter squad every 30 seconds.

    4: I can’t fix stupid. If my team is retarded, we are lost anyway.

    You still try to ignore results. 75% winrate with a ship I never played before and a 13pt captain is pretty nice.


  5. @Chewiecide
    “You won’t change the game in a Grozo vs dds” is wrong. You will make more difference than a Worcester because the enemies have one too. It all cancels out, usually. But DDs are so vulnerable to carriers that the difference of having and not having a Grozovoi is game breaking.

    This is just massive overkill and it rests on a flawed assumption that you can actually kill a carrier. You can only do it if he’s bad enough to not spot you while you’re sneaking up on him. Once he does any DD or cruiser can easily protect him. And if he’s so bad he lets you kill him, you were going to win anyway…
    What’s even worse, the normally completely useless enemy DDs now have a job – they can stay with CV to protect it from you. Which will take them away from enemy planes and potentially save them from their own mistakes.
    If you only dropped the +20% AA captain perk you’d have the points to take concealment and Adrenaline Rush, which would produce a fully operational ship, capable of doing all the DD jobs. The power of Grozovoi comes from the fact that its AA is free. Range boost works on the main guns and would be taken anyway, the AA modules are in slots that don’t have anything very useful anyway (apart from gun reload). For comparison, Gearing has to lose speed boost and pick a completely useless gun range (as the guns won’t be able to hit anything beyond 10km anyway).
    Grozovoi guns are the best DD guns in the game. They have the best arcs, capable of reliably hitting at long ranges, including DDs. It just has fewer of them compared to Khaba or Haugumo. It will lose brawls against all other DDs. But it will win in the long, kiting match or in a series of short encounters where both parties immediately kite away after spotting (due to the effective range of the guns and HP advantage from heal).

    You can’t use Grozovoi to its full potential because you have no clue how to play it. What’s the point of being immune to CVs when you’re still just as useless as other DDs?


  6. It still does not work. Simply the player base of cvs is way too small and the game is dependent on relative cv skill 1n1 and cruiser AA. You are totally overreacting in trying to “fix” it. Just playing the queue and not starting when a cv is in would have been way more effective – ranking out earlier by time needed to train captains, ships etc.

    Your strat is: play 2-3 or even more hours a day and rank out. Get several 19pt ships to adopt to enemy fleet. That’s nothing new nor even valuable compared to other guides. I still don’t get what you want to prove?


  7. @Stawek: the +20% AA damage perk also gives +10% gun reload.

    Enemy DDs might chase me down, but then they are both vulnerable to our CV and the Grozo guns. Enemy CV can only spot me at the cost of his planes.

    The main goal is having another point. The typical way of CV games is we have B, they have C, everyone fights over A. Now we have both B and C and they must push to have A and they are still behind in points. The other goal is to force the CV to defend itself. Every time it drops on me it’s not dropping on a battleship.

    I have no intention to use the Grozovoi against anything but CVs, because Shima is so much better in non-CV games.


  8. The 10% gun reload is not worth the concealment. Sure, CV can’t perma spot you. But now every enemy DD has 1km spotting advantage so they can do it with ease. You traded cholera for typhus.

    You don’t have to carry CV games. Other DDs are completely useless, whatever support you can offer your team will be critical.

    You are still fishing for cheap tricks to abuse meta. You’re still failing at it.


  9. @Stawek: other DDs can eat their spotting advantage, because they become visible when they shoot. If they don’t shoot, just spot, they need someone to shoot. So now we need 2 enemy ships outside of the defensive AA bubble (you can’t hit a Grozovoi with 20+km salvos)

    The reason why I should carry instead of supporting my team is that if the teams have some DefAA ships (everyone has Worchesters) and everyone is in blobs, then both CVs are useless anyway as they can’t reasonably drop. +1 DefAA won’t make difference. But taking a point and forcing enemy ships to leave the blob or risking the CV does make difference.


  10. You probably already know this but the next Ranked “season” seems to be different than the previous. I just started playing so I’m not sure if it has been done this way before or not but its going to be divided up into two short seasons all with Tier V ships.

    I’m curious to know if you are going to still be playing torpedo boats mainly or trying something different like this Grozovoi from last season?


  11. This is totally different. Just a ranked sprint tuned for newbies. For experienced Players the Rewards is on the level of a weekly event.


  12. You can play but the results will be meaningless. With so few games and only 2 brackets it will be a huge sealclubbing fest.


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