The siren song of rewards

The World of Warships ranked season has ended and I’m doomed to refill my signal reserves. “Signals” are 1-game buffs that are practically mandatory for ranked play. Not all of them of course, just a few. For Shimakaze the +5% speed, the +15% flood chance and no detonation ones are absolute must. They are pretty expensive (8000, 4800 and 6400 “coal” resource for 20 of them).

Sometimes I get lucky and receive some for achievements, but it’s greatly situational. There are also events, like the current “Royal Navy”, which gives out tokens that can be used to buy these.

But the main source is coal, and coal comes from two “daily quests”:

The first needs you to collect some XP. That’s pretty easy if you have premium and +XP camo. “Pay to win” if you want to call it, but it’s in the range of $15/month, so it would be an overstatement. Every container has 400 or 800 coal.

The other is two consecutive literal daily quests. The first is trivial. The second needs you to win 3 games, with 1100, 1200, 1300 base XP. That wasn’t a problem with Shima. 50% winrate means 6 games on average. Of course Murphy says that you win in a row when you have lot of time and you lose in a row when you have time only for a few games. But now I’m maxing out the captain of my Grozovoi. I was very pleased with its performance in ranked against CVs and want to use it next season. However an AA specced Grozovoi doesn’t perform well in randoms. Ergo, winning with 1200+ base XP is rare. So I must play a lot to complete this quest.

However, do I really need that 200 coal?! Is it worth doing randoms after the third box is already gained? No. This is the message: you don’t have to complete every daily quest and get every damn reward. You can just do those that are efficient and leave the rest. My time is worth more than 200 coal.

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9 thoughts on “The siren song of rewards”

  1. I’ve been using full 8 signals on every Ranked game in the last 5 seasons and every Clan Battle in the 3 seasons. I still have hundreds left and I never bought them for neither real or in-game currency.

    Daily containers can give you a lot of signals (I pick “try your luck” for an extra chance of a supercontainer myself).


  2. @Stawek: I play only for 4 months and my last season meant burning 600 set of signals. If I’d ranked out in 200 games, I wouldn’t have this problem.


  3. I played some 200 clan battles between the seasons in the same ship as my Ranked, using the same signals.
    Once you get your battle number down to a reasonable level you won’t have this problem again, signals are plentiful enough. They aren’t all that very strong, either.

    You should consider playing non-aa spec Grozovoi to learn it and use it in place of Shima for all games. It’s a very good ship on its own and doesn’t need AA spec to be air-strike-resistant. DFAA on its own gives it some 600 AA DPM. You can increase it to 1000 with all the other boosts but then you are losing many important things.


  4. @Stawek: Grozovoi has 6km minimum spot range. It’s huge, easy to hit by cruisers. It can’t dodge torpedoes due to slow turning. It has crap torpedoes.

    Sure it HAD good guns, but Khabarovsk is better to farm BBs and Harugumo is better in … everything (concealment, torps, maneuvering, size, gunnery). The ship is completely redundant in non-CV battles.

    In CV battles is absolutely shines because it can leave the lemming train and sail alone and cap or chase the enemy CV because it can defend itself against CVs. It has no other use.


  5. This is your lack of experience speaking.

    It has no other use for you cause you can’t even see where this ship shines. It has the best DD guns in the game, but the worst torpedoes, yet you managed to kill more ships with torps than artillery. You also have insane 12% hit rate with torpedoes, meaning you use them at point blank range only, probably when you get rushed down in smoke. Which is also when you eat all those torps that it “can’t dodge”. Sure, dodging is a bit hard when you sit still.

    You can have nearly the same AA values in a Gearing, packaged with impressive torps, better concealment and maneuverability. It doesn’t synergize as well with AA build but you’re not using those synergies on Grozovoi anyway.

    I think in the current meta Grozovoi may be the best DD in the game. It is simply the most resilient and flexible of all DDs, it doesn’t get shut down by CVs nor Worcesters, it can pick a fight with YYs and Harugumos. However, stats aren’t reliable because it is the hardest DD to play and the averages are heavily skewed by people using it in CV divisions.


  6. I started playing like two weeks ago and I was wandering what is the best bonus for me. Since I am not paying, I assume trying extra luck for a chance to get doubloons/premium might be the best option. I guess the chance is like 5-10%. I only got maybe 2 so far and it was some garbage anyway.
    Its funny how everything in this game is designed to make you pay, lol.


  7. @Stawek: this was true until Harugumo came, that is better in everything except AA.

    Grozovoi has 10km torps, so it cannot be used any other way than point blank range. I usually don’t use them when I’m rushed in smoke, but I rush battleships from behind an island.

    Finally, I’m happy with my Shima, but I want to do something with those pesky CVs, that’s why the Grozovoi is there. I won’t use it anywhere lese.

    @Anon: pay subscription, don’t be cheap.


  8. You have base 2% chance for a supercontainer and +50% for Try Your Luck. That’s roughly 1 SC per month if you get them all every day. I only take them because I don’t need anything else, otherwise, they aren’t good at all.

    Harugumo has better DPM but it has to be concealed and close to target to use it. This means sitting in smoke. This means you can’t do it if there’s a radar ship nearby, you can’t do it if there are DDs nearby and you can’t do it if there’s a CV (as it can kill you with torps in smoke, aiming for gun flashes) and you can’t do it if there is nobody to spot for you.
    Grozovoi can shoot for the entire game because it has 14km effective gun range and good 10km effective range against DDs. It also has the second-best health pool after Khaba and doesn’t rely on smokes, meaning those can be donated to friendly cruisers. Oh, and 10km torps are nowhere near “point blank” range.

    You can’t dismiss something just because you don’t know how to use it.


  9. @Stawek: Harugumos attack openly and win against any destroyer, losing half of their HP. Grozovoi can take potshots from 13km hoping for a fire, true, but as soon as the enemy rapid firing cruisers turn on it, it must disengage, usually losing 1/3 HP for 10K damage on some battleship. The only thing Grozovoi is good at is sitting in smoke and setting everything on fire from 14km, but Khabarovsk does that better and it’s much harder to hit.

    I’m not particularly interested in gold ships, so supercontainers are meh for me.


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