Let’s laugh on Aeternus gaming!

Aeternus wrote: “Unfortunately I’ve not been able to get myself motivated enough to join the gym again. I’m just way too insecure right now and I’m scared that if I go people will laugh at me. Instead I’m opting to cancel my gym membership for the time being and start/continue working out at home.”

This is hilarious. Refusing to go to the gym, because people might laugh. This is the most openly social thing I’ve seen in gaming blogs for years. (let’s not count the crazies who babble about white privilege and patriarchy, luckily they haven’t infiltrated gaming).

What the hell happens if they laugh? Will the ceiling collapse? Will you be outcast from the gym? (it’s more likely that the management tells them to cut it our get out, because scaring off non-fit people is the worst thing that can happen to a gym). What magic power do their laughter holds?

But even better, we are laughing on your social weakness now! Believing in lizard people because Alex Jones told you so couldn’t make you more ridiculous than confessing fear of being laughed at in the gym.

And we will keep laughing until you go back to the gym! Checkmate! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Seriously. Please people, don’t give a damn what total strangers who have zero effect on your life think of you. I receive a “kill urself nigger faggot” several times a week and I’m still here. Other people’s opinion isn’t real danger. We aren’t living in an ape horde where the “bad opinion” meant that the other ape will jump on you to bite you. They can be safely ignored.


PS: playing destroyers in random CV game is so frustrating. You get a retarded CV and there is nothing you can do:

Author: Gevlon

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8 thoughts on “Let’s laugh on Aeternus gaming!”

  1. > (let’s not count the crazies who babble about white privilege and patriarchy, luckily they haven’t infiltrated gaming)

    I guess you, uh, missed that little thing they call “gamergate”?


  2. Why?
    Exercise at home is just as good as in the gym, especially if it’s for weight loss purpose. Professionals need equipment to target specific muscles, fatties can just do some sit ups, push ups and go for a walk.

    If you think you can change his mind by doing so you are ignoring the reality. People can shake off their phobias by voluntary and phased exposure. You can’t bully somebody into not being socially anxious.


  3. “We aren’t living in an ape horde where the “bad opinion” meant that the other ape will jump on you to bite you. “

    Have you completely missed the social media crazies that will go on witch hunts for things you said 20 years ago, to get you fired, prosecuted or whatever? You could say that it does not affect the average person doing his thing, but then again Count Dankula was an average guy that got sentenced in court for teaching a dog to do a nazi salute as a prank.


  4. This makes me believe that he either never went to the gym once or he found the worst gym ever.
    I’ve been going to the gym for many years and I’ve yet to see anyone getting laughed at for being fat there.

    This may actually be THE place you are the least likely to be laughed at:
    – There’s some ex-fatty who know what you are going through (and they are often offering advices to help you get started)
    -Ther’s some fatty who will glance at you and think that they are not alone.
    – There’s the gym-bros, too busy counting their reps to even notice you.
    – And all the inbetween, busy chasing their goal body and who could’nt care less about another gym-goer.

    It just looks like an excuse not to move his ass. Training to get in shape takes discipline, you need a routine. As a beginner he should keep going to the gym to learn that before doing it at home.

    But hey, it’s his life and his body.


  5. grav: don’t expect logic from anxiety issues. He may or may not be just lazy but we don’t have the data to judge it.


  6. Literally the only time I have seen someone laughed at at the gym was when they came in, did one rep (poorly) and then chickened out and left. And then the laughing was only after he was gone.

    No one laughs at the gym. The kind of people who laugh don’t go to gyms.


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