Could it be skill that I ranked out?

Stawek accused me of ranking out only because of skill. His point is that I have lot of practice with the Shimakaze, I simply became a good Shima player, that combined with lot of grinding results win in mostly every game.

To evaluate this, I separated the games into 7 groups and calculated the winrate and my position in the XP table (1 being top earner and 7 being bottom). XP table is designed to measure skill by the developers and the top XP earner on the losing team saves his star:

My position on won and lost games is somewhat different. In all, but the ranking out segment, I got better position when I won than when I lost. My overall position got better over time (the first group includes the 11+ bracket which has bad players in it). These indicate that my skill increased and also that I won the games where I expressed better skill.

However in my best group, the one I actually ranked out, I won games where I was “less skilled”, which would indicate better meta or strategy. I used Grozovoi for carrier games with 6/8 wins. My Grozovoi never earned good XP, because it barely did damage to enemy ships. Its job was to flank, capture undefended points (in carrier games the teams stick together at one point) and to waste the time and planes of enemy carriers. I also put back the 20km torpedoes which are best not to do damage, but to force distant battleships to emergency turn, losing DPS and showing vulnerable side to our battleships.

Winrate correlated properly with position (=skill). The better my position was in a group of games, the better the winrate. However the correlation was weak.

So there is definitely something in Stawek’s claim, and this is why I didn’t post any strategy guide: because I’m unsure if my strategy really works, or simply I was stumbling around the map aimlessly and won only because I did well in random encounters. We’ll see in next season.

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6 thoughts on “Could it be skill that I ranked out?”

  1. Once again you make utterly flawed assumptions. Tracking the xp positioning per se is just measuring of “how much measurable impact could I bring into the game, compared to others.”

    Its a known issue that WG weighs %dmg done too much compared to core dd rules like spotting dmf, map control, blocking LoS due to smoke and capping. Additionally, you found it already by yourself: your XP is influenced by enemies team composition. CV vs. Non CV, 3 DDs vs none, 3 radars vs none = heavy impact on your XP.

    Smart meta from a lot of unicums to rank out faster: change to cruiser in top tier bracket.

    Adapting properly to all these external influences is skill. Not the xp value.


  2. @Chewiecide: XP is flawed but that’s all we have. Even if some activities are undervalued, you can compare your XP to your own past XP.

    “change to cruiser in top tier bracket” looks pretty dumb, because the enemy also gets a cruiser, piloted by a top tier bracket player. Why exactly that helps?


  3. Cruiser helps because the correlation between your own play and winrate is stronger = high impact ship vs low impact ship.

    You did not compare your own xp development but your position. You could easily just have been in worse or better teams?

    Additionally with Shima 20km you could argue that an enemy player HAS to make a mistake to eat torps, e.g straight line sailing or not adopting island positions when a DD flanks. Thus your overall xp and position is heavily dependent on enemy team composition and skill, too.


  4. XP depends a lot on enemy composition and playstyle. My YY was doing 2k average XP in lower brackets and off peak by murdering all those silly Shimas, but against skilled opponents I was reduced to spotting and distance torping. I just didn’t have the advantage against other YYs or, even worse, Harugumos. I was winning by better teamplay, which simply meant staying closer to my cruisers, and smart capping. Most DD players don’t have the patience to just do nothing and wait for a better opportunity 🙂

    Cruisers have more impact on the game in the top rank because the games were saturated with radars. DDs struggled to get XP. Of course, with fewer DDs the remaining ones were even more important and the ability to deal with radars was paramount. Having a cruiser doesn’t help your team as such (because the enemies also get a cruiser) but it helps you to have more impact. If you’re good then increasing your impact is good (you hope that the enemy cruisers isn’t as skilled) and increases the chance of saving stars.

    As for having more XP on the losing side, it is easily explained by your ship. Torps work best against opponents attacking you. Fleeing enemies can’t really be torped with good success. The enemies also get impatient and careless when they are obviously winning, which is the biggest problem of the star saving. A BB that stays in spawn, useless all game but alive, is guaranteed a lot of XP at the end of the game when the enemies zerg him carelessly.
    Towards the end it changed because eventually you became better than the playfield and actually carried sometimes. When you’re the better player in your team you have to actually do something useful for you all to win. The guys behind you won’t carry.


  5. Here’s the real question: Since you ranked out (Are you planning on getting a Black with your Iron?) what are you going to play until next season?

    Please don’t say Eve. I love playing games while you play them… and I couldn’t stand playing Eve again.


  6. @Phil: I already spent most of my steel on coal conversion to buy signals on the long-stretched season. So between seasons I’ll refill my coal stockpiles and max out the anti-CV Grozovoi.


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