Culture is downstream of economy

Philosophy post warning!

At the beginning of the 2000’s, – like most people – I was sure that history is on a largely linear track. While I didn’t believe in “the end of the history” per se, I was sure that any changes will happen gradually and for the benefit of all, like the industrial revolution slowly replacing feudalism with capitalism.

I was completely sure that the time of backtracks is over. There won’t be anything like Nazis or communists in my time or ever: an ideology that makes the World significantly worse than it was before, because sure the Weimar Germany wasn’t the best of places, but was heaven compared to the Nazi Germany and its World War 2.

I wanted to contribute to this slow and steady improvement by showing young people the value of trading and the workings of capitalism trough the video games we play. I wanted to show them how investing, buying/reselling works in an overly simplified setting.

Fast forward almost two decades and the World was on the brink of a nuclear exchange. Crazies in large numbers roam our streets babbling about white privilege and patriarchy and demanding to punish those who were born white or male, like the Nazis wanted to punish anyone who was born Jewish, even if he had nothing to do with the religion or culture. And they are not some fringe crazies like a few dozen neo-Nazis we always had. These lunatics could implement similar policies in university admissions and hiring what the Nazis did in the early 30’s. Back then you couldn’t admit more Jews than the quota, now you have a limit on whites (and recently, Asians). Then came censorship, first in the form of peer pressure (yelling), then in formal bans on “hate speech” (anything the crazies didn’t like). Then came the migrants: uneducated, unskilled masses, the underclass of third world countries was welcomed with open arms by the crazies because they were not white.

In less then a decade my dream of a steady growing society turned into a time travel into 30’s Germany or 50’s Soviet Block.


I don’t believe in conspiracies, magic, voodoo, evil spirits or anything like that. But I was completely unable to explain where these lunatics came from in huge numbers.

The answer came quite randomly, like a lightning strike, when I was watching a chart showing how median wage doubled in 8 years in Hungary and was so glad that I live here, sheltered from all this madness. These people went mad in the West, because the 2008 crisis and the horrible “recovery” took away their hope. These blue haired lunatics rightfully believed that their future is screwed. That they will never earn as much as their parents did at the same age. That they will never go to college like their parents, or if they do, they’ll never repay the student loan. That they will never have a decent home, with a family in it they can support.

Their reaction was of course maladaptive and childish, but exactly what psychologists would predict: anger and rejection. They hated those who had what they’ll never have. They identified them as “straight white males” for some reason, probably because the old culture placed straight white males to the visible positions. They believed that if they defeat those who have, they can take for themselves. They also rejected what they couldn’t have, as a coping mechanism: “I don’t want a home and a job and a wife and kids because I’m genderfluid and woke and I’m above these patriarchal systems”.

This isn’t new: Nazis grew from the desperation of the Germans coming from the lost WW1 and the unfair peace treaty. Communism grew from starving workers and peasants in Russia where classic feudalism was still alive. Desperate people easily turn into lunatics if someone tells them that the lunacy will provide.

This revelation fills me with peace I long wanted. As the economy fixes, as the record low unemployment gives jobs and decent salary to the people, these crazies will disappear as they came. One by one they’ll get a job and with it hope that their life won’t be horrible. They will put down their pink hair, their pronouns and their crazy signs, they’ll find someone to love, they’ll get a home, start a family. Their craziness will vanish, like the hippies vanished when they were no longer sent to die in Vietnam and they could get jobs instead.

Culture is downstream from economy. If the economy goes well, people get ahead and adapt views that upkeep the system that provides to them. If the economy malfunctions and people are desperate, they’ll join subcultures that demand radical changes and turn these fringe groups into powerful ones. This of course can create a vicious cycle, just like the recovery was so bad in the USA, because the crazies elected a dumb community organizer just because he was black. But the cycle is now broken, both in the USA and in Europe. Those who still had something or at least had their hopes voted for leaders who returned to simple capitalism and the ideas that were common sense just 2 decades ago (like you can’t walk over the border as you please; or the statement of the young aide of the governor of Galifornia).

The economy is rapidly recovering. Soon nothing will be left from the blue haired crazies just some shameful internet posts that they’ll desperately try to delete before their kids reach teen-age and could learn that mom was demanding death to all men and dad identified as a demiboy and told that having kids is white privilege.

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  1. There is no “economic recovery” when the benefits get siphoned to the top. Full employment? Great… and real wages have dropped 0.2% in the last year. The same year the DOW is up 7,000 points and GDP grew 4%. News is filled with CEOs whining about not being able to fill positions with certified applicants, but never once does “pay higher wage to attract talent” become a part of the conversation.

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  2. “Culture is human biology applied to a particular environment”, and human biology remains pretty much constant. Meanwhile changes in our environment, especially in last century, have been extremely rapid.

    But I don’t think that the “madness” was caused by scarcity, I think it was actually caused by abundance. Remember Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs. You don’t cry about “equality in the workplace” unless you already have a job. You don’t care about rights of gay people(who are a drastic minority, <5% of the populace) unless all YOUR sexual needs are already met. And so on.


  3. @Azuriel: they will pay higher wage when they run out of options. Full employment itself is great (people who didn’t have wage now have it), but wages won’t rise until significant worker shortage. In Hungary there are 10% more jobs than employed+unemployed people and guess what, median wages grow 10+% a year.

    Now the biggest threat to this in the USA is immigration. I’m sure that wall+e-verify would mean +30% median wages in 2 years.

    @pmichalek: most lefties are unemployed and live with their parents. They might not starve, but lack any status or fulfillment.


  4. are you sure that the lefties with useless degrees will be satisfied while serving successful white males in starbucks?
    Also, the hippies did not have mass media back up, they were pretty much frowned upon, and now the brainless left is becoming the norm.


  5. Dear Gevlon,
    I really like your political assessment, although I can’t totally agree.
    First of all, Weimar republic’s constitution was one of the most advanced at the time, it unfortunately lacked an article to defend said constitution. And since democracy was really a novelty, parts of society from left and right opposed it and brought the political fights to the streets.

    Now, where I was to differ from your POV. You look at the societies’ development from your personal experience in Hungary and that is fine, but not applicable for most other nation’s societies. Germany “prospered” during the 80’s, 90’s until 2008, or that is what the official narrative has been. In reality, while people had jobs and unemployment rate was among the lowest in Europe/worldwide, leftist ideas and the ecologists prospered. Simultaneously, the real income decreased, Germany has one of the lowest privately owned home rate, more people in Greece own their own home than in Germany.

    Currently, unemplyment rate is at a historical low and still, right extremists gain more and more popularity.
    Why? Because our elites have failed us! Retirement funds no longer work profitably, housing costs skyrocket, families with children have problems finding child care, forcing parents to not get employment.
    Schools no longer teach the skills necessary to succeed in a more and more technically advanced world…

    Sahra Wagenknecht and Gregor Gysi, former communists and now members of the left party are the most brilliant and eloquent speakers in german Bundestag. Their analysis of societies’ problems are on point and the questions they ask are the questions most people want to have answered by the government.

    Most people who voted for left parties and the ecologists have good middle class jobs and they are concerned that “BIG MONEY” will ruin middle class by greed.

    Thus said, I do not think that your conclusions are correct. In my opinion, all these crazy social study theories came to relevance due to the catastrophic american educational system. It produces more scientifically illiterates than any place else and the US elites push with all their political power to force creationism on their curriculums… US elites need to keep the US population in a state of ignorance. No sound person would ever support eternal war, support of totalitarian regimes, significant income inequality and protectionist economies…


  6. It is one of the oldest stories of our culture.
    Cain killed Abel because he was better than him. Succumbing to envy and resentment was easier than making himself better.

    Cain and Abel are the first real people of the Bible. Their story is the first after Genesis. This is how important the hundreds of generations before us found this story. A stark warning about human nature and the consequences of blaming others for one’s shortcomings.

    Same happened in Germany and in Russia. “Look! those Jews (Kulaks, Reactionaries, Imperialists, Capitalists, the Rich, White Males) have more than you do, they must have stolen from you!”.


  7. @PyDuck: they’ll be more satisfied than now, when they don’t even have that.

    @Smite: pre-2008 left was worlds apart from today’s. They were social-democrats, up for economic redistribution. They believed that we should support those who fail in the economic competition. Today’s lefties don’t formally care about rich and poor, they care about “social justice”. They believe that failure is the product of “white male” oppression that must be defeated.

    I wouldn’t call AfD more extreme than Merkel who let in a million illiterates. Dismissing social justice craziness as “American” is a typical European snob attitude, while the “social justice” laws are much worse in Europe. Americans might get fired for criticizing left attitudes, but in Europe they can go to jail for “hate speech”. Not Americans are overrun by Syrian and African migrants. No American states are under the process of being stripped from their Senate seats over wrongthink, Poland and Hungary are in the EU.

    Just because we don’t hear visibly troubled people screeching “death to all men”, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have these problems.

    @Stawek: yet the Western world was free from this madness for half a century. Were they better people than their fathers in the 30’s and their grandchildren in 2010’s? No, they just had a job, a home, a car, a dog, a family and the hope that next year they’ll have a bit more.


  8. They were not free from the scourge at all. Socialist and communist movements were growing stronger all the time. They were kept in check only by the existence of USSR as a visible reality behind those communist ideals. Anybody openly communist was instantly recognized and labelled as an enemy, and rightly so.

    Now that USSR is gone the next crop of scammers is doing exactly the same as Bolchevik revolutionaries. “The rich have been stealing from you and that’s why you are so poor, go take back what’s yours”. It is the same lie every time.

    That’s after the same people have thoroughly removed anti-communist education from public schools. Even in places like Poland the education isn’t focused on the insane ideology of communism but rather on the “evil communists”. They are teaching that communists were bad people therefore communist countries suffered and not that their ideology was evil. “Stalin was a monster” is the explanation of Gulags. It’s wrong. The ideology was a monster and it created Gulags, Stalin was just a round peg in the round hole.

    Societies are created on some sort of hierarchy. In the West it is moneymaking, roughly speaking. The people who are worse off in the competition, for whatever reason, are incentivized to play a different game, instead. The ultimate game that cannot be ignored by anybody is “the stronger kill the weak”. That’s why warrior cultures like those in tribal societies are unreasonably stable. You can’t opt out of this game. Only the harsh natural conditions of a few places like Europe and China created a chance for people to compete in survival against the nature. No matter how strong a warrior was, he was going to starve when the winter came and could not steal from others due to mutually assured destruction.

    The actual people who create and propagate those ideologies have some things in common. First is verbal intelligence, which is required to influence others by speech. The other is lack of conscientiousness, which is generally just being lazy. This creates a person who is smart, eloquent and poor. Then they look around and see Trump. He speaks the language of working people, so they consider him an idiot, yet he has achieved in his life so much more than they have. Therefore, he must have cheated!
    What’s worse, a lot of those “intellectuals” working for the media or jobless, make much less money than any random plumber. Instead of blaming themselves for their own failures, they consider that the society itself must be somehow broken. How else would a dumb plumber make more than this smart journalist, if not because the rich were suppressing him for his revolutionary ideas? The answer is, obviously, that the plumber gets up at 5AM every day to waddle in shit while the snowflakes stay in bed till 10 only to start complaining on tumblr about patriarchy.

    I know best, I’m one of those high intellect – low conscientiousness people. Fortunately, I have understood my shortcomings and accepted them.


  9. @Stawek: the basic thesis of the communism is that the value created by the capitalists and workers is unevenly distributed. This is true. It’s fair though, the capitalist deserves his share, because he is that more productive. Fairness is a moral construct. The objective statement: “worker and capitalist went in to make something, capitalist got rich, worker remained poor” is true. Also, “worker” and “capitalist” are objectively existing, situation-relevant groups (workers participate as workers in the production).

    The social justice movement is insane from its core. It creates irrelevant groups like “whites”, “males”, “heterosexuals” and try to explain economic situations over that. The worker is a worker and not a “white”, even if he happens to be white. His skin color is just as irrelevant in the equation as his eye color.

    Social justice movement is like the Nazis blaming the Jews for things they couldn’t possibly do (how could a poor tiny-shop owner be responsible for the WWI defeat or the wealth of the billionaires), or the medieval people blaming witches for the plague. They are pants on head retarded lunatics.


  10. @Smite: If the Weimar Republic’s constitution was so great then Paul von Hindenburg wouldn’t have been allowed to scheme and lie so he could put Hitler in power.
    In the 80’s, Germany didn’t do much better then all other advanced economies (see for yourself:
    As for the 90’s, in 1999 Germany was known as the “sick man of Europe” (, Germany prospered in 1999-2008 thanks to the €uro, which is basically a price-manipulated Mark.
    You are correct when you say that home ownership is low and real income decreased (the unification destroyed East Germany’s economy and the effects are still felt today, it was more of an annexation really), but the BA is known to embellish stats on unemployment rate, at least compared to other EU countries and you are probably aware of the hellish Hartz IV regime (I’m assuming you are German).
    Point is, Gevlon POV holds for Germany as well and that’s good because it means that it can be fixed.
    Also, blaming the US-left (or US-elite, same thing) for the EU-lefties going crazy is absurd. The US-left certainly invented this crazy way of doing politics but the EU-lefties adopted the same methods because they are not inventive enough to come up with their own bullshit excuse for betraying their own voters, they certainly weren’t forced to follow suit.


  11. If the economy goes well, people get ahead and adapt views that upkeep the system that provides to them.
    America golden years. Why hippies? ohh because random reason. They all head jobs, happy’ish kids, bellies full of food and a bank account stuffed with pennies to even go on a vacation, yes darling we saved up for that trip to Hawaii you always wanted.

    If you think you are save for crazies, please reconsider.

    Most crazies live on welfare, they have dream lives and have sooo much free time. Or do you really think anyone teaches them responsibility? Who else has time to go to demonstrations.

    Crazies will not stop, not until someone makes them. And soon this will happen, the legislation and law gets screwed all the time until it tilts over and those colourful heads and hair in millennial knots are by the masses on the receiving end.

    For me I don’t care. All the crazies “will get round up against the wall and shot” ( ) (Insert any doctrine that is based on subversion doctrine)


  12. @Anon: why hippies? Because they were rounded up and sent to die in Vietnam for no good reason.

    We always had and will have a few crazies, ranging from extremists to literal crazies talking to the pigeons. But now they have support in the mainstream. The core crazies will remain crazies. But as the economy stabilizes, the normal people move on and in a decade the only place where you can hear about white privilege will be an alley discussion between a homeless and his rats.


  13. “The answer came quite randomly, like a lightning strike, when I was watching a chart showing how median wage doubled in 8 years in Hungary and was so glad that I live here, sheltered from all this madness. These people went mad in the West, because the 2008 crisis and the horrible “recovery” took away their hope.”

    You seem to jump pretty quickly from hypothesis to conclusion. This is a pretty consistent criticism I have with your thinking. You very quickly equate correlation with causation, and you do this constantly, and it draws into question the coherence of your entire world view, because you seem to rely on these conclusions for your next conclusions.

    I would suggest you look harder for evidence to falsify your own hypothesis. You give the impression of someone who has not read even the basic criticisms of his position.

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  14. “The economy is rapidly recovering.” — I’m still worried about the verity of this statement.

    Also, I don’t see what could possibly stop a blue-haired person who received some freebies from wanting more freebies (regardless of possibly putting non-blue-haired people into unjust inequality). I don’t see how this could possibly end apart from violence and banning their ideology — look at the current state of nazism etc.

    Only intolerance can fight intolerance.

    And that bothers me much, because their ideology had a lot of valid points. “Blue-haired people” are not economically oppressed, for sure, but they still experience “eww” attitude, feel excluded by the society, and are often openly hated. This should be changed, and “old school” activists did a pretty good job about it, but the new wave just defaces the whole idea with their methods. Basically, it was fine when if was about moral values and manners, but it went downhill when it became about economics and privileges.

    So, once they are brought down by force (and this WILL happen eventually), their moral values will go down with them, and that’s pretty sad, since one won’t be able to wear blue hair (or have nonstandard ideas about their gender or sexuality) for quite some time, without being associated with “those extremist idiots who wreaked havoc in the past”.


  15. @Eatenbyagrue: this isn’t an academic thesis, but a blogpost. If you have falsifying evidence, by all means, tell me.

    @Antze K: because his/her/their/xir non-blue haired friends all get jobs and families. So the blue haired can choose to go full cultist, not having connection to anyone but similar cultists, or follow suit.

    No force is needed, because they aren’t really violent (Antifa is isolated and need to be put down, but most of them never hit a fly). They can just make their tantrum and realize that no one cares.


  16. “Now the biggest threat to this in the USA is immigration. I’m sure that wall+e-verify would mean +30% median wages in 2 years.”

    Several collateral issues: Here in the US, the “Unemployment” numbers are cooked. And they’re cooked by employers and their stooges in Congress to make it look like “unemployment” is really low. This justifies programs like H1B that allow the importation of foreign workers. Companies LOVE foreign workers because they have a huge hammer to hold over their head… their legal status.

    The wall and e-verify will help with illegals and low rent workers, but a huge portion of that 30% would come from the “Corporate welfare” programs like H1B being eliminated. It needs to be nearly impossible to get H1B workers approved.

    You WANT an environment where there are more jobs than workers and it’s impossible to fill them all. A company can always downsize a bit to match the work done with the workers available. But employees need that job.

    Employers WANT workers. They can live without them.
    Workers NEED jobs, and cannot live without them.

    As such, from a philosophical standpoint, you need to force companies to compete for workers, not the other way around.

    Companies competing for workers produces high wages and a willingness in workers to get training and compete for better jobs. Thus, worker satisfaction and happiness.

    Workers competing for ANY job produces despair and workers seeking alternate avenues of money… like welfare and disability. Or… anarchy and crime.


  17. @Smokeman: I was talking about MEDIAN wages. H1B visa recipients are usually in high-earning tech job, kicking them might let an American who used to earn $80K to get $120K with overtime pay. But it doesn’t help the poor. The median wage would rise from giving $15-20 de facto minimal wage, and that can be achieved by throwing out those who work for $5

    I see this with my own eyes: job offers everywhere, wages skyrocketing. Trump could have the same if he would have his way. Funny but true: want $20 minimal wage? Vote republican on midterms!


  18. I cannot say thay you are 100% correct in this particular case, but I can give some anecdotal evidence, that you are correct. I was born in Russia one year prior to USSR collapse. Me and my friends were all experiencing severe hopelessness and hardships as kids (relative to the previous conditions of USSR kids, not dying kids in Sub-Saharan Africa). And let me tell you, there were a lot of very aggresive, very vicous kids. Me myself was a left radical, proclaiming that everyone rich should be shot on sight. Me and my friends discussed chemical castration to anyone without required level of IQ. We weren’t racist, but anyone rich or stupid was seen as part of the problem. Nowadays I see how stupid and shortsighted that was (basically it was unfounded xenophobia at its worst) and how I did not understand real underlying problems and was trying to shift blame. But that is exactly what happens to certain groups of people (possibly the most vulnerable), when there is significant and long-term failure of state and economy. USA is nowhere near that levels of degradation at this particular moment. But who knows, if they can overcome this hurdle (hopefully they will, the alternative is much worse).


  19. You’re wrong. Politics is downstream of culture, and the economy is downstream of politics. Culture is everything.

    The US economy is currently in its biggest boom in decades and yet the cultural and political infighting and sheer lunacy are only getting worse. The crazies will not disappear, they have always been with us, but now pathological narcissism and sociopathy are the order of the day, carried along by the socialist and Marxist takeover of most of the cultural institutions of the West.

    Our cultures, our nations, (the two are the same), have been deliberately swamped by foreign invaders who have nothing in common with our national histories. In my native home of Australia, the last government census showed that more than 35% of the population were born overseas, and if you took parents born overseas into account then the number was over 50%.

    Hungary will emerge in good shape from this period because of two reasons: your culture is strong, (no hordes of invaders), and you have recent modern experience of Socialism and you have no desire to repeat it. You also have one of the three best modern leaders in the world leading your country which also helps, (the other two are the US and Italy.)

    Also, your understanding of history is poor. Communism did not take root in Russia because of the poor starving peasants revolting. The Bolsheviks were an extreme minority, but they successfully manipulated a very poor showing by Russia in the Great War and exploited the resulting power vacuum. And Fascism originated in Italy who were not only on the winning side after The Great War but also were doing quite well economically at the time.


  20. Dear Gevlon,

    I’ve been following your blog for years, back from when you used the old blog still and was very much actively involved with World of Warcraft. Your musings and analytics have always been interesting and many times insightful. Never commented before because I didn’t feel like I could offer anything truly worthwhile even those few times I didn’t agree.

    However, I’d like to chime in here. As a fellow Hungarian, it’s a bit scary to see our country presented as a working example of capitalism. Let me amend that, actually. It does work. It’s just not humane.

    I’m flexible, educated, speak English fluently and have always been given glowing recommendations from my employers but at the same time I work ten hours in a white-collar position every weekday and don’t take home enough to afford the rent + utilities for a one bedroom apartment. I’m forced to room with others in the same situation (a very common situation) and effectively live like a college freshman while my age inches towards 30. I don’t dream of ever owning an apartment or god forbid a house. The world is all about the now, the temporary, the haves and have-beens and I’m expected to be willing and able to not only switch jobs every two to three years but also relocate and retrain myself each time. I have as much experience and qualifications before reaching 30 than my parents had their entire lives. Yet, my earning power is half of theirs at the same age.

    It’s not just about the job market either. People are left untreated and outright neglected due the steady decline of public healthcare. Important surgery waiting lines so long that many die before it’s their turn in the line. I have to show up to the hospital with my own bandages, antiseptics, syringes, medicine and whatever else you can think of because they have barely any left themselves. They don’t receive enough funding because pumping money into poorly managed building projects is supposedly more profitable for the government.

    Non-existant social net to catch and help those who struggle. Just an example: being unable to afford hearing aids because they’re no longer funded by the government once you graduate from compulsory education. Those puppies come expensive and the batteries for them aren’t cheap either. So if you’re out of high school, you can go f*ck yourself and figure out how to get employed while struggling to hear.

    Capitalism works but is this really how we want it to work?

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  21. @Gevlon: “they aren’t really violent”

    The aren’t really violent YET. In Hungary, they will probably never be, but in other places, they are starting to become at least verbally violent (which can provoke other people to do stupid things), and they also have power to cause financial and social damage to people which they gladly use. But I see your point. If everything starts getting reversed right now, maybe there’s hope.


  22. “They identified them as “straight white males” for some reason, probably because the old culture placed straight white males to the visible positions.“

    This is because the *current* culture places straight white males into the visible positions of power. That’s still absolutely the way things work. Yes, large organizations make efforts to spread things around in the middle layers but by and large, the single best indicator for upward economic mobility in the West is to be white and male. There is a reason why the blue-hairs are enraged, and why they’re applying identity politics to the problem. The Wall Street bankers, the politicians, the student loan financiers? They aren’t women of color.

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  23. The economy is recovering in Hungary (maybe, according to Gevlon, i guess). In the world at large, things aren’t going to be as simple. Also, in a somewhat paradoxic way, the blue-haired activists are attacking the very people who are interested in fixing the economy (specifically, national conservative “patriarchal” leaders).


  24. LazyE
    To be a Wall Street banker or a business hot-shot you need to be very smart, very creative and a workaholic. Between genetics, culture and upbringing, that’s a person most likely to be a white or Asian male. Particularly a Jewish one.
    Women of colour don’t get to run Forbes 500 companies because on average there are less of them in extreme ends of intelligence, hours worked, ambition and assertiveness.

    You can start praying and tell God you don’t like how he created people. Maybe he will change the world to your liking and make everyone equal. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.


  25. Nazis sweeping to power on the back of economic problems is a popular misconception. The weimar economy had actually been improving for several years before Hitler entered power. I can’t remember who but a historian wrote a piece identifying a lag between economic problems and revolution, and that revolution rarely occur while in the midst of the economic collapse, but a decade or so later. If true this theory means that problems are not yet avoided in modern times.


  26. Oh my… Poland and Hungary are rightfully being sued for VIOLATIONS of the EU treaty. One cannot eat a cake and have it. IIRC no one violently forced Poland or Hungary to join the EU. They chose to do so for the obvious advantages. The rise of salaries in Hungary is very simply explained; catch up mechanism, when you start working for nearly zero income, any raise will be huge in comparison.
    The EU members have developped a certain political culture in the last 40 years, and most important principle is the rule of law and the separation of legislative, executive and jurisdiction. These fundamental principles are being raped by Hungary and Poland and suing them is the only rightful action.
    If a state wants to reap the benefits or EU membership then it has to follow through with all the responsibilites it agreed to folloy by signing that treaty.

    Now, regarding the USA and Trumps idiotic trade wars. The new NAFTA agreement only marginally differs from the old one, if you cared to read the drafts, but Trump celebrates this as a “total win”, despite having agreed to implementing higher minimal wages, more work safety protocols and other stuff, he demonised Hillary for solely being responsible (which again was factually far from the truth).

    Despite the new NAFTA agreement, he has stated to uphold the illegal tariffs on steel and aluminium.

    Data show that fewer and fewer high talents immigrate to the USA to work in top jobs in the IT industry, there are alternatives, countries where highly qualified experts are not being targeted by racist orange haired frauds and his redneck dixie state racist minions.

    While the orange sphincter emphasises on the trading of goods numbers, he blissfully ignores the fact the USA has a serious surplus in services sold to foreign states, which needs to be assessed simultaneously.
    In other words, the USA buy more products than they produce, but sell more services than they consume. The USA basically have a trade “equilibrium” that would not need such drastic breaking up of international relationships…

    On the other hand, orange sphincter wants to sell gas to Germany for only 25% more than Russia would… Wow! That is a deal Germany must agree to… NOT! Instead of offering the gas cheaper than Russia, like in a real market competition, called capitalism, he threatens Germany with all sorts of shit…
    Would be funny to see all the US military installations closed…

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  27. @Smite: and crazy orange guy still has better GDP and employment numbers than Obama ever had. Maybe his (limited) results on trade and immigration already work and more of the same (more tariffs, more deportations) would work more.

    The EU is placing these liberal value over democracy: the will of the people. I would vote for leaving the EU instead of obeying its demands if it would come to that. But it won’t. We have enough allies to veto the 7th article (it needs all other countries to support the punishment of one) and in the upcoming EU elections the illiberal forces will gain large amount of seats. I doubt if they’ll have majority and they are in several fragmented factions, but I do think they can reach 1/3, so the liberals will no longer have the 2/3 needed for such actions. The next election we’ll defeat them and throw the “rule of law and the separation of legislative, executive and jurisdiction” to the ash heap of history.


  28. Oh Gevlon, don’t believe that Trump lies: Obama had excellent emploament numbers and GPD growth.

    Just to give you an example of how successfully Obama had done in the field of economics.
    And if you believe that the separation of the three forces need to be thrown on the ash heap of history, then it only shaws that Hungary was not ready to join the EU. To be honest, I would also agree taht the Vizigrad states leave the Union immediately and would need to negociate a new trade agreement with EU because eastern Europe membership has only been to the detriment of the rest of the union. Large companies exploited the system by moving to these states and paying the workers minimal wages, while putting millions of workers in central Europe out of job.
    If Germany, France Italy and Benelux would apply the same protectionist trade policies, east european states would fast degrade to the state they were in when they were no more than russian vassals…
    The fact that you have a well paid job is due to Hungary having access to the EU markets.

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  29. “It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness.”


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