Crossdrop this!

I’ve been trying to break the established strategies in various games and reach stellar results “without skills”. Most of them are insane amount of work and give slow and not so spectacular results. But sometimes the stars align.

This wasn’t cheap either. It cost me all my free XP, most of my elite commander XP and 25M credits. But the result worth it hundred fold. This was really one of my peaks in gaming and I’m smiling ear to ear.

A week ago I wrote about my misadventure with a famous streamer Frazelleth. He is one of the “greatest” carrier players in World of Warships – according to his followers, who idolize him like Shroud is idolized. He ordered me to just stay within range of the other ships to prevent the enemy carrier kill me alone. I muted him and went to torpedo the enemy anyway, hoping that the distraction I create will be enough for the rest of the team to get into better position. He got mad, tried to save me, messed up the pointless 1v1, suicided into a Minotaur and lost his planes. He died soon after and announced “F… this, I play Stalingrad in randoms instead” out of anger.

Chewiecide, a carrier player and a commenter on my blog nicely and patiently explained how I should just sit uselessly because me dying gives 100 points advantage to the enemy team, so I must not play but hope that our carrier wins. He admitted that it’s broken, but still, I must accept my uselessness in carrier games and not try to do anything or I get crossdropped and die.

Well, crossdrop this! (click)

Yup, I bought myself a Grozovoi, despite having no Russian ship before, so I had to Free XP for the ship and elite commander XP the captain up to 13 which is the bare minimum for the ship (red circles are what I’ll pick when I get to 19 pt):

What I did is carefully watching the queue when my Shima was waiting for the battle. When I saw 2 carriers waiting, I’ve delisted and relisted with the Grozovoi and got myself a carrier game. Here’s how it played out:

  1. I came here after start and waited until the CV scouted that no one is coming to A mid door
  2. I’ve entered A, captured it and went to the other side, because it was spotted that a battleship tries to break in. I welcomed with torpedoes, but only one hit him before he died to the torpedoes sent from outside to his way by a friendly destroyer.
  3. The first half of the game was a stalemate with our forces hiding behind the two sides of the atoll and the carriers doing bombing runs on the enemy. This didn’t work too well for the enemy carrier, because not only there was a Worchester in our side, but every time he passed over the atoll, I took down a few planes.
  4. He clearly credited the plane losses only to the Worchester, so when their side lost the exchanges and I was about to leave A, he took his “opportunity” to catch me far from the Worchester. This cost me a DefAA consumable, 6 torpedo bombers to him, while inflicting zero damage.
  5. Then I exited A and went strait to cap C. I knew that the big ships aren’t near and assumed that the Yueyang is on B, but even if he’s not, I was confident I could fight it.
  6. While capping, I spotted the enemy carrier. I waited for the cap to complete and opened fire. He noticed that he is detected and enemy planes were already on me. I ate two torpedoes because my DefAA was still on cooldown, but only two due his squads weren’t full and some planes died approaching me. Then came the dive bombers and a lone torpedo squad but then the DefAA was up again. As soon as I’ve done evading, I resumed shooting, but my torpedoes already reached him and the fires started at the beginning of the encounter finished him.

Here is the result, showing quite a maiden voyage for my Grozovoi in ranked.

I had four more games with the Grozovoi. The next was lost, because our carrier managed to send his ship to the middle of the map instead of planes. While it was saved at 7K HP, it forced everyone to scramble, including me returning from the left side of the map to smoke him and use DefAA on the empty bombers spotting him. We didn’t recover from that one, but I still did good on caps and killed planes:

The next match was a real gem where the “don’t go alone” could be given a middle finger. I capped C, then pushed B full speed with an (also somewhat air defense capable) Des Moines in tow. It was guarded by a lone Grozovoi who clearly wasn’t AA specced as he killed only 1 plane with DefAA and also cared more to return fire to me than to dodge carrier torpedoes. Then I capped it and killed the fighter squad trying to spot me. Finally I went behind them and torped the Worchester marked with arrow.


Another going alone went bad/good, I met with the whole enemy lemming train, gave them a chase, survived a drop, died to the lemmings. By exposing them, I let our team push hard into their spawn and kill the CV. We won that, of course:

We didn’t win this one. I managed to circle the map, trail away a DM, survive 3!!! drops, reach the enemy CV and started shooting it, but we ran out of points, because… great team. I killed more planes than our CV:

No one puts me to the corner. No “meta” can force me to anything because I can always find a way breaking it. Every time I’ll see carriers on the queue, I’ll join with my Grozovoi, sail boldly for far caps and laugh into the face of any “broken, op” carrier!


PS: too bad that the Grozovoi unique upgrade is in Slot 6, instead of 5 like Shimakaze’s. It conflicts with the +25% AA damage upgrade. Or if it’s a Slot 6, it doesn’t increase it further (Shima’s unique conflicts with the -15% torpedo reload upgrade, but gives -25%)

Author: Gevlon

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6 thoughts on “Crossdrop this!”

  1. Interestingly you “break“ the meta by just switching the best flanking DD (which is suboptimal for ranked) to the best CV countering DD and proclaim you broke it?

    And additionally: you are by no means useless un a shima operating within aa bubble. Spotting, watching enemy drops and making a play when he recycles.

    As a BB or CA you should adapt to your shima reload cycle, too? Your first post was: my gamestyle is best no matter of enemy composition. That was dumb.

    Now your post is: my gamestyle is so good I have to switch ships for Guaranteed succsess. This is way better. But still your gamestyle is as standard as it gets. Flanking the enemy – there are DDs CAs and even some BBs in that excel in this…this is intended meta by WG.

    But as two things are way more important to really break the meta: being top class statwise. And doing that by thinking / strategy and not “skill“.

    Both i do completely miss in your wows approach. I do even proclaim that you can’t break the meta in wows like you did in pubg or wow. with gold and blue raids. Ranking out in >500 games is not prooving anything but just a grind.


  2. It’s a trick that has been in use forever. Last T8 season in particular, as there is a USS Kidd, a T8 DD with insane AA.

    Grozovoi AA is good but not good enough to survive a skilled CV strike. They will wait out DFAA cooldown and kill you once it ends. The real advantage it has over other DDs is the very long artillery effective range. Grozovoi can fight when spotted and shell enemies from 14km so it isn’t completely useless even if CV loses air.
    DFAA can save you from sudden death by planes but will not save you from being permaspotted and casually killed by a random cruiser. Unless you stay back and snipe, which is the default playstyle of this ship, anyway.

    MM sniping like this is unreliable, at best, and you will be heavily gimped if you join a non-CV game because of your meager experience and useless build. Still, Grozovoi is better than Shima, CV or no CV, if you knew how to play it. I have a Grozovoi but I just left the queue when I saw CVs.

    You didn’t break the meta, you were lucky. The first game you would certainly die against a skilled CV. He’d spot you as you enter A and the whole team would pound you from short range..Then he should spot you and kill you once you rushed him and, finally, he should not be alone and so far from allies to be killed. That CV was just bad and you’d win the game anyway, Grozovoi or Shima.

    Entering A early in Sleeping Giant is just one of those things that separates scrubs from winners. It is completely pointless endeavour that gets you killed very early at least quarter of the time, slightly later half the time, and leaves your flank without spotting because you’re stuck in the cap. What happens next is the enemies take control of lines 1-2 (which they can do easily because your team doesn’t have a spotting DD) and then a cruiser enters cap, kills you and takes it for free. A gamble that risks your ship for a few XP points is a bad gamble, especially at this odds and this early into the game.

    By the way, you cap too much. You have more caps on average than me even though I live half again as long as you do and I played a YY that can kill any other DD in a dogfight. Risking ship for caps is a bad idea unless things get desperate.


  3. @Stawek: I don’t bring the Grozo into a fight without CV. I queue with Shima, if I see 2 CVs in queue, I quit the queue and re-enter Grozovoi.

    Even if he waits out the DefAA and attacks later, that’s 2 runs that isn’t attacking battleships. Also, I have a very effective trick against CV drops: when I see the planes coming, I drop smoke. After a few puffs, I full stop, so I disappear into the smoke. As soon as I disappear, full forward. He assumes I’m an idiot and will drop into the smoke, but I will be out of it when the torps land.

    I just died in Sleeping Giants A again, so I abandon that thing. The reason I cap so many is that I usually go B-C instead of contesting A. This means a sure cap early on and likely another one later.


  4. The issue with your strat is:

    AA skill setup is open information. A good CV player sees that in loading screen and uses his first drop do eng / kill another DD or a CA.

    Especially a DD using smoke is great, too – you can’t cap, spam he or torp properly. All while when your AA is on the CV sees where you are so no reason at all to smoke or turn off AA. But the your build is pointless again.

    Fun fact: DD crossdrops are by no means certain. You can out maneuver them a lot of times. But the easiest way is to stay closer to your fleet = aa cover and higher chance on getting Fighter protection by not stretching the AA. If I do see a stretched DD, I send my TBs to him, baiting the CV in covering you – and then oneshot a CA with DBs instead. That’s not possible if you position yourself relatively to teammates all the time. Nothing „useless“ but just adaptation to enemy ship composition – you‘d play a DD differently with 3 enemy radars too, wouldn’t you?


  5. @Chewiecide: I always tell the CV NOT to try to save me. Sometimes they still do, but I try. Me being in the blob is me being mostly useless. Compare it to a flanking DD that caps. If ignored, I’ll encircle the map and engage the CV. Did it 2/5. If attacked, that’s most likely a wasted drop and a bunch of lost planes.


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