Weekend minipost: more Warship ranked

My new strategy, plus the “don’t play after defeat” rule works like a charm:

My last battle was hilarious. They went on both sides, leaving a huge gap in the middle where I passed. Unfortunately the gap wasn’t huge enough to avoid a 11.7km Moskva radar. Since they noticed me, they chased me to the corner of the map. 3 of them. A Moskva, a Zao and a Conqueror. Because 3 ships are needed to catch a single Shima in the literal bottom left corner. In the meantime I torped 60K into the BBs.

When I reached the corner, I smoked, turned back and they looked pretty surprised when I appeared 2 km from them full speed. Poor Moskva was the closest and went from 100% to 0 due to a point blank range torp volley.

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

3 thoughts on “Weekend minipost: more Warship ranked”

  1. Usually, that will be a single YY or Gearing chasing you into the corner. Just as deadly and won’t catch a torp.
    Most people are cowards. They didn’t chase you. They used you as an excuse to run from the enemy.
    They do the same at the beginning of matches by swapping sides. It’s not because they like the other side more, it’s because it guarantees they will be behind their team once they arrive, in safety.

    My stats in R4 are worse than they were before, slightly. Wins are fine but the kills dropped. Mostly because in the top ranks there are very few Shimakazes. Now I have to take fair fights with other YueYangs. This also means I don’t save stars nearly as often as before – killing 2 DDs pretty much guaranteed a save. I might have to consider switching to Worcester or DM to have a more significant impact on games.

    Shimas are food for other DDs.


  2. I wish you would enable replays and make them available for us to view. You could even convert them to youtube which would make them more widely available.


  3. @Stawek: the only DD I can kill is the YY, because it has deep water torpedoes. Ergo, if I’m not sure I can escape, I charge it and either ram it or torp it. If a YY is dumb enough to sit behind the tiny island capping A on the map where B is a little circle on A, it’s pretty much dead.

    @Lance: most of the games are just boring.


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