Blogging is NOT l’art pour l’art

OK, the title is not true. You can blog about anything. Hell, you can make a photo of your ass every day and post that. There is a platform created for exactly that activity: Instagram.

However to write something that is worthy of reading, you have to do research and post something people didn’t know. Bhagpuss did that about the investors behind Daybreak.

Then he got upset by the lack of traffic and had to rationalize it by rambling about the … sixties? He clearly believes that he worked his ass off to create something valuable and people don’t value it.

He is wrong. Discussion doesn’t mean being valued, it means being disagreed. The dumber thing you write, the more discussion you spawn. The internet trolls purposefully post dumb things to spawn “emotionally charged discussion”.

If you post something valuable, there won’t be much discussion, because people are unable to discuss. I know nothing about Daybreak financials. His post was the first time I’ve even heard of Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. How could I add anything to the post in the comment section?

Sure, I could write “great post” or “I didn’t know that”, but that’s spam and if I delete them from my own blog, I sure won’t litter other people’s blog with it, even if they would feel better by it.

Did I remember anything about the doctor? Nope, it was too much dry information that I cannot use. But I do remember that there is a post on the blog of Bhagpuss about the topic, so if I ever get into a situation when I need Daybreak investor info (for example investigating corruption within a Daybreak game), I know to search for “Bhagpuss doctor Daybreak” and I will have what I need. Then I can also write a valuable, researched post instead of a comment pulled out of my ass in 2 minutes and reference his work, implying that my post couldn’t be made without his.

Knowing how important it is for him, I write it down now: thank you Bhagpuss for the work you put in to create information. May your blog be full of discussion-free, informative posts.


PS: one of my World of Warships games got into the youtube of a famous streamer, because I was together with another famous streamer. Hint: we lost because we had 2 extreme morons (who are the main attraction of the video), despite I did pretty well.


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3 thoughts on “Blogging is NOT l’art pour l’art”

  1. Lack of traffic ≠ lack of comments.
    I provide traffic (through feedly, not even sure if that registers) but I don’t feel any need to comment in most cases exactly because I have nothing meaningful to add, just my personal opinion. Case in point.


  2. Thanks for the kind words. Just for carification, however, I did not get “upset” by the lack of comments. Unlike you, I enjoy compliments even if they’re empty and valueless, but I fully expected there to be no significant comment thread on a post like that, largely for the reasons you suggest, but also because people tend to get bored with long posts full of detail and doze off before they finish. That’s why I said right at the start of the post “It’s one of the unwritten rules of blogging: the more time and effort you put into a post, the less attention it will receive.”

    I’ve always found that irony amusing and I was chuckling to myself about it when I started to write, which is why I mentioned it. I had no idea what I was going to write about that morning and as I said in the post, I was freestyling. I like to do that now and again, mostly because it’s fun and also because I like writing (my main hobby isn’t gaming it’s writing about gaming). As I also said in the post it’s the equivalent of a musician “noodling” – improvising for their own amusement. If I was making any point at all – which I really wasn’t – it was vaguely along the lines of “I did a couple of things that were quite structured and purposeful so now I’m entitled to goof off”.

    As it happens, though, most people who commented did seem to think I was complaining about not getting comments so if nothing else, I have learned that I need to flag up my irony and/or humor a bit more clearly if I don’t want to have people think I’m sulking. I probably should know that by now…


  3. An anime youtuber named Digibro is taking this a bit further by refusing to even substantiate his posts with data. He does decent research job behind the scenes, so noone is really able to challenge him, while at the same time he is free to exploit the controversial disagreeable persona for both comments and gathering of fandom that is in favour of his disagreeableness. He is currently earning 4.5 grand a month on the basis of just Patreon.


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