Artifact/Azrite power: preparation for post-lockbox world

World of Warships update: On Monday I’ve reached rank 6 (posted yesterday), from there, the path to 5 is hard:


World of Warcraft used boss drops as source of gear upgrades since the beginning. But with Legion they introduced a new concept: the artifact weapon is given by a baseline quest done by everybody and got upgraded gradually by doing various in-game activities.

Many people disliked the change but Blizzard stood by it. In Battle for Azeroth all players wear the upgrading Hearth of Azeroth necklace and 3 pieces of Azerit gear that unlock abilities as the Heart is upgraded – again, via various in-game activities.

I believe it’s not a random change, it is a test run for the post-lockbox World. Lockboxes are banned left and right and Blizzard lawyers probably realized that getting lockboxes for subscription is just as bad as selling them.

How does it connect to boss drops? Because a dead boss is a lockbox that can give out valuable items or worthless crap rogue items. You gear progress depends more on luck than on actual performance, I’ve just listened to the whining of my GF that she ran all the mythics this week and got only one sidegrade.

Blizzard not offering ways to sell your loot doesn’t help them. There is a living marketplace of accounts that puts value of the drops. That’s gambling and has to go. With the death of lockboxes, all kinds of luck-based progression must go.

Blizzard sees the future and prepares the best way it can: by testing new ways of progression systems. They have time and the Azerite is surely not their final move. By the time they can’t distribute gear based on luck, they’ll have a widely accepted system to replace it.

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3 thoughts on “Artifact/Azrite power: preparation for post-lockbox world”

  1. While it aligns with your narrative I think it’s just simple coincidence. Blizzard trying to mitigate or remove rng in drops since TBC with the introduction of the badge of justice system. Which had several revision until removed (though it still uses similar system for catch-up mechanism). So Blizzard experiencing with alternative progression systems since 2007 when lockboxes did not even existed.

    Also I know about no real complain about the artifact system. Sure, a few was crying because they felt they had to do every world quest every day for maximize the reward but there was a huge diminishing system on the artifact weapon so there was no real need for it. Also most people loved that weapon (which amount to a large percent of you dps) is not suspect to rng anymore.
    There are complains about azerite but it’s more about how lackluster the azerite armor effects are currently (and also for the loss of non-rng weapon) and not about the whole gathering azerite system.


  2. Just to clarify, the only ‘static item’ is the neck, the 3 azerite pieces still drop from dungeons/raids etc and will be swapped and upgraded through new drops, and are spec specific etc. They are more like tier pieces than legion weapons or legendaries.


  3. > I’ve just listened to the whining of my GF
    > that she ran all the mythics this week and
    > got only one sidegrade.

    That’s weird, it’s the same thing that is currently happening to a friend who can’t find a single piece of loot. Meanwhile I ran one Mythic only (required to complete the main storyline) and I’ve got 3 epics out of 5 bosses. And almost all the gear I’ve got so far came from Heroics (with a nice bonus of some procs that made them +10 iLevels). RNG has always been the king of this game after all…


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