No, there won’t be a Horde in the next expansion

Azuriel wrote:

If World of Warcraft were not an MMO, I might have been excited at this turn of events. This feels like the penultimate chapter, the crest of a wave. Things will be sorted out once and for all. But it won’t.

There will be an expansion after this one, and another after that. There will still be the Horde faction, and Forsaken running around in it, blighting things with Tauren chewing their cuds in the background. …

What I am certain of is that the Alliance will continue to be the bumbling white hats forever extending their hands in love and friendship and peace, only to get shit on by the Horde time and again. That is in spite of the fact that there should be no redemption for the Horde this time.

To be fair, I’m not sure that it will happen. But I find it very likely. The factions are remnants of an older WoW. They are alien from the main gameplay, which is doing quests killing NPCs and doing dungeons and raids to kill stronger NPCs. Even when the hostiles were “horde” in the Garrosh uprising, the alliance and horde players got the same raid and the lorewriters just had to somehow push it in and it wasn’t believable.

The pieces are already on the table, with the on-off PvP setting and the ability of rated BGs to take 2 horde or 2 alliance teams. Arenas are already faction-independent.

I believe the Battle for Azeroth is the swan song of factions. Unless by some miracle great portion of the players turn on the PvP setting and some faction pride rises out of nothing (unlikely, considering how rejected the war is by Horde players), this will be the last expansion with Horde and Alliance.

Story-wise it is straightforward: the Alliance, with the help of a honorable sub-faction of the Horde – which obviously includes all players – will win the war. Sylvanas will be the endboss like Garrosh was for Pandaria. The players – go figure – will win, even if most of them will do so on Looking For Retards. The war will be decisively won and the Horde will be no more.

The “honorable sub-faction” (including all players) will simply be merged into the “United Azeroth”. It’s possible that some races will be converted (there are already too many). The Forsaken can be healed by some magic dug up by Jaina and be humans again, so they can live in Stormwind as capital, now that Lordearon is destroyed. The elves will be one race again, no more Night and Blood version, just elves, living happily ever after in Silvermoon which gets some well-needed rewamp.

Gameplay-wise there won’t be need for separate horde and alliance villages and flightpoints, everyone can go to everywhere (easier map creation). There won’t be need for other faction alt to do all the quests (so more content for people without both faction alts), no more juggling assets between faction alts. Most importantly, much more options for everyone to play together. A player doesn’t have to faction change to play with his “friends” on the other faction. A troll can play with a dwarf in perfect harmony which helps dungeon and raid matchmaking a lot. Battlegrounds will fill instantly with players distributed between the two sides randomly.

Sure, there will be next expansion, either against Old Gods, Demons, Sha or remaining Sylvanas loyalists, but the players will take on it as members of “United Azeroth”.

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8 thoughts on “No, there won’t be a Horde in the next expansion”

  1. EQ2 launched in that state. Sure there were the 2 factions, but you could always group with any member of any faction at any time, there were never any different flight paths or bells or spires or whatever. It was a big selling point for me, and the factions not being able to interact was … really probably the only bad thing I have to say about WoW, but it was enough that I just never was able to last more than 2-3 weeks on my play attempts in the early days. I just felt closed in.


  2. What? No. Is this all based on some fan fic? Blizzard isn’t going to suddenly say “Welp! We were totally on crack! Orcs really ARE psychopathic murder machines and the Undead really ARE horrific undead monsters, and any rational Alliance would have obliterated both of them long ago. So, we’re doing the right thing and fixing it. Because otherwise, the lore would be totally stupid.”

    Nope. They can’t do that because they’re left wing and “feelings.”


  3. The fundamental reality of WoW is that it is slowly getting old with zero new fresh ideas in sight. Sure, it still has ~5 mill subs, but the name of the game is retention and milking, not grand innovation. Blizzard attempted two grand innovations with Cataclysm and MoP, both largely failed. It took retreading old ground in Warlords and Legion to even get WoW’s footing back.

    Removing factions is grand innovation.

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  4. I don’t think they will dump the factions, because orcs vs humans is seen by blizzard itself as the essence of the Warcraft franchise. They’ve been perfectly capable of pushing the conflict away when it suits them, so why would they suddenly stop doing that?

    But if I could dream, I’d love a WoW splintered into several nations, who had shifting alliances and neutrality from expac to expac. Stormwind would never trust Orgrimmar or the Undercity, but they could have better relations with the Tauren, and perhaps even the Darkspear or the Zandalari. Silvermoon has strong ties both ways already, and imagine if the council of the three hammers broke up.
    Maybe you could have a nature vs progress expac, with the night elves, the Tauren, the Darkspear and the wildhammer on one side, and an uneasy alliance between ironforge, gnomeregan, the dark iron and the goblins on the other. The orcs divide into maghar who uphold shamanism and regular orcs who keep their industry.


  5. I miss being evil horde. “Do not fear dark paths, when those paths lead to victory.”, the undead questgiver in Thunder Bluff used to say. You can be a good person in real-life and enjoy role-playing evil in a video game. Let the psychologists explain why, but forcing the players to be the ‘good guys’ is boring to a lot of us. I always said that Magatha Grimtotem should have been the next warchief after Thrall. Blizzard has forgotten what makes a great story.


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