Best blogging advice: don’t be afraid of disapproval

Update: I’ve written this idea long ago and forgot it. You can read it here.

The blogs I read are all up in arms about some strange initiative to revive game blogging. I am skeptic, because the big problem isn’t lack of good blogs, but lack of readers. Most people moved to social media for larger reach and faster access of many 20 seconds content pieces.

But hey, it doesn’t hurt to try, so let me give a good advice from the position of someone who has over 3000 posts behind him. The best I can give is: don’t be afraid that the readers will not approve. Actually, seek it! It’s easy to post something everyone likes:

See, it took like 30 seconds and I guarantee no one will be mad at me for it. But it would cost 30 seconds to anyone else and there are awful lot of anyone elses out there. Why would someone follow your blog if you write the same damn boring shit?! I swear I stop reading blogs if one more guy feels the need to blog and post screenshots about the same damn Darkshore questline that everyone and his mother are doing.

Post something that no one does, and there are two ways to do it:

  • Figure out something that no one knows or imagines. Like raiding in blue gear. But that needs you to be a unique genius and you’re probably not.
  • Say what many people think but don’t dare to say loud because they don’t want to rock the boat

I made my name by calling the bad players morons and slackers and suggested my readers to cut this dead weight off themselves and stop boosting them. Nobody liked me. Nobody wanted me in his circles. I wasn’t syndicated on the big wow sites. Those sites are gone now and I’m still here. Why? Because what I wrote was true and I was the only one saying it.

Don’t go with the flock! The way of the lone wolf isn’t that easy, but it’s something worth telling. No one wants to read the blog of a sheep, grazing all day. They want to hear about that wolf howling all alone in the woods.


Unrelated PS: I hate how social justice warriors are ruining existing games and films with their bizarre agenda, like the Star Wars sequels or the Ghostbusters abomination. I swear their next move will be replacing hotties in lead roles for grannies in the name of “ageism”…
… all hail Anita; it was Her turn to be president and I identify as a demisexual vegan transhispanic Muslim. (source)

Author: Gevlon

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11 thoughts on “Best blogging advice: don’t be afraid of disapproval”

  1. This is probably why I didn’t pick up blogging way back, when I considered it. I felt I would need to keep updating with trivial shit to keep people interested, and it felt like a huge chore putting out “WoW-related blog post #54123” or “what I’m playing” posts to keep the blog alive.

    Slightly OT: Damn, Linda Hamilton is 61 years old. And still looks badass as hell.


  2. Err no gevlon, you didnt make your name and become well read because you ranted about M&S. You made your name because you gave well thought out market strats, economic advise and taught people how to not be poor. It was (and still is) invaluable. You have a gift and that gift is making obscene, indecent and decadent amounts of wealth in video games. If you translated that to real life you could be an obscenely, indecently decadent hedge fund manager/investment banker and I for one would be queuing to give you my savings to manage for me. You never translated it though as far as I am aware, instead you began an ideological crusade to bring ayn rand to the video gamer masses. More power to you if thats what you want to do with your life… not why I read your blog though.


  3. @nightgerbil: you can’t make money without the belief that being poor is bad. You’ll be constantly riddled with guilt for being rich if you subscribe to the idea that being poor is injustice or bad luck. And you give your money and chances to the M&S who waste it.

    I didn’t make ungodly amount of money in real life because I will get old and die and my wealth will go to undeserving relatives. I made posts instead that will live on forever in the minds of people who read them. If you outlive me, you reading my post worth more than all the riches the Koch brothers amassed.


  4. I am more on Nughtgerbil’s page here. You really did make your name on sound game-economy advice and examinations of ethical/moral inferences from said sound game-economy advice. I am not sure how that would translate to RL wealth, though. Any lasting nontrivial success IRL requires being social, after all.

    Here is a more interesting consideration, though. Your economy blogging was, in some way, lifestyle blogging. Every day you found new and interesting ways of doing essentially the same thing – making heaps of pixel gold through M&S exploitation. And when you didn’t found a new and interesting way, you pretended you did and it sort of worked out.


  5. “The blogs I read are all up in arms about some strange initiative to revive game blogging.”

    That is a very curious way to frame it Gevlon. The phrase “Up in arms”is usually defined as meaning to be “protesting vigorously about something”. I am not aware of anything like that associated with this particular initiative.

    “Blaugust Reborn” ( is merely a collective effort to encourage people to write, podcast, stream and generally create content. It has a wider remit than previous events of this kind and isn’t just focused on gaming this time round.

    I wrote a blog post yesterday pointing out that it is a community event and not any kind of ideological cause. So to clarify no one is “up in arms”. I believe “enthusiastically advocating” or even just “enjoying” would be more accurate appraisals.


  6. I’ll partly agree with everyone above, but say your ability to see through the bullsh*t is the unifying factor.

    You could make money by analyzing the game’s marketplace instead of making another 100 pairs of copper pants to sell like the rest of the crowd. You could see the people who were just being deadweight instead of contributing, and devise a way to succeed around them. You see though political propaganda in Eve and forge ahead while others hopped on an exploited bandwagon. You could see when a game designer was manipulating and rigging a game, rather letting it play out fairly. Things along that line.

    Calling these things out publicly (rather than just playing the cards close to your chest and nursing the insight, like many others do) helped you stand out. Showing how even common gamers could succeed by breaking things down to a relatable level was the icing on top.

    Also, I wouldn’t say no to more cats either.


  7. you didn’t monetise your blog and your blog looks like dog shit. that in a way is the best filter, because people are really here for the content and not your photoshop-fu.

    never go by stats! people are stupid and this will be reflected in viewer stats! Like the advice you give to devs, don’t every listen to your audience or engage with them. tho I love your heavily moderated comment section. It gives some thoughtful comments and restores a bit of hope. but I don’t really want to know how many posts get deleted and what the good:garbage ratio is and how much time it takes you to filter and moderate. that time could be spend on writing and rewriting posts.


  8. I tried to find the source of your cats pic. I found a source where the first comment was about a murderous child and a chain letter. So I wonder if that’s your source as well (a goblin cannot post a cute kitty without an afterthought, can he?) . Anyway, it may not really matter.
    You lured me some ten years ago with posts about wow gold (and even leveling at very first). Nowadays, you do not post about wow or mmorpg’s.
    I generally disagree with your analysis of society and politics. It does not matter: I find them interesting to be read often enough, and I get a sight into an echo chamber that is alien to me. Congratulations!


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