Go Eagles … to hell!

Short update: I didn’t see it coming that the next ranked season which will come next patch (soonTM) will be with the exact same tiers as the previous. No Yugumo…

Anyway, I have much to practice with my Kagero, since I’m clearly not skilled enough to win battles:


World of Warships has an event … like … thing. It’s not really a thing because it does not require you to do anything. You sign up for a “team” and play normally. The “teams” are not represented in actual battles, it’s not like Eagles vs Sharks, players of different “teams” can be found in both sides of an actual battle. For kills, wins, heroic achievements and doing silly stuff like spot 4 people first you get points. The points are added to your “team”.

For certain point values (100, 350, 700, 1100) you get a lootbox. Also you get one at the end of the day if your “team” wins. Plus 1 if you are in the top 1000, one more for top 100 and top 10.

In the EU server the Sharks always win, simply because they have more players to collect points and because switching teams to the winners is trivial, you just select Sharks at the beginning of your day and you are there. So Sharks always get a free lootbox.

I’m stuck with Eagles who I selected before having a clue how this nonsense works. Why am I stuck? Because there is another reward: loyalty. If I stick with the Eagles, I will max out my loyalty and get lot of tokens:

Tokens are more important than lootboxes, because for 2 tokens I can buy a temporary skin that gives +175% captain XP. I’m not sure if I can play enough to max out Sharks if I switch now, because I don’t know how much I can play and so on. So I play safe and stay loyal to the Eagles until they are maxed out.

I absolutely don’t get the point of this “event”. It seems like just free rewards for doing what we were already doing. Fine, that’s nice, I guess the fact that August is usually the slowest month in gaming is the reason for the extras. But then why make the teams? Why reward those who picked Sharks higher? How could they not see that everyone will jump for the winning team?

I’m personally not that damaged by this because on most days I can play enough to get to the top 1000 Eagles, while top 1000 Sharks would be much harder. Also, I’m capable of realizing that having a free lootbox is good, even if the next guy gets two.

But this is still stupid and I wish I picked Sharks at the start.

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “Go Eagles … to hell!”

  1. Just fyi: be sure to exchange your shark/eagle tokens for “stuff”. Otherwise they will convert to credits.

    I took the containers. I want the coal for the premium upgrades. (only the campbelltown has a torp range > detection range)

    I’m trying to get steel. (For the BLACK) . But how ? I don’t know if it’s worth trying “supercontainers” as they might have some steel

    Right now I’m almost tier 6. I’ll need tier vii for ranked when it starts so that’s all I’m doing right now. I’ll need Tier X eventually but that will come in time.


  2. So Gevlon, I hate Wargaming from years of playing WoT. Do you think it is worth switching to WoWS?

    Do you know if my gold will convert over from WoT? I really hate the idea of giving WG more money.


  3. @Morelc: random games are just as rigged, but at least they don’t promote idiot suiciding like WoT.

    Ranked is great.

    It’s unlikely you can level ships and at least 1 captain up without spending money or ungodly amount of time.


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