My warships happenings

This post won’t be too informative, it’s rather what “blog” originally meant: web log, kind of “dear diary” style. The idea for it came after a somewhat successful battle with my Shimakaze:

“Somewhat” isn’t a joke, they had 4 ships left, we had 2 when the timer ran out, because matchmaking. This battle also served as a milestone, my first lvl 19 captain:

I keep one ship for all levels from 6, to be instantly ready – both ship-wise and routine-wise – for the next ranked season. The 9th season used T8 and T10 ships. The 8th used T8 only. The 7th used T6. The 6th used T7. The 5th used T6 and T8. I couldn’t find data for earlier seasons. We don’t know which tier would be used, but I’ll be ready. I really hope that the next season will be about the tier that wasn’t used in the last seasons: 9. Yugumo is by far my favorite ship.

Finally, I looked at my “achievement” page. It’s not like the achievements of other games, as you can get the same achievement many times, showing how do you play usually:


My most common achievement is devastating strike, eradicating a ship from high HP. If a ship gets a full stack of torpedoes, it usually sinks even from full HP. The second most likely is first blood, being the first to kill someone. That’s not unrelated from the other achievements. Killing a ship with guns from full HP is hard unless he is some real moron. But a single torpedo can kill an enemy destroyer and a stack can kill a larger ship. The third is “just a flesh wound”: you get it for killing someone after you died. It’s common because when I can’t run from an enemy or if the game is about to end anyway, I often run at a big fat ship and torpedo it from close. He sinks my ship with guns, but if I could launch the torpedoes, he’ll soon follow. “Detonation” is a stupid mechanic, totally random, you just explode when hit and get this silly achievement, along with consumables to prevent this. I’m stockpiling them for ranked.

So that’s about how I play World of Warships. See you on Monday with a preferably more intelligent post.


PS: you need exactly one guess which player cursed me all game on chat:

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6 thoughts on “My warships happenings”

  1. Mr Goblin (And the rest)

    1) I assume that you only play destroyers that can torp from outside the detection range. Or did it work out that way.

    2) I HATE BATTLESHIPS. I like destroyers. (It sort of reminds me of Eve where a brawling PVP ship has to go “all in” and either win and limp away or get slaughtered. ) Cruisers are *meh* to me. I like it when they have torps however, since I can use them to keep ships at range. I am considering becoming a destroyer and cruisers-with-torps only player. My highest “ranking” is in carriers…. by far. But that’s not too hard I think.

    3) Having never played in Ranked (and there is no ranked season in North America on right now)… I’m thinking I should try to get one nations ships to 10 so I have the possibility to play in Ranked, when it starts.

    4) I cannot join your 4cred clan. Since I play on a different server. Should I start a NA clan?



  2. The Khaba player was used to other DDs doing the job for him (spotting and capping) since he picked a ship that can’t. You refused to do it and suddenly he doesn’t like it when DDs play for damage.
    You won on points, though. This means that quite possibly you won because he bought you a minute of time and some points in a cap fight because your strategy (kill all enemies) clearly failed.


  3. @Phil: I tried many things and the IJN destroyer gameplay stuck on me. You can’t play a cruisers with torps only, but with IJN destroyers, you can play that way. Having one line up to X is very much encouraged. You can probably find a clan, but you can start your own if you pay 2000 doublons.

    @Stawek: wrong. I barely ever seen a game where a side is obliterated. Some enemy ship always survives on the edges or behind an island shooting HE. So while we technically won on points, it was like 1000:300. The victims included a Großer Kurfürst (who was running and died stuck on the map edge) and the enemy CV (from 1.8 km).


  4. You ended up 2vs4 so it was your side that was losing the fight. You won because you had more points and those could have only accumulated because you had more caps for longer.

    As for playing one line only: you like IJN destroyers cause they eliminate most of the game’s mechanics complexity. You don’t care about angling, shooting, AP and HE penetration, AA values, concealment (since yours is always the best), armour schemes. All you have to do is stay at roughly the 10km distance and spam torps.
    This is probably the reason most newbies start with them – they are the easiest ships to play.


  5. @Stawek: that was a different battle sorry for not being clear. In the first battle the enemy did a lemming train to A, so we held B and C for long (I capped C myself without any resistance (RPF shown that the nearest ship is in B). Then they sat in a blob, eating my torps and killing the surface ships that attacked them one by one, while we were left with a Hindenburg and a Missuouri on the other side of the map. I died as third last when an enemy cruiser started RPF following and was too fast to run out before the edge came.

    Yes, they are the easiest to play somewhat OK-ish. Yet most players don’t play it right and have low damage values. The next season can’t come soon enough.


  6. I’ve met Mr. Sadzior myself, I believe. He kind of stands out for me cause I’m Polish, too. If I remember him it must be for the same reason – bad play and flaming.
    I really like the idea of a Khaba player complaining about others’ lack of teamplay. They tend to be the worst pricks, completely ignoring the team and just farming useless damage on BBs while the enemy is taking caps uncontested and their DDs are free to send torp waves at point blank ranges. Unfortunately, the ship has such awesome stats that it gets a good win rate in the occasion his team is full of other DDs or radars so people keep playing them. They are also somewhat immune from the CV cancer, as they don’t rely on concealment.


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