World of Warships ranks and casuals

I received the download of the whole EU 9th season ranked participants from an anonymous commenter who only left the enigmatic message “Maxim as usual”. The question was how does rank relate to playtime. I separated the players into groups by played battles and ranks to create this grid:


The diagonal is undeniable. Clearly the higher the play count, the better the rank becomes for most players. More than half of the rank 1 players are in the final and largest playtime group and more than half of this group is rank 1 or 2-5. So Stawek indeed seems right, casual players with only a few games a day won’t rank out and most of them are on low ranks.

However more can be said on the low and mid-end. Rank 10 was reached by large groups of casual players, proving that it’s possible with even 1-2 games a day. Rank 6-9 is practically evenly distributed among the battle groups. If we only know that a guy is rank 6-9, we can’t guess if he plays once a day or all day. There are 500+ guys who managed to reach the same rank as I did by playing 5x more battles.

So this post wasn’t as definitive as I’ve expected. I can’t say “ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne”, nor I can say “yes, you were right”. It’s somewhere in-between. The conclusion is at best “you need to play a lot to have good rank, but playing a lot doesn’t guarantee you get there”.

Probably the main problem here is self-selection. I mean if someone fails to progress, he’ll likely give up and go back doing randoms instead of keeping trying. We can’t just force every player to play ranked no matter what to determine how many would still be worse than rank 15 after 200 games.

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3 thoughts on “World of Warships ranks and casuals”

  1. As I said before, playing a lot improves ranking but doesn’t guarantee it if somebody is just bad.

    This season’s Rank 10 was just silly.
    First of all, Rank 15 can be reached by everybody, even comparably bad players. That’s because except for R16, everything between R23 and R15 included was irrevocable ranks. This means that literally, everybody could get to R15, even with abysmally low win rate.
    This created the awful ELO hells in R15-11 and R10-6. First was just everybody – bads, potatoes, average casuals and good players with little time, all mixed together. Second, R10-R6 was probably even worse. Everybody with a tiny bit of skill or luck could escape the R11-15 bracket and then get absolutely murdered by the better players in R10 and above (plus, mediocre and casual players have little experience in T10 because one needs to have a premium account and be reasonably good to earn enough credits to play it regularly). In the previous seasons, they would have dropped back to R11 and enjoy the game against similar opponents. In this season they were stuck in R10, cursing the opponents and cursing their teammates (of which some were as bad as themselves and genuinely below the curve).

    I had my best games in the 10-6 bracket, with enemies just suiciding against me (using smoke when attacked by YY is suicide. I will radar the enemy and see them but now their own smoke is covering me). The R13-11 was just pure random. I started the season with 3 losses in a row because one teammate (the same in all 3 games, it was late in the night) decided to torp his own team. I still saved a star in 2 of them but they’d be easy wins otherwise. Plus the completely brain dead CVs deciding the outcome of the game singlehandedly. Wasn’t fun at all.

    I bet a lot of people quit because of that, after reaching T10. Of course, they never thought to just wait a bit and come back 3 weeks later, to play against a thinned field.


  2. That that particular instance of “Maxim as usual” had exactly nothing to do with me :D. Maybe someone who is aware that you sometimes reply to my comments was trying to get your attention this way.

    As for your interpretation of the data, i have nothing of substance to add.


  3. @stawek: 1/3 of the ranked players did not have “tiny bit of skill or luck could” and failed to reach rank 10.
    How could one torp his own team in 3 games? Shouldn’t he be locked into coop games after the second teamkill?
    However I agree, too many people gave up too early.


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