Who saw this coming?

Half year ago I wrote about PUBG streamers and their insane statistics:

this guy who published his study on reddit had a much better idea. He watched streams and wrote down the names of the players killed by the streamers. He have found that the same names come up again and again. This has one explanation: the streamers run bots or hire players to get into their games and then die to them. The bot commander or the various hired players watch the stream and rush to the location of the streamer, giving him kills and loot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d also act as bodyguards or baits to protect the streamer from players around.

Aaaand… the patron saint of the “l33t” in PUBG (especially that dumb Syncaine), Shroud is banned from PUBG for doing exactly this.

Granted, over the time he got more and more careless and obvious, finally talking to his mules on stream, literally telling them what weapons to get him. His mules using flying cars (blatant cheating) probably didn’t help either.

Anyway, that filth is finally off the game and won’t be missed by anyone but the “l33t” idiots who believe that you don’t need brains and can ignore strategy, all you need is good hand-eye coordination.

So we have definitive answer to the rhetoric question of Syncaine “in a game with 50 Gevlons or 50 Shrounds who would win”? The Gevlons of course, because the Shrouds are banned.

Author: Gevlon

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9 thoughts on “Who saw this coming?”

  1. Yes, because he is more equal than us. But it doesn’t change the fact that I was right and his great stats come from cheating instead of good performance.


  2. Actually, the 3-day ban was from several months ago. His recent ban is for 30-days. But apparently, the devs don’t mind ban evasion, as he has already created a new account and is playing/streaming again.


  3. Maybe a little perspective is in order. The really popular streamers are not just playing, they are entertainers. And they attract all sorts of hangers on who want to be in front of 30k viewers. You yourself admitted that no one would want to watch your PUBG stream, so think about the person whose job it is to have an entertaining stream. The stream snipers probably help in the sense that they provide consistent action throughout the match, so it is a symbiotic relationship. But of course teaming is against the rules, so the ban was just.

    But I would not take things out of order. Shroud is not good because he teams. He was already so good that he was able to draw tens of thousands of viewers, and then the match experience got warped by his celebrity, and him being human, he started to interact with his fans in game.

    Also don’t forget the key rule of what makes someone “good” at something. How hard is it for someone to replicate it? Think about how long it would take Shroud to be good at your “hiding” game versus how hard it would be for you to replicate what he is doing. There is no comparison. You can take comfort in your high ladder ranking, but how quickly would that drop if any significant part of the playerbase decided to make that a goal? Very quickly, because there is not a lot of learning curve to the hiding.


  4. I don’t know any details here. However, how likely is it that he just trolled the snipers to bring him AK?


  5. @eatenbyagrue: I have no problem him being a rodeo clown and making money of it. I have problem with people genuinely painting him as a role model for competitive players.

    Your question is about as valid as “how much your investment would worth if suddenly everyone would start investing”. The technical answer is zero, because there would be too much money and too little consumption and the rates would go zero. However the investments are safe way to prepare for retirement because most people will forever be dumb.

    @Stawek: considering that these “snipers” didn’t try to kill him, that’s a long shot.


  6. @gevlon it’s an interesting analogy, but I think it breaks down. Investment into one’s retirement is an objective good. There is nothing good about not having sufficient assets for oneself in later years when earning power is diminished. Those who are able to do this but ignore it for short term gains are effectively screwing their future selves and you are correct in classifying them into your M&S class. There really is no other side of the argument, unless maybe in a rare case of someone with a terminal condition who will not see older years.

    But in a game, multiple aims can be valid, because there are really no costs in a virtual world designed as a playground. Pet collectors are just as valid as raid gear collectors in WoW. Just as K/D ratio collectors are just as valid as ladder board ranking collectors in PUBG. Your contention that the developer’s official leaderboard is the only goal of the game is a paper thin argument. Absent a clear and desireable reward (e.g. staged competition with prize money), the goals of the game can be fluid and be whatever enough consensus of players say they are, enough to where there is competition among peers, and recognition for those who excel in that metric. Sure, the leaderboard is one valid metric of skill, but you seem to discount all others, and you have yet to articulate a coherent reason for doing so. You got frustrated on reddit because people did not validate your metric, but ironically you discounted theirs just as stubbornly.

    Anyway, you are railing against a guy who has gained a following due to a high level of skill in shooting things in an FPS, while also avoiding being shot. Most of his viewers admire that, so he deserves what he has worked for.


  7. “dumb Syncaine” sounds ad hominem. Perhaps a link to example where his opinion is, hmmm, strange would make the claim more valid than the opinions of reddists refuting your findings about star saving myth.
    Also, maybe “(especially that” -> “(especially for that”


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