How can you destroy fake news

I wrote how the worldofwarship subreddit willingly upvoted already debunked fake news, just because it fit into their worldview. Then I discussed a more relevant problem than biased video game guys: how the propaganda media spreads it as a well-oiled machine.

But what can we do about it? Ridicule them! The link leads to a subreddit which specializes in unfair mod action, but that’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is the upvote count and the traffic I’ve received:

I got more upvotes and traffic from the post that ridiculed the fake news lover morons than I could ever get from my statistics posts being treated fairly. Why? For the exact reason why fake news spreads: social people love to see themselves right and superior and reading about idiots who eat fake news make them feel better than them.

The way of defeating fake news is simply that: ridicule it and its consumers to another group of people. Please note that there is no distinction between groups, there is no “fake news eaters” and “smart people”. Group A eats A-type fake news and can be ridiculed to Group B at the same time while B is ridiculed for eating B-type fake news. With political example: at the same time you can make videos about evangelicals supporting fake Bible quotes and make videos about liberals being outraged over “racist” Trump quotes that are actually 2008 Obama quotes.

This is how my blog operated at the start, before I got too philosophical. Every day I posted “moron of the day”, ridiculing someone with no gems or blaming gear on mechanics fail or some other failure in World of Warcraft. People loved my blog back then and I had no clue why. I need to find a way back to this: making fun of morons and slackers.

By the way, this is happening in politics too. The coat of Melania is an awesome example and “womp womp” is an internet meme already. Or that the countless people who shout “you are fake news” into on-air reporting of various news outlets. The 1984-scenario is losing. (For more irony, this tweet is next to an apology for spreading fake news)

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6 thoughts on “How can you destroy fake news”

  1. The moron of the day got me reading this blog if I remember correctly. Off topic; did you try War Thunder when looking for a new game? I tried it out just yesterday. It seems like a ripe spot for future moron of the day posts. It’s much the same as World of tanks, but I have no idea about it’s matchmaking or ptw-ness


  2. Actually, you were more popular because you provided useful, actionable information on how to succeed in various games. The social commentary was really hit-or-miss; laughing at morons is whatever, but demonstrating how blue-geared non-pro raiders could down bosses really throws the average social guilds’ failures in a new light. It really did make me reexamine the random guild mates I was planning my life around, and whether it’s worth putting up with their antics (spoiler: it is never worth it).

    Compare all that to, say, your report on World of Warships. “There are no star savers sinking your games.” What can anyone do with that information, other than admit they lose because they’re bad players (or the game is rigged)? I’m not saying it’s pointless to discover conclusively – that information surely is useful to some people – but it was never going to have a broad appeal. You proved it, the M&S didn’t believe it, but there’s no way for anyone to use the info, so it will just remain a canard that perpetuates forever.

    You will get more clicks by going the “fake news” route, but you have to ask yourself whether clickbait is truly the goal of your blog. Maybe that’s what you care about now, I don’t know. Otherwise, I suggest you go back to “exploiting the M&S” by clever uses of game/social mechanics and otherwise attract clicks via “selfish” people working in their own best interests. Or you can become a comedy site. Up to you.


  3. @Azuriel: working on it. But for some bizarre reason, World of Warships has no ranked season at the moment (every game I’ve known had new season right after the old one ended), so I can’t test my ideas.


  4. They alternate Ranked and Clan seasons but even before Clan battles were introduced ranked seasons had a few months between them. Just how WG like to do it, though I don’t know their reasons for it.

    Why your posts on WoW aren’t making waves could be because you don’t know enough about the game to be useful, yet.


  5. @Stawek: the author being a 1-day account, basing his conclusions on Rick Astley’s song got a warm reception, so inexperience can’t be the reason.


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