Steam saw the future and made a wise decision

It’s a canned post, but it’s still valid. Also, no politics included, despite some politician’s names appear.

You probably heard about the decision of Steam to allow all games that are not against the law or straight up trolling.

Freedom of artistic expression isn’t a new concept and it’s unlikely if Gabe Newell had a jedi awakening recently. He just follows the money. Since Kingdom Come Deliverance made bank big time, people with more business savvy than ideological zeal realized that the money is with the “conservatives”.

The “” is there, because I have to agree with Wilhelm who said that I am – like most right wing voters – don’t fit into the party of Ronald Reagan or Paul Ryan. But the thing is, Reagan is dead and Ryan is retiring and not because of old age. The “Trump movement” (which existed long before Trump, see Hungarian PM Orbán since 2010 and of course Putin) isn’t theirs and they don’t fit.

But that’s irrelevant, just like the fact that “liberal” today mean very different from what it meant in the XIX century. Let’s just be objective and talk about “people who vote Trump, Putin, Orbán, Kaczyński, Le Pen…” because it’s a clear, objectively existing group. A big one. With lot of money. Clinton won among people with low income, Trump won among those who earn more than the median. This means disposable income. This means money spent on games.

Steam simply saw the future: the future when there are lots of people who proudly reject the social justice talking point and gladly (even trollingly) do things that are not approved by liberals. They also proved that they gladly boycott any entertainment industry that doesn’t cater to them, just ask the National Football League who finally bent the knee – oh wait! – after their ticket sales fell flat.

They indeed left a loophole for “trolling games”, but that’s not as big as it looks, as trolling is pretty well defined, it’s something that lives on outrage. Kingdom Come lived primarily on those who wanted an “authentic” medieval game, they kickstarted the thing long before social justice activists got outraged (though their outrage clearly helped with sales). A school shooting game has no primary audience, no one wants to play that for any other reason than making other people mad.

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13 thoughts on “Steam saw the future and made a wise decision”

  1. I don’t think they’re doing this for any reason other than money.

    Their business model is to sell you as many games as possible. The cheaper the better, too. The guy that buys 50 games for 1.50 each just because they’re cheap contributes a lot more to their bottom line than the guy who only plays PUBG or whatever.

    As such, they have dippy collectibles like trading cards (Valuable Screeps trading cards! Yay! You KNOW I cherish my precious “Terminal” trading card!) Wait, no I don’t. I think my exact reaction was “What the hell is this shit?”

    So woo! “Game collectors” buying cheap games to get the cards looking for “rare” ones? It could happen.


  2. @Smokeman: they already had lots of worthless games. Like 20K titles a year. They didn’t need *more*. They need the good ones to be on the site.

    @NoGuff: have you considered that the target audience of the game is … gays?


  3. @Gevlon

    A game was removed from, and by Steam because it depicted killing homosexuals, and was never re-instated, but yet this is allowed to remain without removal, flagging or otherwise. Apparently, hunting down and killing straights is less of a sin than the depiction of killing homosexuals. I could care less who the target audience is with either game. The point is that Steam is NOT following their own policy equally.


  4. @Noguff: wrong. “Trolling” is getting something (here: sales) from outrage as opposed to “genuine fun of bad people”. I don’t see anyone outraged over it (besides you).

    For example: if you have a game where you must find hiding Jews and put them to the train to Auschwitz and you market it to genuine neo-nazis, that’s not trolling (probably illegal in many countries). It’s only trolling if the sales or the free marketing come from people who don’t like it and mad about it.


  5. Gevlon before you put Kaczynski in the same basket as the others, read about 500+ program in Poland.

    It basicly giving 500 zloty to every family with 2+ kids, which is basicly buying votes. You cant even make point that its to help families, because you could simply made tax return to every family with 2+ kids for the same ammount. The financial situation of WORKING family wouldnt change, but it would avoid promoting leechers to live out of breeding kids.

    It futhers puts Poland future in a dire situation, because now every kid is rising with gross debt to the economy/country of around 150k zloty per person. That is even more problematic when you consider a lot of these people will follow their parents footsteps of “i dont have to work, gov will pay for me”.

    This is NOT rational future. This is not rational approach to economy or politics. This is straight up bubble, that will burst into disaster. Its socialistic poison of the worst sort.


  6. “@Smokeman: they already had lots of worthless games. Like 20K titles a year. They didn’t need *more*. They need the good ones to be on the site.”

    No, WE need the good ones to be on the site, not the huge sacks of crap to wade through. Yet they throw up those crap games anyway. Why is that? Whose agenda does it serve? THEY apparently feel (As shown by their actions.) That they WANT sacks of crap instead of a manageable number of at least decent games.


  7. Please go search on “Trump blames video games” and then tell me how this is any sort of win for the political coalition you are claiming. Back on March 8 he was blaming violent video games for school shootings. You political hypotheses is simply not provable.

    As for trolling being well defined, I could not disagree more. We have seen time and again that trolling is what people say it is in any given moment. Steam just gave themselves an out for anything controversial, so their policy is essentially unchanged.


  8. Anon:
    Why do you think Merkel and other Western Europe leaders are so keen on importing migrants? do you really believe in their good hearts? or maybe it’s because they red demographics reports and realized that in 60-70 years Germans will simply die out because women are so busy having fun that they refuse to have babies?
    Kaczynski is doing what he has to. The economy is of no use when your people die out.
    Kaczynski is no saint but if he refuses to take immigrants in he has to find a way to increase childbirth.

    Killing straight people is the main idea in most games. It isn’t offensive cause “targeting” 99% of people means not targeting anybody at all.


  9. You tend to do this a lot, and this is where you draw so much criticism. You take a fact, draw a conclusion from it, and assume that is the only conclusion that can be drawn. It is borderline conspiracy theory type thinking. Occam’s Razor is quite useful here. Don’t assume things that are not necessary.

    The situation is obvious without trying to assert that Steam is somehow now in the conservative political camp and has had it with all these “SJW” types. What is quite obvious is Steam just wants to sell games and collect its percentage and does not want to be in the middle of political disputes. It certainly does not want to pull games that sell well. I suspect it would want the exact same thing if the facts were reversed and some developer made a hot game about achieving communist utopia and killing Jesus and the conservatives got all up in arms about it.


  10. Steam’s decision isn’t about “conservatives,” it’s about selling VR sex games and hentai. Those are the only games Steam actively censors right now, and their policy has been inconsistent for years. The Witcher series can show sex on a unicorn, but still images of anime boobs have to be removed. Meanwhile, Gabe specifically unbanned the game Hatred back in 2014 while saying Steam shouldn’t be in the business of deciding what games should be released – “Steam is about creating tools for content creators and customers.” That hasn’t been the case for only one type of game, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not it.


  11. @Wilhelm: I’ve never claimed that Steam is a win for Trump. I claim that Trump is a win for gamers. Because Trump proved that the “alt-right” isn’t a fringe but half of the population, games that cater to this demographics is made.

    About the Steam policy I see no reason to argue. We’ll see soon enough. Within a few months there will be a game that make SJWs outrage, either because it has E-cup girls fighting or because it doesn’t let you play as a transgender disable Muslim elf, but it’ll be a good game anyway. If Steam surrenders and bans it, you are right. If not, I’m right.

    @Stawek: Merkel is simply wrong because of invalid past examples. A couple of decades ago Turkish and Tunesian guest workers arrived to Germany and worked hard and it was good for all. Merkel wants to repeat that. She forgot that guest workers never intended to stay, they had skills, they came invited and they weren’t practicing Muslims.

    @eatanbyagrue: I didn’t assume that Steam is conservative, I assume they want to sell ALL games, not just SJW games. We are in complete agreement. Which is funny.

    @Azuriel: because hating anime is totally not an SJW thing. Because Kotaku totally did not lose its mind over Soul Caliber 6. Ever heard of Anita Sarkeesian?


  12. @stawek

    Killing straight people is the main idea in most games. It isn’t offensive cause “targeting” 99% of people means not targeting anybody at all.”

    What? Seriously? Since when did you get appointed to determine the sexual preferences of every single video game character that has ever been made? By using your logic, every single NPC in GTA should spark public outcry and ignite the deepest of burning embers in every SJW’s heart when they are shot, ran over, beaten with a bat…etc. Right?

    Whatever happened to the belief that every life is sacred? Jeesh.


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