Simple solution for the CV + AA cruiser premades (and Grozovoi)

There is a serious unbalance in the random games, the matchmaker can’t help with carrier + Anti-air ship premades which can rack up 90%+ winrate. The problem isn’t with the premade part, the premades made of random ships are usually harmless. It’s the “AA ship part”. On the other hand, several ships with serious AA capabilities are underused or having bad winrate, Grozovoi being the poster child.

The problem is that lots of games have no carrier. Going into a carrier-less battle with an AA focused ship is being useless. Poor AA-specced Grozovoi has no chance against a Khabarovsk, neither in clear 1v1, nor if they have equal crusier support. Because of that, no one brings a lone AA ship into a battle, so the matchmaker has no chance to find one into a battle against a premade. The premade members know that they will fight a carrier, since the matchmaker always places carrier against carrier, so they can bring an AA ship for easy air superiority.

The solution for both problem is simple: let players choose if they prefer a carrier or not in their random game, with the switch set to “yes” if you are a carrier yourself or in premade with one. This would have the positive effects:

  • If enough players are available, the carriers can be placed into battles with players who like playing with/against carriers, while those who don’t like them can be without them, increasing the satisfaction of everyone.
  • You can spec your ship AA and reasonably expect to fight against carriers. Grozovois will no longer be inferior against Khabarovsks since they will win if both of them are supported by planes.
  • If there aren’t enough players to cater to the preference of everyone, the matchmaker could still put equal amount of “yes carrier” and “no carrier” players to both teams. So if there is a carrier, both teams will have equal amount of AA ships so the premade won’t be at advantage. If there is no carrier, both teams have equal amount of ships with worthless AA abilities. Either way, if you spec your ship AA without a carrier buddy, you will still not be at disadvantage.

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5 thoughts on “Simple solution for the CV + AA cruiser premades (and Grozovoi)”

  1. Wouldn’t work because nobody queuing with a non aa ship would ever choose to fight carriers. So the queue times for “with carrier games” would be long. It would only need a slight preference in fact in favour of non carrier games to kick start the process where longer queue= less people queuing = longer queues. Until you would reach the wow twink pvp battleground scenarios where the random queues don’t pop at all. Even the aa crusier premades would stop queuing as 20 mins wait versus 28 sec wait = I’ll queue for a no carrier game instead.


  2. @nightgerbil: There are two answers for that. The first is in the post, the last bullet point. If it wasn’t clear, if there aren’t enough carrier-lovers next to carriers, than the game will start anyway with non-carrier lovers pulled in, with equal numbers both sides.

    Secondly: if vast majority of the playerbase prefer non-carriers, maybe it’s high time to consider removing carriers from the game.


  3. Divisions only exacerbate the problem of CV power level (mostly in the spotting). Removing them is the obvious solution but even just removing CV spotting would help for start and be much simpler to implement. AA is a balancing factor for quite a few ships so removing CVs would require a lot of ship changes.


  4. Indeed, it only skews the win rates in favour of AA ships like Minotaur and Des Moines when they seal club in divisions, even if those ships are weaker overall than a Hindenburg or Zao.


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