How to save 10% service cost with a few clicks?

After a battle, regardless if you won or lost, survived or sank, you have to pay service cost, determined by your tier. This cost is tiny on low levels but grows to pretty high at high tiers. At T10 it can push players into negative, being unable to earn enough credits in a battle to pay for services and other costs.

Because of that, decreasing service costs is important. There is a simple way to do so:

All you have to do is join a clan which has a port facility for your ship class and you get it automatically. But what if nobody takes you into his “too elite” clan?

Make one! Creating a clan costs some gold and has no facilities. The first is a one-time cost that pays off soon. The second can be fixed by recruiting players. How? By randomly sending clan invites to people you play with and have no clan. There is some limit how many people you can invite per week and of course most will ignore the offer and it’ll expire. However my personal experience is that you can get 10 players per week. Whenever a player earns a crate, he’ll get 10 oil.

One service facility costs 4-5000 oil. Starting up is slow, but once you have near 30 players, you get that oil fast. All you have to do is keep recruiting and firing inactives and oil just flows in.


PS: if you are a blog reader and want to join for the -10% costs, just send an application and I accept it. Just keep getting crates because lowest performers are constantly purged to make space for better farmers. The oil must flow!

PS2: important safety message about multiple ships sitting in the same smoke:

Author: Gevlon

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2 thoughts on “How to save 10% service cost with a few clicks?”

  1. Not that it really has an impact on my decision to apply or not but have you considered if you want your clan to participate in Clan battles in the future?


  2. @Raziel: for clan battles you need a clan, not a random collection of players from various timezones, languages and interests who just accepted a random invite.


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