Zulu power for lots of credits

If you have less credits than you wish for, you can convert gold with 1:1500 ratio. Or you can buy from promotions with some discount. Sure, you can just farm with lower tier ships, but if you don’t enjoy that play, “time is money” applies.

However there is an in-between, the Zulu signal:

It costs 8 gold pieces and gives +20% credits. Ergo, if you earn more than 60K base credits (earning less needs some special kind of fail over tier 5), you earn more than 1500 credits/gold by flying this signal. Sure, it slowly depletes your gold stockpile, which is less than funny. However if you play 4 games per hour, then you paid only 24 gold or less than 10 cents for an hour of entertainment which isn’t much to ask.

In return, you get surprising amount of credits on the long run, because of how the services work on the higher tiers. You get lot of credits, but you also spend the lot, making your net gain small. This makes the small looking 20% closer to 100% net increase.

Over Tier 8 you can and probably should fly another signal: Zulu Hotel. It gives -10% services cost for 4 gold pieces. After T8, your services costs are higher than 60K, saving you more credits than converting the 4 pieces into credits would give.

I haven’t converted any gold to credits and not planning to do it ever. I also never played a ship that I didn’t want to play for the sole reason of “I need credits”.


Ranked is going very well (click on tiny). As much as I struggled with carriers or US DDs, the Japanese DDs come naturally:

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

6 thoughts on “Zulu power for lots of credits”

  1. I don’t know how to make flood on purpose. It just happen sometimes with torpedo hits.

    I think I use the -4% detection range camo. Or at least I wanted to.


  2. Flooding depends on where a shit is hit + a good bit of RNG. If you are torping from any kind of range (like you will be doing with IJN DDs) you have little to no input on whether or not the ship will flood, however what you can do is look for battleships that have recently used their Damage Control consumable and go after those. You can also look to create this situation yourself by setting a ship on fire with HE while your torps are en route, as a lot of people will use damage con to put out a fire immediately instead of saving it for a bigger hazard (like flooding or multiple fires).


  3. Torpedoes (both ship and aerial) have a chance to cause flooding. Each torpedo has its own chance, higher with tiers and damage, ships have defensive flood reduction (particularly battleships). A hit on the bow or stern always causes a flood.
    It’s a massive damage over time effect that can be repaired by damage control party. DCP is always used for floods, as the damage is usually high enough to destroy the ship. The trick is to cause flood after somebody used his so he can’t repair again. You do it by deliberately targeting ships which used DCP (maybe they were forced to repair fires, another flood or were dropped and flooded by a carrier), which is why reporting enemy DCP use in chat is rather important. Extremely effective for carriers, as they can target any ship very quickly.
    Another way is to stagger DD torpedo launches so that DCP used to repair the first flood will not be available when the second launch hits (mind that the enemy will change course when the first torpedoes arrive trying to dodge them). It only really works for BBs as other ships can usually dodge a single-launcher salvo. If you can do it the target is pretty much dead.
    Relevant links


  4. @stawek: I know that, I just don’t understand how can someone who isn’t in a carrier pick targets. I torpedo the ship that is in range. I can’t teleport over the map to hit someone else. Sometimes I get lucky and the target has no DCP. Most cases I surprise them with torp reload consumable.


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