I won’t post my in-game food

Almost a year ago I wrote that many bloggers post their random adventures in a game, which has the problem that everyone else has similar adventures. I compared it to the repulsive habit of some people of posting their food pictures on social media.

I have this problem now. I’m playing World of Warships. I’m not even bad at it. But nothing exceptional, even in the good games. I mean “I outplayed 3 noobs and sank them all by myself” is not interesting to anyone, even if I assume that the game itself is interesting. What can you gain from this? That bad players just can’t stop chasing a destroyer despite they saw the other idiot exploding by its torpedoes? I doubt if you’re surprised. This is no way unique or otherwise worthy of attention of anyone. I’m playing a video game as intended. That’s the most cliche thing a gamer can do.

All my successful posts were about playing a game as not intended by the devs or at least not as it’s played by the masses. Like raiding in blue gear. Waging war on a 40K nullsec coalition in highsec, then by hunting ratters. Getting super rich in an mobgrinding MMO without killing mobs. Getting into top 100 out of a million FPS players without shooting players. And of course catching rigged games and corrupted devs.

I don’t have anything like that in World of Warships. No “secret winning strategy” that works by not better playing but innovative playing. Nothing I’ve done is worth reading about – short of a quick peek on some funny screenshot.

I like the game and keep playing it. It’s competitive, so I will surely find something. But if I cannot, if I’m limited to “just play the game”, then sooner or later I’ll abandon it for something that has blogging material in it. But for now, let’s hope for the best that some unique strategy will be found. Something that actually works not because of good play, but because of smart play.

Till then, I keep reflecting to other blogs, gaming news and try to cook up good ideas about games in general.


PS: Not so funny screenshot of an AFK-er and a bunch of morons who were too much to carry:

Funny screenshot of outplayed morons (click to see):

Finally, lucky screenshot of lootbox (you get them for playing, not buying):

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

7 thoughts on “I won’t post my in-game food”

  1. Indeed, your example games were rather unspectacular when viewed from the perspective of playing 10k games myself. Got any 4k base XP games, maybe? 🙂 Understandable for a beginner.

    Get a T10 and try finding a novel way of playing Clan Battles. You can resurrect your idea of an asocial guild, too. You can find a way of playing ranked in an asocial way (ignoring teamplay and focusing on farming XP to never lose a star would be a winning strategy if you can do it reliably). You can search for an idea to make your teammates play better, forcing them into team play when they’d otherwise be useless. You can search for some hidden ranking in matchmaker (like in WoT) or for XP farming strategy (like quick yolo for XP and starting a new game). There are some possibilities here to break the “don’t die, play safe and farm damage” meta.

    I doubt you’ll find anything groundbreaking, though. It’s a very robust game (when CVs are ignored).

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  2. If there is nothing interesting gaming-wise, you can still do your social/semi-political posts. I’m sure just as many people are interested in those, as the gaming related stuff. I mean, when the most prominent MMO release is freaking Bless Online (a trainwreck in the making, from what I could gather from the initial info dumps), you can tell that the state of the genre is not looking good.


  3. @Stawek: playing asocially to save a star was my first idea. Too bad that everyone and his mother is doing it (or whines about it). Hiding in the back with a HE shooting Conqueror is the most cliche thing in ranked. I started the whole WoT playing by quick yolo to check to play it at all and it doesn’t work: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/02/world-of-warships-does-not-seem-to-be-rigged/

    However I do have an idea, but that needs testing (and a T8 Japanese DD).


  4. Why not make how to play guides? map reviews, ship reviews and talk us through how to play carriers? People didn’t come find your blog to read the ramblings of “tinfoil crazy gevlon calling mitanni literally evil rofl”, they came because you said gather round children, let me teach you how to become unspeakably wealthy in video games. “but…but… Uncle Gevlonnnnnnn… the undercutters *sob*” Now kids HERES how we deal with those. You followed up with further blogs. The most interesting (to me) series you did charted your rise to eve richs. Thats what convinced me to keep trying to play the stupid tutorials over and over until I eventually figured out how to play.

    If you do decide to move on I suggest neverwinter. Its one of the greediest games I have ever seen, its truely obscene, but you can still f2p if your smart. You’ll love how they do gear progression: literally no gear resets and all the old content is relevent for new alts and players cos of the boon system. Its got its flaws no doubt about it, but they are DIFFERENT flaws to wow and swtor. Frankly I wish I could have my own mmo company as I think with the ideas I can rip off neverwinter and put into a more modern design with non trivial pve content would really revive the industry. Combine it with the swtor companion system and approach to pvp, the rift class system and wow tbc end game raiding structure: yum.


  5. Wait all you list is intended play. otherwise you get banned fast.
    the only thing in your whole gaming career that could be count as a bit shady was your glyph business in wow back in the day heavily aided by mods. That was the only thing where you could have played “not intended by the devs”.

    grp play dungeon in wow – is the core gameplay of wow.
    waging war in EVE – is not intended?
    lifeskilling in BDO – devs didn’t put this in?
    PUBG – you where admin and spawn stacks of medicine into you inventory or gave yourself god-mode?

    it is good to read my comment from back then! And I still stand by its content today!
    Pictures of your in-game food
    people want to feel important, because they are not. writing for the ominous internet audience is something like a exhibitionism for them. nothing more interesting than a housewifes gossip at the market. it’s the same thing.

    Also we can interpret this the good old harsh way of symbol stacking. To document in painful detail how you waste your youth away is a symbol of luxury if in combination you fake (usually take debt or marry some rich idiot that throws money at you) other symbols of status, wealth, health, etc. you don’t buy a yacht to bang some 1000 Euro/s escort. you do all this to have exactly this dick-size comparison in every way and and form


  6. @nightgerbil: but I don’t have obscene winrate which means I don’t know how to play World of Warships really good, ergo I have nothing to teach. I’ll be back when I have results. My EVE guides were based on my ability to earn a PLEX in an hour.

    @Anon: maybe “intended” isn’t the good word, but “planned” or “imagined”. They used those things as distractions or niche and I used them as main progression path. For example they imagined that glyphs will be crafted by friends for friends and not someone supplying half the server. They planned EVE wars in great battles in nullsec, not slaying haulers near Jita. They planned PUBG that people shoot each other instead of sitting in the bathroom.


  7. While you may not think it’s interesting for people to see you “pwning 3 newbs” for many it is. The reason is that they don’t get the results you do through either playing poorly or some other reasoning. Looking at your games and discovering how you achieve victory is non-trivial to many, and so they attempt to learn from you a better strategy than they could figure out on their own.


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