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As I mentioned several times, I played World of Warships with carriers, because I liked the strategic view instead of the aim and shoot play of battleships. But after the manual aim feature arrived at Tier 6, I started to dislike the gameplay, it was way too APM-based instead of thinking based. Especially the Japanese carriers. They have twice as many small squads instead of the few large squads of the USA carriers. Many squads means many clicks, something I neither can do well, nor like. But hey, the results matter, not fun. Well, the results didn’t come either:


In every tier, my Japanese carriers had lower winrate and got less XP per battle (which is the game telling how useful I was). If we look at the World data, we see two strange things. At first, I had higher XP with all my carriers than the average player even when my winrate was way below average. This can be either

  • matchmaker messing: I got rated high as a player, so my worse carriers got matched too high, so they lost even when they were above average
  • rewarding problem: the game rewards activities with XP and credits that doesn’t really contribute to wins, like blowing up deplaned carriers. This is a heated problem because in ranked games being the top XP player of the lost team means no rating loss and such players are usually not the ones who did the most for winning

It’s more interesting that my results are directly opposite of the results of the average player: I always did better with USA and they always did better with Japan. Probably because the average player is better on the APM front than on the thinking front. This gives the following probable projects: a USA carrier guide and poking around the matchmaker.

But for myself, what’s not working should not be pushed. I’m selling my Japanese carriers and retrain my captains for destroyers. Unfortunately I’ve already bought the T8 Japanese carrier, I’ll keep it until its captain is needed and play daily with her, despite her 30% winrate (stock + low APM + horrible luck). The plan is to have the T7, 8, 9, 10 of the mainline Japanese destroyers (there is a side-line up to T8 with lower speed and higher DPS). I’ll also have the T7-10 USA carriers. For now, that 8 ships will be more than enough.

The destroyer play clicked instantly. It’s also strategic, much more focused on thinking than quick aim (torpedoes have long travel time) and focus on hiding and running. For example on the game below the enemy killed 2x more ships than us, leaving only two tiny destroyers alive… in their cap zone:


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2 thoughts on “Numbers, carriers, destroyers”

  1. If you can’t handle T6 carriers you will get murdered in T8-10, no matter the nation (particularly when the US are weaker overall). They all have a lot of squads and the high tier ships can have insane AA damage, which means losing whole squads in a matter of seconds if you aren’t careful enough.

    Your average higher win in low tier CVs is easy to explain and you’re basically correct. CVs are OP because they can spot the enemies and apply their damage to key targets. The strategy is very important. Most people have no clue, though. If you’re up for an experiment, you can try playing the game without attacking opponents – just spot DDs and protect allies with fighters. I bet you’d get positive win rate results despite dealing 0 damage yourself.

    T6 and above nation stats aren’t reliable. The premium ships are slightly OP and are utilized by twink divisions. Saipan + Atlanta + anything, piloted by experienced players can get 95% win rate. Just check out a few players from AA ships leaderboards (like Atlanta, Cleveland, Kutuzow, Des Moines, Minotaur) and above average plane kills. Like this guy,I_AM_LULU_SNAIL/?type=div3 . 94% win rate on Atlanta in 3-ship divisions, over 53 games. That’s 50:3 score.
    Playing T10 CV solo is a losing proposition even if you were very good.

    As for DDs, I suggest PA line. JPN just isn’t good enough in DDvsDD fights and capping, making them weak strategy-wise. US and PA have decent torps (the gap in torp quality gets much smaller in higher tiers, to the point where they are comparably strong at T10) but they get awesome artillery and utility (great smoke or radar). YueYang is the highest win rate ship in ranked this season.

    By the way: did you hide your stats?


  2. @Stawek: I don’t have trouble losing squads to minotaurs, I have trouble losing them to not clicking fast enough. I don’t need a zero-damage experiment as I often ended up with very little damage because I was too busy spotting and shooting down planes.

    About capping: While I try, I slowly come to the realization that capping isn’t all that important (except for the ninja cap of the instant-win 2-base fights). The concept of capping is that you take a few strategic locations and hold them. However randoms (and this probably includes ranked randoms) just can’t resist sailing into a fight, even if it’s both hopeless and pointless, he’d just have to wait for the timer to tick. It doesn’t matter, he wants “fun fights”. Ergo, I start to believe that caps can be ignored and spotting/doing damage is better, if the enemy is thinned out, caps come naturally.

    I don’t care about DD vs DD duels, because that comes down to “skillz” anyway which I’m not interested in. Also, the numbers aren’t coming either. Not only the USA destroyers do worse than Japanese for me, but I naturally play them as Japanese (shooting from distance instead of brawling)

    I have no idea about stats hiding


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